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Rites of passage PowerPoint Presentation
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Rites of passage

Rites of passage

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Rites of passage

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  1. Rites of passage DogariuOana Clasa a IX-a C

  2. Welcome!you are about to find out more about other cultures’ custom.You will recive information about rites of passage all over the world!

  3. Algonquin indians (Quebec) The indian boys from the Algonquin tribe,Quebec,were led in a closed space,often a cage, and they were forced to take a hallucinogenic substances,knowen as wysoccan,which is one hundred times stronger than LSD. The purpose of the rite was to make the persones to lose their memories of childhood and even their ability of speacking,in order to make the child to become a stronger person.

  4. Vanuatu jumpers The members of the tribes from Vanuatu Republicapractise this rite to celebrate the harvest,but also when the boys get to the full age.Men are jumping from a 30 meter high tour,but their ankles are tided up with vine stalk.If the bounce is well executed,the person touchs the earth with the top of his hed

  5. Unfortunately,any mistake can kill the jumper.The boys start to participate at this rite after circumcision,when they are 7 or 8 ,but they are allowed to jump from a smaller hight.Their mother is holding an object ,which simbolise child’s chilhood,and,while the child is jumping,his mother throws that object.

  6. The jump over the cows(Etiopia) This rite is practised by men before their wedding. The future husband must jump over a cow four times.The male must do the jumpes completely naked,the nudity signifying the childhood, which is left behind.Afterthat,the male can be considered a “maza”, a man prepared for a merriage.

  7. The Okiek tribe (Kenya) This rite is practised by the boys and the girls with the age between 14 and 16 years ,even thogth they are separed during the ritual. First,theinitiateds are circumciseds and excised,Then,they must live away from the adults for 24 weeks.during this period,they are teached by the elderlys of the tribe . The most important information they recive is about the cemaasuit,aterrifing mythical monster.`

  8. The Okrika tribe Iria is a ritual practised by the females from the africanOkrikatribe.Girls between 14 and 16 get into “the room of weightgain”where they are very well fed,because they must obtain woman body.They are learning from tribe’s elderly traditionals songs.

  9. New year chinese customs The chinese new year starts one week earlier,and,eachday,they are celebrating something special.Forthem,the most important thing is food,because of the big number of chinesepeople.They are using firework to banish bad spirits.

  10. The chinese wedding In China,the color of joy and prosperity is red.That’s why not only bride’s dress is red,but also the invitation,thedecoration,and also the houses of the grooms.Before the wedding,the bride must spent some time alone,to weep for the separation from her friends and family.The groom must change his clothes four times in the day of the wedding.InChina,a person is considered adult and independent only after his wedding