Musim rule in india
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MUSIM RULE IN INDIA. Muhammad Bin Qasim’s invasion (712 A.D) 1. Root cause of invading Sindh - After the successful invasion of Iran during the Khilafat of Hazrat Umer (R.A) the Arab’s came across to the rulers of Sindh.

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Musim rule in india

  • Muhammad Bin Qasim’s invasion (712 A.D)

  • 1. Root cause of invading Sindh

    - After the successful invasion of Iran during the Khilafat of Hazrat Umer (R.A) the Arab’s came across to the rulers of Sindh.

    - Until the condition of Arab’s (In terms of trade) weren't deteriorated the idea of attacking Sindh was not given serious consideration.

The root cause of invading sindh
The root cause of invading Sindh

  • The rule of Sindh Raja Dahir being famous for his cruelness.

  • In 703 the fire of invading Sindh reached to maximum when the inhabitants of Sindh murdered the Governor of Makraan and approached towards Sindh for shelter

  • In reaction of this very act, Hijaaj-bin-yousuf questioned of sending back to the culprits, which was rejected from Raja Dahir

  • This led to conflict among Arabs and Sindh administration

Musim rule in india

2. The plunder of Arab’s by inhabitants of Sindh

  • In Sri Lanka, the Arab (traders) residents died. In condolence, the King sent gifts to orphans, widows to Hijaaj Bin Yousuf for Banomia Walid-Bin-Abdul Malik (Khalifa-e-Islam)

  • Near Thatha the entire travelers were looted by naval robbers.

  • Hijaaj Bin Yousuf questioned on this very act to Raja Dahir, the reply given to Hijaaj Bin Yousuf was disappointed.

  • The planning of taking over Sindh was started from this particular point

  • Hijaaj Bin Yousuf finally decided to take over Sindh through the help of Muhammad Bin Qasim

Muhammad bin qasim 695 715 the successor
Muhammad Bin Qasim (695-715) - The Successor

  • Muhamamd Bin Qasim defeated Raja Dahir in battles of Debal and Raward

  • As the large no of man died in battle so women burned themselves according to the Hindu customs

  • Though he kept taking over the possession of areas such as Barhama Abad, Ayloor (near Rohrdi), then Multan

  • The inhabitants of Multan fought for 2 months at last they lost and the entire possession of Multan handed over to Muhammad Bin Qasim

  • Thouhg he could have conquered more if the new Governor of Banomiya weren't sent him to imprisonment

Musim rule in india

  • He ruled Sindh for about 3 years.

  • It was said that he gave religious rights to all peoples.

  • The civil security and religious rights were guaranteed, as he said that your temples will be safe and secure as all others religious groups.

  • It was said that his humble behavior was the reason locals converted to Islam even though they were free to spent their life according to their religion.

Sultan mehmood gaznawi 997 1030
Sultan Mehmood Gaznawi – (997 – 1030)

  • Turkish Muslim Dynasity

  • Father Subuktigin (997).

  • In his 33 years tenure he molest subcontinent 17 times with immaculate success.

  • Defeated the rulers of Kangdra, Mithar, Thanseer, Kanooj and Somnaat (Mandir) 1025

  • Took away Gold and other valuable things

  • In 1027 Punjab become the part of Mahmood Gaznavi’s state and Lahore became the centre of Islamic culture.

Musim rule in india

Musim rule in india

  • Prithviraj Chauhan defeated the Muslim ruler king – Indus Valley 1185.Shahabuddin Muhammad Ghori in the First Battle of Tarain in 1191. Ghauri attacked for a second time the next year, and Prithviraj was defeated and captured at the Second Battle of Tarain (1192). Sultan Ghauri took Prithviraj to Ghazni, where he was executed. After his defeat Delhi came under the control of Muslim rulers.

Musim rule in india