south and east asia unit 2 n.
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South and East Asia Unit 2 PowerPoint Presentation
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South and East Asia Unit 2

South and East Asia Unit 2

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South and East Asia Unit 2

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  1. South and East Asia Unit 2 Review Game

  2. Who colonized India? Great Britain

  3. Define nationalism Pride and loyalty in ones country or region

  4. What nationalist group was formed to achieve independence in India? The Indian National Congress

  5. What person helped India achieve independence and inspired others? Mohandas Gandhi

  6. What strategy did Gandhi use to achieve independence? Nonviolent protest

  7. Give three examples of nonviolent protest. Boycotts Fasting Marches

  8. Why was India partitioned?How was it partitioned? To ease tensions between Muslims and Hindus India and Pakistan(east and west)

  9. What led to the Japanese surrender in WW II? The dropping of the atomic bombs

  10. What two cities in Japan did the United States use the atomic bomb on? Hiroshima and Nagasaki

  11. Why did the United States help rebuild Japan after World War II? to put Japan back on its feet make sure Japan was not a threat to other countries prevent communism from spreading into Japan

  12. What person was in charge of the rebuilding in Japan? General Douglas MacArthur

  13. What type of government did the United States establish in Japan? Constitutional monarchy

  14. What group overthrew the Qing Dynasty? The Nationalist

  15. Who did the communist defeat to take control in China and how did they defeat them? The Nationalist In a civil war

  16. Who was the first communist leader of China? Mao Zedong

  17. What was the Great Leap Forward?Was it successful? Farms organized into large collectives(public not private) Factories were taken over by the government It was a FAILURE-productivity went down, famine occurred

  18. What was the Cultural Revolution? Mao established the Red Guard whose job was to make war on anything that encouraged class differences Many college professors, business leaders were attacked

  19. Who became the leader of China after Mao Zedong’s death in 1976? Deng Xiaoping

  20. How did Deng Xiaoping change China’s economy? He allowed more private ownership and foreign investment The GDP increased greatly

  21. What happened at Tiananmen Square? Chinese troops killed around 1,000 student demonstrators who were protesting for democracy

  22. What does the Tiananmen Square Massacre tell us about political and personal freedom in China? Although China allows greater economic freedoms, they have not allowed more political freedoms

  23. What two superpower countries were involved in the Cold War? United States and the Soviet Union

  24. How was Korea divided after WWII? North and South Korea

  25. What countries had temporary control to help Korea establish their government? USA controlled South Korea USSR(Soviet Union) controlled North Korea

  26. What kind of government did the USA help establish in South Korea? Democracy

  27. What kind of government did the USSR help establish in North Korea? Communist

  28. What was the US policy of containment? To contain communism and keep it from spreading

  29. What started the Korean War? North Korea invaded South Korea

  30. What was the outcome of the Korean War? It ended in a stalemate A cease fire was created A DMZ was established

  31. Define DMZ The Demilitarized Zone

  32. Where on the Korea Peninsula is it located? Boundary between two military powers where fighting is not permitted

  33. What country colonized Vietnam? France

  34. What was the name given to the region of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia c when it was colonized? French Indochina

  35. Who was the leader of the nationalist movement and the Vietminh in Vietnam? Ho Chi Minh

  36. What type of government did Ho Chi Minh want to establish? Communist

  37. How was Vietnam divided when it gained its independence and who had control ? North-Ho Chi Minh(communist) South-loyalist(USA influence)

  38. What is the Domino Theory? If one country falls to communism, the rest will follow

  39. Why was the United States involved in the Vietnam War? Domino Theory and Containment Policy

  40. What was the outcome of the Vietnam War? The US withdrew its troops North and South Vietnam were reunited into a communist country Domino Theory-Laos and Cambodia came under communist influence