golden horseshoe n.
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Golden Horseshoe

Golden Horseshoe

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Golden Horseshoe

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  1. Golden Horseshoe Review 10

  2. The Gauley and the New Rivers are known worldwide for what activity ? White water rafting

  3. What two European countries laid claim to the lands in western Virginia in the 1700’s England and France

  4. Who was the first governor of West Virginia? Arthur I. Boreman

  5. At the end of the French and Indian War settlers were prohibited from moving west of the Allegheny Mt. by what document? Proclamation of 1763

  6. Who was the famous abolitionist that was tried for treason in Charles Town, Va.? John Brown

  7. The “Pumpkin Festival” is held annually in what community? Milton

  8. The geographic center of West Virginia is near what community? Flatwoods Braxton County

  9. Why has the construction of the new Cabela’s store been controversial? The lowest bid for excavation was not taken

  10. John Amos and Willow Island are noted for the production of what? Electricity

  11. WV will lose millions of dollars in federal funding if the legislature does not change what law? Legal blood alcohol limit

  12. A document which said workers could not join a labor union was called what? Yellow dog contract

  13. If a corporation wants to begin doing business in WV it must register in what office? Secretary of State

  14. If a person in Mineral County crosses the Potomac River from WV they will be in what state? Maryland

  15. Geographically, the lowest point in WV Harpers Ferry

  16. Who was known as the “Angel of the Miners”? Mary Jones

  17. The Homer Laughlin factory manufactures what famous product? Fiestaware

  18. There are many ways a citizen can participate in government. In order to do what requires they be 18 years old? Voting in a state election

  19. Citizens who are concerned about a proposed rate increase on their electric bill should contact what office? State Public Service Commission

  20. Which of the following would have the least long range impact on the tourism industry in WV? Removal of the sales tax on prepared food. Renovations to the lodging at state parks. Upgrading of the transportation system creating a new advertising logo

  21. Which of the following would have the least long range impact on the tourism industry in WV? d. creating a new advertising logo

  22. What is the chief executive office of the state? Governor

  23. What two houses make up the legislative branch of the state government? Senate and House of Delegates

  24. A trial has been held in Kanawha County Circuit Court and the defendant is unhappy with the decision. He feels there were irregularities in the trial. The lawyer for the defendant will present the case now to what body? WV Supreme Court of Appeals

  25. Who is the chief tax collector in a county? Sheriff

  26. The Constitution insures that no one branch of the government becomes too powerful. This is known as the system of : Checks and Balance

  27. What organization lobbies for teacher labor issues? American Federation of Teachers Or National Education Association

  28. What are monies collected by the state from the WV Lottery used to support? Senior citizens, tourism, education

  29. Persons employed in WV are required to what kind of tax on their earnings? income

  30. How long is the term of office for the State House of Delegates? 2 years

  31. Migrant workers might most likely be hired to work in the apple industry in what part of WV? Eastern Panhandle

  32. A major automobile parts factory was built by Toyota in what county? Putnam

  33. What non-renewable resource will impact the economic future of WV? coal

  34. What rivers form borders of WV? Ohio, Big Sandy, Tug Fork, and Potomac

  35. A tourist traveling from Watoga State Park to Harper’s Ferry would travel in what direction? Northeast

  36. To drive from Morgantown to Charleston a person would travel on what interstate highway? I-79

  37. Oglebay Park is close to what major river? Ohio

  38. Canaan Valley and Snowshoe Ski Resorts are located in what region of WV? Allegheny Highlands

  39. Bramwell was a “town of millionaires” who got rich in what industry? coal

  40. When a bill has passed by both houses of the legislature it must be signed by what official before it is considered law? Governor

  41. What is the state flower of West Virginia? Rhododendron

  42. Salines was the original name for : Malden

  43. Batts and Fallem are most noted for exploring the area along what river? New

  44. Daniel Greathouse and his men are remembered for killing the family of what Chief? Logan

  45. The original Golden Horseshoe was given to his men by what explorer? Alexander Spotswood

  46. Who built the first iron furnace west of the Allegheny Mountains? Peter Tarr

  47. What Pulitzer Prize winning author was born in Hillsboro? Pearl Buck

  48. Who is the Senior Senator from West Virginia? Robert C. Byrd

  49. The Flick Amendment to the WV Constitution gave the right to vote to what group? All male citizens except minors and paupers

  50. The Mountain State Forest Festival is held each year in what city? Elkins