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Fifth Grade Outdoor Education PowerPoint Presentation
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Fifth Grade Outdoor Education

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Fifth Grade Outdoor Education - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fifth Grade Outdoor Education. Estes Park, CO October 23-25, 2013. Philosophy of the Classes.

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Fifth Grade Outdoor Education

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    1. Fifth Grade Outdoor Education Estes Park, CO October 23-25, 2013

    2. Philosophy of the Classes “The Outdoor Education program at the YMCA of the Rockies is dedicated to providing the highest quality instruction for your child. Our class offerings are designed to build upon what your child is learning in the classroom. We believe that what we do here is not able to be duplicated in the classroom and therefore can be a unique and valuable learning experience. Each class is taught in a hands - on, engaging manner to peak your child's interest. All classes are taught outside unless extreme weather warrants moving indoors.”

    3. Objectives of Outdoor Education • Students will measure water equality to determine the health of the ecosystem. • Students will observe and analyze landscapes to identify geological features. • Students will witness, interact and compare different mountain ecosystems. • Students will develop problem solving strategies as they work through team building activities. • Students will leave fifth grade with an experience that will last a life time.

    4. Lodging • Your child will stay in a dormitory setting with linens and towels provided. • We have stayed in different lodges every year, all very nice and many are just a few years old. • Rooms: • 2 queen beds. • 4 kids to a room (choice is considered and if you have extenuating circumstances, please contact me). • Expected to treat space with utmost respect and leave the room just as it was found.

    5. Food • Meals are served buffet style. • All food is clearly marked with allergies taken into consideration. • Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Dairy Free, Nut Free • If you are concerned about other allergies, we will let the YMCA know so they can accommodate your child’s needs. • Breakfast will be early, about 7:30 A.M. • Lunch around 11:30 A.M. • Dinner around 6:00 P.M.

    6. Weather Children should be prepared to be outside for extended periods of time. All classes are taught outside unless extreme weather warrants moving indoors. Please use your judgment as you preview the forecast and help your child pack. Also reference the packing list that is on the AA 5th Grade website.

    7. Transportation & Communication Students will take a school bus to and from American Academy. The trip is roughly 2 hours. ___________________________________________________ The YMCA of the Rockies encourages kids to become “unplugged” & take a deep breath and let your child go for a couple nights. The experience can be very positive for these growing kiddos. If anything happens you will be contacted immediately. Please do not call the YMCA to check up on your child. If you haven’t received a call, your child is most likely having the time of their life! That being said we do allow cell phones; however, your child will have to turn it in to their teacher during the day. This way the phones stay safe and their attention is on their instructor. Phones will be passed out in the evening before or after dinner so they may call home.

    8. Medical Concerns Responsibilities of our Registered Nurse She is in charge of administering ALL medicine, even over-the-counter. She will have all medical forms at all times, if there are any concerns. She will have a room to herself to take in a child who is sick during the night. She, and I, will call you ASAP if there is a concern. She is a volunteer, so please respect the time she is taking to help all our children on this trip by turning in all required paperwork timely and appropriately.

    9. Medical Concerns • Your Responsibilities: • If you want your child to take any medicine or be able to take any over-the-counter medicine (except Tylenol and Benadryl) while in Estes Park, you must, have a doctor signature on those medical forms. • ALL forms are to be downloaded and turned in with parents and doctor signatures by October 1st 2013. • NO medicine will be administered without the proper paperwork. • Failure to turn in paperwork by the deadline, may impede your qualifications to take part in future over-night trips.

    10. Discipline Although we will be away from American Academy’s campus, our discipline policy will remain the same. • If a child is disrespectful, wandering off, or distracting they may… • Be asked to sit out of an activity and have a separate assignment upon returning to AA. • Be required to sit out of the evening activities. • Be sent home. • If your child has a severe discipline issue, a write up will occur upon returning to AA and the Discipline Matrix will be used by administration to determine the consequence.

    11. Miscellaneous Monday, October 21st • Students will have Math the morning of the 21st and will most likely have homework due Monday. • Students need sack lunch for the day we arrive. Students will eat and get settled in their rooms prior to starting their first rotation. Students Not Going • If your student is unable to join us, they will have roughly six hours of work at AA that will pertain to the hands-on learning done at O.D.E.

    12. Fun! Evening Programs • 10-23-13 • Night Hike @ 7:00 P.M. • Campfire and songs • 10-24-13 • Pool Time • Open Gym Time Three days that will serve as a building block for positive relationships, shared experiences and unforgettable memories for the entire fifth grade.