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That Was Then, This is Now

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That Was Then, This is Now

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That Was Then, This is Now

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  1. That Was Then, This is Now By: S.E.Hinton

  2. The Author Susan Eloise Hinton (S. E. Hinton) was born July 22, 1948 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is one of the most popular and best known writers of young adult fiction. Her novels have changed the way people look at young adult literature. Hinton has always found joy in reading, but she was not pleased with the published literature that was for young adults. This influenced her to write some of her most popular works like “The Outsiders” and “That was Then, This is Now.” S. E Hinton has won many awards for her writing.

  3. Background Information “That Was Then, This is Now” was published four years after “The Outsiders” was in 1971. The book addressed issues such as, drug use, and it examined the hippie lifestyle. Both “The Outsiders” and “That Was Then, This is Now” were adapted into film productions. After experiencing writer’s block and then going into depression, Hinton met someone on her freshmen biology class who inspired her to continue writing. When she started writing again, she wrote “That Was Then, This is Now.”

  4. Overview “That Was Then, This is Now” is a book about Bryon and his “brother” Mark. They face the trouble of gang fights and trying to find money for everyday things. As the two boys grow older, they start to grow apart. Bryon starts to realize what the real world is like, while Mark is still living life for the thrill of the moment.

  5. Summary Chapter 1 • Bryon and his foster Brother Mark go to one of their favorite hangouts, a bar owned by their friend Charlie. After leaving in debt, they find their hippie friend M&M. He tells them that his sister, Cathy, is coming home from private school. After M&M leaves, Mark and Bryon follow, and see him about to get jumped, and defend him by beating up the muggers.

  6. Summary chapter 2 • Bryon and Mark go to the hospital to see Bryon’s mother. She tells them to visit a boy who was beaten up across the hall. Bryon goes to the hospital snack bar and sees Cathy, M&MS sister, who is back in town, and asks her out. Bryon talks with Mike, the beaten up boy. He tells him that he was beaten after saving a young black girl from being harassed by his gang. He then drove her home, where she told her friends to kill him. He says he doesn't hate them, and Bryon understands why, while Mark doesn't.

  7. Summary Chapter 3 • Bryon is looking for a job without luck. Charlie lets Bryon borrow his car so he can take Cathy to the school dance. While at the dance, Mark is knocked out by a boy with a bottle, after trying to jump his friend Ponyboy. Bryon realizes that an ex-girlfriend set up the hit.

  8. Summary Chapter 4 • The next morning, Bryon finds out that Charlie has received a draft notice. Mark and Bryon talk about their past in childhood gangs, and how it had changed. The week after, Mark’s principal catches him driving his car. Mark explains that he went to visit his parole officer, so the principal decides to not press charges.

  9. Summary Chapter 5 • Bryon and Mark go hustling at Charlie’s bar. Charlie breaks the news that he isn’t going to be drafted due to his police record. After hustling two rough Texans, they are backed into an alley at gunpoint. Charlie comes to the rescue, but is shot. Mark and Bryon inherit his car.

  10. Summary Chapter 6 • The Texans who killed Charlie are caught. Bryon cleans up his act so that he can get a job while his mom is in the hospital. Cathy tells Bryon that she suspects that M&M is doing drugs. One night, when they all go cursing down the ribbon, M&M jumps out and runs away.

  11. Summary Chapter 7 • M&M does not come home the next day. Bryon and Cathy continue to look for him every night. Bryon gets a job at a supermarket, and Mark begins to bring money in too. Mark and Bryon go crusing and pick up Angela. Mark gets her drunk and cuts off her hair, then dumps her on her front yard. Bryon and Mark go home and Bryon has a drunken emotional episdode.

  12. Summary Chapter 8 • Mark takes Bryon to an old hippie house. They know Mark and call him “Cat”. He asks about M&M, but he isn't there. Bryon then goes to Terry’s place for a party, and while waiting for the rest of the party-goers the Sheppard's come and beat Bryon up for cutting Angela's hair. When Mark says that they’ll have their revenge, Bryon tells him he's tired of the circles of fighting.

  13. Summary Chapter 9 • Mark is frustrated with Bryon for not letting them fight. Cathy visits Bryon and he tells her he loves her, and has a lead on M&M. Two nights later, they go to the hippie house and find him there, tripping on an LSD hallucination. Cathy then calls her father, and he meets them at the hospital.

  14. Summary Chapter 10 The Doctor tells M&M that he will never be the same and have flashbacks of when he was on his acid trip. Bryon drives Cathy home from the hospital. When he gets home he starts craving a cigarette. He goes into Mark’s secret stash were he finds a long cylinder like thing. He opens the container and finds all these pills inside. In a calm state of mind he calls the cops. Mark comes home and he sees that Bryon found out what he has done. Bryon now knows that Mark doesn’t know what is right and what is wrong.

  15. Summary Chapter 11 Bryon wakes up the next morning realizing what he had done. He also realizes that he no longer loves Cathy. Bryon testifies against Mark in a trial were Mark is sent to the State reformatory for 5 years. When Bryon goes to visits Mark in the reformatory Mark tell Bryon that he hates him. When Bryon reflects on the good old days when they were younger Mark’s replay was “that was then, this is now”. Bryon lives the memories of the simpler time when he was younger and had all the answers.

  16. Conflict • Character Vs. Character- Mark Vs. The guy with bottle. • Character Vs. Character- M&M and the muggers. • Character Vs. Character- Mike and the gang of black guys. • Character Vs. Character- Charlie & the boys vs. the guys from Texas. • Character Vs. Character- Mark cuts Angela’s hair. • Character Vs. Self- M&M and DRUGS. • Character Vs. Character- Bryon and Cathy argue. • Character Vs. Character- When Mark and Bryon fight after Bryon calls the cops. • Character Vs. Self- Bryon feels bad after calling the cops and ponders if he made the right decision. • Character Vs. Self- Bryon contemplating if he should change to get a job. • Character Vs. Character- Mark and Bryon after Mark goes to Jail. • Character Vs. Character- Mark and Cathy argue a lot.

  17. Literary Elements

  18. Characters BRYON DOUGLAS- Ladies man. Tough. 16yo. Dad left. Compared to Saint Bernard. Good at pool. Smart. You can trust him with your life. Cant get a job due to bad attitude and hygiene. MARK JENNINGS- Compared to a friendly lion. 16 yo. Good at stealing and hot wiring cars. Considered to be able to get away with anything. Parents shot each other (drunk fight). Trust that his facts are correct. M&M- 13yo. Total hippy. Really likes m&ms. Has many siblings. Easily trusts people. Deals with LSD and Grass. CATHY- Childhood friend of Bryon. Works in hospital. Has guts. Cares for her little brother, M&M deeply. Charlie- Old. Owns a bar. Lends his car to Bryon. Puts Bryon & Marks life before his own. The Sheppard's- Includes Tim, Curly and Angela. All of them are very though and have very bad attitudes. Ponyboy- Ends up dating Cathy. Was a character drawn over from the Outsiders. Mike- boy met in hospital that was beaten up.

  19. Symbolism

  20. Vocabulary • Scrounge- To get by begging or sponging • Taunting-Making remarks to anger, wound, or provoke someone • Assault- To make a physical attack on someone • Astonished- Surprised or impressed greatly by someone • Profound- Having or showing great knowledge; intellectual • Intently- Resolved or determined to do something • Barren- Bleak and lifeless • Ribbing- Good-natured teasing

  21. Whole Book Vocabulary Scrounge- To get by begging or sponging Taunting-Making remarks to anger, wound, or provoke someone Assault- To make a physical attack on someone Astonished- Surprised or impressed greatly by someone Profound- Having or showing great knowledge; intellectual Intently- Resolved or determined to do something Barren- Bleak and lifeless Ribbing- Good-natured teasing

  22. Sympathetically- feeling, showing or expressing compassion • Flounced- moved in a bouncy or lively manner • Contorted-twisted out of shape • Sassy-lively, bold, and full of spirit • Smirk-smile in a smug, conceited, or silly way • Conceited- excessively proud of oneself • Sarcastically- using irony in order to mock or convey contempt • Illegitimate- a child born of parents not lawfully married to each other • Bawl- shout or cry out nosily and unrestrained • Minor- one who is below the legal age Vocabulary: Chapter 3

  23. Vocabulary:Chapters 4-5 • Vague-uncertain, indefinite, or unclear meaning • Regrets- feelings of sadness, repentance, or disappointment over something that has happened or been done • Obligingly- willingness to do a service or kindness • Bluntly- willing outspoken • Rueful- expressing sorrow or regret, especially in a slightly humorous way • Smirking- smiling in a smug, conceited or silly way • Ritzy- expensive • Hub- a place that is the center of an activity, region or network • Reminiscing- indulging in enjoyable recollection of past events • Liberals- open to new behavior or opinions and willing to disregard traditional values • Saunter- walk in a slow, relaxed manner, without hurry • Integration—the intermixing of groups that were formerly segregated • Slacked- characterized by a lack of work or activity

  24. Chapters  6-7 Hysterical-in an uncontrollable manner Superiorly- having or showing an overly high opinion of oneself Vengeful- wanting to give punishment for a wrong Bypass- go past or around Hostility- extreme anger Gravely- giving cause for alarm Incredulous- unwilling or unable to believe something Obscenities- crude behavior, language or images Irrationally-Not logical or reasonably thought out or done Bawling- shouting or crying out nosily and inrestrained Vaguely- uncertain, indefinite or unclear in meaning Astonished- surprised or impressed greatly by someone.  Vocabulary: Chapters 6-7

  25. Disbelievingly-having no faith • Quivering-a slight emotional trembling movement or sound, especially one cause by a strong emotion • Obscure-not discovered or know about; uncertain • Formalities-something that is done simply to comply with requirements or etiquette, regulations, or customs • Parole-the release of a prisoner temporarily or permanently before the completion of a sentence, on the promise of good behavior • Reformatory- An institution to which youthful offenders are sent as an alternative to prison • Impersonally- Not influenced by, showing, or involving personal feeling • Hysterics- Wildly emotional and exaggerated reactions • Pleading- The action of making an emotional appeal to someone • Sinister- Giving the impression that something harmful or evil is happening or will happen • Justify- Show or prove to be right or reasonable • Intent- Resolute; purpose • Numb- Deprive of feelings or responsiveness • Desperately- In a way that shows hopelessness Vocabulary : Chapters 10-11

  26. “That Was Then, This is Now”