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Behavior Modification Chapter 9

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Behavior Modification Chapter 9 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Behavior Modification Chapter 9. “ How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb? One, but the light bulb has really got to want to change.” —Anonymous. Behavior as a Component of Personality. Personality is thought to be comprised of:

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“How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb? One, but the light bulb has really got to want to change.”


behavior as a component of personality
Behavior as a Component of Personality
  • Personality is thought to be comprised of:
    • values, those abstract qualities that give meaning to our lives
    • attitudes, perceptions derived from these values
    • behaviors, any actions based on one or more attitudes
  • Of these, behaviors are thought to be the most easily influenced.
some theories of human behavior
Some Theories of Human Behavior
  • Classical Conditioning
    • based on Pavlov’s dog research
    • e.g., smelling cookies makes you hungry
  • Operant Conditioning
    • based on B. F. Skinner’s work
    • e.g., rewards and punishment
  • Modeling
    • copying others’ behavior
    • e.g., Brad Pitt and Cameron Diaz bleach their hair and you do too!
the behavior modification model
The Behavior Modification Model
  • Awareness
  • Desire to change
  • Cognitive restructuring
  • Behavioral substitution
  • Evaluation
assertiveness skills
Assertiveness Skills
  • Learn to say no and not feel guilty
  • Learn to use “I” statements
  • Use eye contact
  • Use assertive body language
  • Practice peaceful disagreement
  • Avoid manipulation
  • Respond rather than react
steps to initiate behavior modification
Steps to Initiate Behavior Modification
  • Select an undesirable behavior
  • Ask yourself how motivated you are to change this behavior
  • Think about what changes in your perceptions and attitudes must accompany this behavioral change
  • Specify what new behavior you wish to adopt
  • Evaluate
best application of behavior modification
Best Application of Behavior Modification
  • If you find you have a stress-prone behavior and wish to change it, follow the steps for behavior modification.
study guide questions
Study Guide Questions

1. Explain the difference between values, attitudes, and beliefs.

2. List and explain three different behavior models.

3. Explain the behavior modification model.

4. Explain the concept of assertiveness and list three assertiveness skills.