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Banko from Bhutan

Banko from Bhutan

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Banko from Bhutan

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  1. Banko from Bhutan Hello there my name is Banko and I live in Bhutan. Bhutan is a beautiful country in the mountains to the east of Nepal.

  2. Banko from Bhutan I live in the mountains in a village near to Thimphu. Here are some of my family enjoying the early morning sunshine. I hope that the picture makes you smile. We smile a lot in Bhutan!

  3. Banko from Bhutan I am a Buddhist. Buddhism is a very old religion. It was started by a man called Siddhartha Gautama, who was born around the year 580 BC in a village called Lumbini in Nepal. He is known as the Buddha.

  4. Banko from Bhutan Buddhists believe that all living things, including humans, are connected. We believe that you should think of yourself as part of nature. We feel that life is a cycle and we must find our place in it.

  5. Banko from Bhutan It is sort of like this: Think of a lovely natural place, close your eyes and imagine you are there. Now think of maybe eating some fruits from the trees or having a picnic. How would you want to leave this place for the next visitor?

  6. Banko from Bhutan Buddhism teaches us that we should only take what we need from the environment and when we can we should give some thing back. We say that, ‘a bee visits a flower and flies away without destroying its beauty or its perfume’.

  7. Banko from Bhutan I think that if you make things better for all the plants, animals and environments on the earth you will also make them better for people. I wonder if you agree with me?