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Fifth Grade Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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Fifth Grade Orientation

Fifth Grade Orientation

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Fifth Grade Orientation

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  1. Fifth Grade Orientation Welcome to Parent Orientation. Please feel free to ask us questions at the end of the slide show.

  2. School Hours School hours are 7:45 am to 3:15 pm. Classes begin promptly at 7:45 am. Tardies will be marked at this time. Enrichment time is from 7:45 to 8:30 and again for 30-45 minutes later in the day. This is enrichment for your student to help with weak areas or extend their learning of concepts from academic classes.

  3. Absences If your student must miss school due to an illness or doctor’s appointment, be sure to bring in or send a note stating your student’s full name and the purpose for the absence along with the date of the absence and sign the note. Please be sure to bring in or send the note as soon as possible because we have a time limit on entering the noted information. The note will be forwarded to the PEIMS secretary for her to note in your student’s record.

  4. Lunch Money • When sending lunch money with your student, please remind your student to include the following things on the envelope: • First and last name • Homeroom teacher • Date • The envelope will be place in the class lunch envelope and sent to the cafeteria where it will be credited to your student’s lunch account. • Siblings can be included on the envelope. Just please provide how the money is to be divided and place the same information for the sibling on the envelope. • You may also keep track and pay for your student’s lunches on

  5. How to get to Fifth grade Webpage • Go to • Across the top of the webpage find: Select a school • Select Clements/Parsons • Across the top locate the tab: Grade levels • Select 5th Grade • On the far right you will see Team Homework and Daily Activities • Select Team Homework and Daily Activities • This will give you an overview of what your student is doing in each class along with the homework

  6. Parent Portal(Family Access) This is a way to help keep you informed on how your student is performing in each class. Information will be soon be available for when and how you can set up user name and password for Family Access. User name and password will not be given over the phone.

  7. We follow the Positive Behavior Support Initiative plan used at CPE.

  8. Class Room Rules Be: Safe Respectful Responsible Ready Be your best

  9. Mrs. Choron’s and Mr. Smith’s Mathematics Class A very quick reference guide for 5th grade parents at Clements/Parsons Elementary School.

  10. Math Overview: • STAAR Testing • April 1st and 2nd • Math should always be done in pencil • Homework is practice on what is being learned in class • It takes practice and persistence to do well in math class

  11. Topics for the year Place Value Adding and subtraction of Decimals Multiplication and Division All Operations Patterns and Relationships Factors and Primes Fractions Probability Measurement Geometry Statistics Tying it all up (review from first three topics Fraction connection (year end review of fractions) Measurement Connection (year end review of measurement)

  12. Supplies needed for Math Pencil Homework folder- with homework Water bottle (clear) Agenda

  13. Reading and Language Arts Czuhajewski A very quick reference guide for 5th grade parents at Clements/Parsons Elementary School.

  14. Nightly Readings and Journal Entries Students should read for 30 minutes per night 4-5 days a week A fun way to help your student enjoy their reading is to read with them, discuss what your reading, and predict what will happen next.

  15. Grading Policy Composition - 60% Grammar - 30% Spelling – 10%

  16. Spelling *Students will choose their own spelling words this year. They will choose from a list of grade appropriate words and words from their weekly readings. Spelling words will not be posted on the website as they are individualized. Students will write their spelling words in their agenda every Monday and they will be tested on Friday..

  17. ScienceMrs. SmithRoom 406Mr. SmithRoom 405

  18. Grading There will be a minimum of 10 grades per 6 weeks that will come the following activities: • Lab Work • Classwork • Science Journals • Quizzes • Tests All grades will be reflective of a student’s mastery of the skills and concepts taught and will have equal value (assignments / tests / quizzes will not be weighted).

  19. Supplies for Science Class Science Journal Pencil / Notebook Paper Agenda Take Home Folder

  20. Topics for Year • Science Safety, Tools, Scientific Method / Investigation and Reasoning • Physical Science: matter, energy, force, and motion • Earth Science: Compare Earth, moon and sun, natural resources, and fossil fuels • Life Science: Organisms and their environment, interactions, and traits.

  21. Science Fair 5th Grade students will be given the opportunity to participate in the science fair. (Information Packets will be sent home soon) The Science Fair is scheduled to be concluded by beginning of November. Please begin planning NOW.

  22. Science TestSTAAR • 23 April 2014 • Go to bed 30 minutes before normal bedtime • Eat a healthy breakfast • Arrive to school a few minutes early

  23. Social Studies Classes A very quick reference guide for 5th grade parents at Clements/Parsons Elementary School.

  24. Topics Covered in 5th Grade Social StudiesIn Texas, 5th grade social studies is the study of U.S. history from early exploration and colonization up to the present time. All SS TEKS are available through the TEA website.

  25. Thank you for attending. You have successfully completed the very quick reference guide to 5th grade classes at Clements/Parsons.