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Tri-Org Mentor/Mentee Program. Mission Statement / Goal. Our goal is to create a sense of family and provide direction for all incoming students, thus leading to a better retention rate within in the Tri-Org. r etention rate. Our Experience. M&M Overview.

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Mission statement goal
Mission Statement / Goal

  • Our goal is to create a sense of family and provide direction for all incoming students, thus leading to a better retention rate within in the Tri-Org.

retention rate

M m overview
M&M Overview

  • CREATE an interactive mentor/mentee program that is effective before the academic year begins

  • PROVIDE mentees the opportunity to choose their own mentor, allowing for a more personal relationship

  • ENCOURAGE M&Ms to become more involved with the Tri-Org

Recruiting mentor process
Recruiting Mentor Process

  • Fill out application that can be used to match mentor/mentee

  • Encourage 2nd years to be mentors as well

  • Expectations of mentors are:

    • Meet up/ email/ text/ call your mentee

      before the end of the 1st week of

      every quarter

    • Become not only their mentor,

      but their friend

  • Recruit THIS year!!!

    applications submitted

    by 8th week

Mentor application
Mentor Application

  • Name and birthday?

  • Major?

  • Where are you from?

  • What are your expectations?

  • Favorite movies?

  • Hobbies?

  • What clubs/activities are you involved in?

  • Any matching preferences? (ex. must like dogs...)

  • Contact info?

  • How many mentees are you willing to mentor?

Matching process
Matching Process

  • Mentors submit application to forum by 8th week

    • REWARD if submitted on time

  • Mentors interact with mentees during Freshmen Weekend, Bridge/BREES, and 0 Week

    • Throw a mixer during 1st week for those who didn’t attend during summer

  • Mentees choose top 3 preferences from forum

  • Mentors are paired with mentees by Monday of 2nd week

Things to do before school
Things to do Before School

  • Get word out to current students about M&M program during club meetings

  • Have most applications submitted

  • Mention M&M program during Bridge

    • Make an event for during bridge?

  • Have events during 0 week

    • Presentation, outing, party, etc.

Delegation of responsibilities
Delegation of Responsibilities

  • VPs are LARGE and in charge

  • May choose to create an unofficial committee if they want

  • Responsible for distributing the work load evenly amongst each org

    • Matching mentor/mentee

    • Creating families

    • Planning events

    • Keeping track of point system

  • Fall quarter: AISES-points, NSBE outings

  • Winter quarter: NSBE-points, SOLES outings

  • Spring quarter: SOLES-points, AISES outings

We are family

  • Families based on similar interests and Tri-Org involvement (similar to AISES)

  • Equal opportunity for rewards!


  • Meeting during first week!

    (what double points!)

  • Meeting/Hanging out with


  • Attending meetings/events together

  • Giving books/test material to mentee

  • Study Sesh! We all know what that means ;)

  • Surprise PRESENTS!! FOOOOOD shmaybe

  • Something awesome your M&M did for you

All this on our website
All This On Our WEBSITE!



  • Through this program, we hope to reach out to incoming students and help them adjust to the college environment by providing them with guidance and support

  • We encourage incoming students to participate in not just 1, but all 3 of the orgs

  • If this program is successful, bonds between M&Ms will be kept for years to come


  • 8th week: Mentor applications due

  • Summer and 0 week: Mentors interact with mentees during Bridge/Brees

  • 1st week: M&M mixer during first Tri-Org meeting

  • 1st week: Mentees submit preference online (by Friday)

  • 2nd week: M&Ms matched (by Monday)

  • 2nd week: Mentors introduce themselves/contact mentees (by Friday)