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  1. SKILLS FOR HEALTH&THE THIRD SECTOR Judith Woodruff Chief Executive Coping with Cancer North East

  2. ABOUT Coping with Cancer • Registered charity since 1982 • Works regionally in the North east from Durham in the south to Northumberland in the north • Makes full use of volunteers especially those with first-hand knowledge of cancer • Employs 9 people to manage-all part time

  3. WHAT DO WE DO? Provide emotional support, practical help and information to the cancer community in the North East

  4. HOW DO WE DO THIS? • Through Support Groups and Drop Ins • Telephone Support • Group and One to One counselling • Buddy Systems • Complementary Therapy

  5. In 2005 we made the decision to concentrate on complementary therapy provision

  6. WHICH THERAPIES ? • Massage, hand and arms, feet, neck and shoulders • Indian Head Massage • Reikki • Reflexoloy • From 2008 Auricular acupuncture

  7. WHERE? The decision was to provide “tasters” to specific groups of cancer patients:- AT TIMES OF PARTICULAR EMOTIONAL STRESS SUCH AS DIAGNOSIS TREATMENT AND END OF LIFE We work in chemotherapy day units, hospices, homes and clinic environments

  8. CHALLENGES • Acceptance • Reputation • Standards • Funding

  9. HOW DID WE OVERCOME THESE CHALLENGES? • Consistent delivery- training to therapists • Recognisable qualifications • Membership of professional body with PD requirements • Good evaluation criteria • Reliable • Good publicity

  10. Therapists NVQ level 3 Membership FHT PD points Initial training in techniques and communication to cancer patients Code of conduct Working protocol Management Membership OCN, own acupuncture course Split into area teams with paid manager Training for managers Introduced MYCAW to evaluate Ran trials for every service CHANGES MADE

  11. SUCCESS? • Recruited over 50 therapists • Delivered a Level 3 Acupuncture course in house • Services in 24 locations • Delivered 5000+ one to one therapies in 2009 HOWEVER FUNDING WAS STILL AN UNRESOLVED ISSUE AND ACCEPTANCE FROM PUBLIC HIGH BUT STATUTORY BODIES LOW

  12. SKILLS FOR HEALTH • Pilot using competence framework • Initially for middle managers • Then for therapies, aromatherapy, reflexology, reki, and acupuncture • Training to all therapists, effect of training monitored • Framework adopted and publicised

  13. Performance Criteria Consult with clients and plan Check environment and equipment Prepare yourself and client Carry out therapy safely and correctly Make appropriate adjustments and deal with clients response and wellbeing Provide aftercare advice Evaluate and complete records, Knowledge base History and principles Different delivery methods Gaining information from client NOT DIAGNOSING Agreeing stages goals Recognising complementary to medical treatment The correct working position Observation throughout Monitor effects and adjust or discontinue Recognise when not appropriate Example of Framework

  14. SELF ASSESSMENT Agree Action with Client Formulate treatment Plan Provide Treatment Advise Client on self care Review and Evaluate A I do not have the knowledge and skills B I Know the skills but do not have them C I know and am developing the skills D I have the knowledge and skills but don’t use them E I have the knowledge and skills and use them

  15. ADD SECTION TO APPRAISAL • Have you seen the Skills For Health Competence Framework? • Do you meet the competence requirements in your particular therapies? • If not where are the gaps in your knowledge? • How do you propose to fill the gaps? • Comments on the Framework

  16. SAMPLE JOB DESCRIPTION Post Auricular acupuncture therapist Reporting to Area Manager for Gateshead Location Queen Elizabeth Hospital Job Purpose Delivering auricular acupuncture to breast cancer patients in Gateshead weekly Duties and Responsibilities Liaise with specialist breast nurse for client referrals Deliver therapy Inform clients of therapy and aftercare Use MyCAW to assess the progress National Competences required CHAc9: CHAc7;CHAc6: CHAc5: CHAc4

  17. EFFECT • Funding for 2 previously non-funded services forthcoming • Four new services commissioned with funding in place • Acceptance of NHS of complementary therapy and incorporated into Peer Review • Promulgated to new Network Sub Committee

  18. NEXT STEPS • Set up new training course for all therapists NVQ Level 2 to further equip trained therapists to work with cancer patients, hopefully this will become mandatory • Revise and update competence framework and review Skills For Health Initiatives