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GREETING FROM BHUTAN. YES Bhutan Country Network. YES CAMPAIGN AWARENESS (2002 – 2012) YES BHUTAN DECHEN WANGMO, CO-ORDINATOR PHUENTSHOLING BHUTAN. Description of Project. Some youthful population who remain unemployed and are taken

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YES Bhutan Country Network


(2002 – 2012)




description of project
Description of Project
  • Some youthful population who remain unemployed and are taken

to drug abuse, delinquency and prostitutions.

  • Rationale for Intervention (To produce creative citizens through the provision of proper guidance and opportunities, to instill high standard of Bhutanese values, traditions and culture, to build self-help groups, develop skills and sense of responsibility, self discipline and dedication to king, country and the people, make friendship among the youth around the world and develop universal brotherhood through YES Campaigning.)
  • Project Goals : To Improve infrastructure and quality of life in rural areas.

To create employments opportunities in non-agricultural sector.

To develop more regional Centres with better infrastructure and service facilities to ease pressure on the two largest commercial cities Thimphu and Phuentsholing.

To develop small and medium sized cottage industries (such as weaving)

To develop and implement housing scheme that provide low-cost and weatherproof housing for all.

  • Project Design Principles (Organised YES awareness workshops, Fund raising activities, participated in job fair, organised Global Youth Service Day and Project submitted on Environmental Conservation & Education to UNDP,Thimphu:Bhutan
  • Project Duration (Five to Six months)
  • Project Inputs (NGO’s, Govt. Sector heads; School drop outs and school going children; Business community, general public; materials sent by YES)
project cycle
Project Cycle
  • Conceptualization (In two commercial cities like Thimphu and Phuentsholing through various awareness campaign.)

(Volunteer Services (Incentives)).

  • Implementation (In two cities Thimphu and Phuentsholing)

(Through various awareness campaign)

By YES team member, Phuentsholing Women Association).

what are the results
What are the results?
  • Numbers of persons reached by the activities?

(A Average of three hundred school going children, school drop outs both male and female of under twenties were benefited)

  • Response from Community (Very positive & strongly supportive. Directly and indirectly both are benefited)
  • YES Framework for Action (To some extent 6Es are achieved and still it is in the process of achieving 6Es full fledgedly).
  • Plans for the future (To get YES Bhutan Country Network registered as a full fledged NGO and more forward with the mission smoothly).
challenges and lessons learnt
Challenges and lessons learnt
  • Problems Faced (Acute economic problem (no fund; Lack Of Communication, little bit of political problem as Registration of YES Bhutan Country Network is a long process.
  • What new knowledge has been generated based on experiences?
  • Working with NGO’s and International Organisation and also with donor Agencies.
  • Organising different workshops.
  • Interaction with different people.
  • Directly or indirectly contributing towards nation building.
  • Encourage youth and community in volunteerism.
  • Joy of volunteerism