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Fifth Grade PowerPoint Presentation
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Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade

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Fifth Grade

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  1. Fifth Grade Social Studies Week One

  2. What was the standard for rejoining the Union under Lincoln’s plan for Reconstruction?

  3. A state would abolish slavery and ten percent of voters would take a loyalty oath.

  4. What did Lincoln hope to accomplish with his Reconstruction Plan?

  5. The Union would be reunited in a fair, quick manner without the use of military force.

  6. How did Johnson’s Reconstruction Plan differ from Lincoln’s?

  7. He wanted to punish the Southern elite by making plantation owners ask for a Presidential pardon.

  8. How did most southerners feel about African Americans after the Civil War?

  9. They were willing to recognize the end to slavery, but they didn’t want African Americans to have the same rights as they did.

  10. What did most African Americans want during Reconstruction?

  11. They wanted to reunite their families and set up communities where they could live and work as citizens. They wanted to improve the education for their children.

  12. What was the primary effect of the Thirteenth Amendment?

  13. It outlawed slavery in every state

  14. What did the 14thAmendment accomplish?

  15. It gave African Americans citizenship and protection of their rights.

  16. The 15th Amendment declared what?

  17. Former slaves and people of color have the right to vote.

  18. What federal agency was established to help protect the rights of slaves and help them find jobs and homes?

  19. Freedmen’s Bureau

  20. How did Southerners react to the 13th, 14, and 15thamendments?

  21. Since Southerners were not ready to accept African Americans as equals, they began passing laws called Black Codes which limited the former slaves’ rights.

  22. What often happened to African Americans who left the plantation to find a better life?

  23. They had to return to the plantations because they were not able to make a life for themselves on their own.

  24. Where did most African Americans live right after the Civil War?

  25. They lived in the South and did not start moving to the North and West until late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

  26. What terrorist group of whites was formed to intimidate Blacks so they would not stand up for their rights as citizens?

  27. The Ku Klux Klan

  28. During Reconstruction, what was its name of the agency that built schools and hospitals to help serve the needs of former slaves?

  29. The Freedmen's Bureau

  30. What was the agreement former slaves made with white landowners to farm the land for a share of the profit made from the crop?

  31. sharecropping

  32. What was the term used to call Northerners who came to the South to take advantage of Reconstruction policies?

  33. Carpetbaggers

  34. What was the promise made to freed slaves after the Civil War that was not kept by the government?

  35. African Americans were promised “40 Acres and a mule” to help them get established as new citizens of the U.S.

  36. Why did sharecropping become common after the Civil War?

  37. Many people needed land to farm in order to make a living. This benefited the plantation owner and the sharecropper.

  38. Why didn’t sharecropping work?

  39. The sharecroppers did not make enough money from their portion of the crop to pay their bills.

  40. What did Southerners call other Southerners who cooperated with the federal government?

  41. Scalawags

  42. Why did many white farmers leave the farms and seek work in factories?

  43. Cotton depleted the soil so it would no longer grow. The boll weevil also ruined the cotton crops, so it was no longer profitable.

  44. What was the purpose of Jim Crow laws and poll taxes?

  45. To keep African Americans from having any rights as citizens

  46. What did the Black Codelaws intended to do ?

  47. Continue segregation in some Southern states

  48. What was the goal of the Ku Klux Klan?

  49. To use intimidation, violence and voter fraud to keep African Americans from exercising their rights under the 13th, 14th and 15thAmendments

  50. What things did the Jim Crow laws make mandatory?