poct diffusion project
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POCT diffusion project

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POCT diffusion project. M Ben Hariz . Tunisia MEDICEL. Palermo 2014. Main objective. Diffusion of POCT in schools Children with growth fairlure : « small » children. Why schools. First Because we have a good experience working in school envirenment !.

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poct diffusion project

POCT diffusion project

M Ben Hariz. Tunisia

MEDICEL. Palermo 2014

main objective
Main objective

Diffusion of POCT in schools

Childrenwithgrowthfairlure: « small » children

why schools


  • Becausewe have a good experienceworking in schoolenvirenment!
First Study : Region of Ariana

Ben Hariz M, et al. Prevalence of celiac disease in Tunisia: mass-screening study in schoolchidren. Eur J Gastroenterolhepatol 2007; 19: 687-694.

Actual proposed study : Ben Arous

Second study : Djerba

Ben Hariz M et al. Celiac disease in Tunisian children: A second screening study using a “new generation” rapid test. ImmunolInvest 2013; 42: 356–368

  • The school is a good choice to start and succeed in our efforts to diffuse POCT
  • enrollment between 6 -14 years: 100%
  • Large number of school doctors
  • generally these same doctors are also primary care physicians lines
why small child
why “small“ child?
  • Frequent situation in Tunisia (5% in our school previous study)
  • The small height often motivates parents looking for a reason (little refusal to search for celiac disease)
  • If celiac disease is the cause of the small height, the gluten-free diet is often followed well (unlike asymptomatic child)
selected region

Governorate of Ben Arous

Général population: 700000

Area: 761 Km2

Number of schools

Number of pupills: 50000

Selected population: 50000

Mesure of height

Selection of childrenwithheight < 2SD (2500)

Acceptance. Inclusion






Suspicion of IgAdeficiency

Determination of IgA

No IgAdeficency


IgG anti endomysium





steps planned
  • May-June 2014: get the final approval from the Ministry of Health, Department of School Medicine and Ethics Committee
  • September 2014: training meeting for school doctors
  • September-November 2014: obtaining and filing the anthropometric measurements of children (only height?)
  • December 2013: sending mail for parental consent for the selected population (Height <-2SD, n=2500).
  • January 2015: POCT for all and samples for ELISA for positive or IgA deficiency children
  • February and March 2015: endoscopy for positives
  • April 2015: analysis of results
estimated budget
Estimated budget
  • POCT: 7500 euro
  • Training (meeting): 3000- euro
  • equipment to measure the size?
  • Secretariat (Secretary contract, mail ...): 3000 euro
  • Displacement: 4000 euro
  • other: 3000 euro
  • “Gift for schooldoctors”!!: 5000 euro?
  • Total: 25500 euro
  • Budget available for study in 2014: 14000 Euro
expected difficulties
expected difficulties
  • Mostly administrative: Net decrease in administrative efficiency since the revolution (extreme slow, iterative change managers ...) for example, we introduced three times the project at the Ministry!!
  • enthusiasm school doctors!
  • need to expand the team of the research unit (now, only me and Nadia Siala!!)