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Golden Horseshoe

Golden Horseshoe. Review 3. He struck oil at Burning Springs. Samuel D. Karnes. The 1924 Democratic candidate for President from WV. John Davis. WV Governor responsible for desegregating schools. William Marland. WVU football, NFL Hall of fame, played for Giants and Redskins. Sam Huff.

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Golden Horseshoe

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  1. Golden Horseshoe Review 3

  2. He struck oil at Burning Springs Samuel D. Karnes

  3. The 1924 Democratic candidate for President from WV John Davis

  4. WV Governor responsible for desegregating schools William Marland

  5. WVU football, NFL Hall of fame, played for Giants and Redskins Sam Huff

  6. Reporter from Harpers Magazine, described the destruction at Harper’s Ferry Porte Crayon David Hunter Strother

  7. Two opera singers Phyllis Curtain Eleanor Steber

  8. Religious leader and founder of Bethany College Alexander Campbell

  9. French explorer that placed lead plates in the banks of the Ohio River Celoron de Bienville

  10. Mingo Indian Chief, his family was murdered Chief Logan

  11. First English explorer into the interior of WV Christopher Newport

  12. Confederate General that destroyed Harper’s Ferry Stonewall Jackson

  13. Senator from the restored government, sponsored an amendment that made statehood possible Waitman T. Willey

  14. Exhibited his steam boat at Shepherdstown on the Potomac River James Rumsey

  15. Sheriff of Matwan at the Matwan Massacre Sid Hatfield

  16. WV is shaped from what large mountain system? Appalachians

  17. The largest tributary of the Ohio Kanawha

  18. Spectacular overhanging rocks where the South Branch cuts through Hardy and Hampshire Counties The Trough

  19. Where one sided spruce trees are found Dolly Sods

  20. Largest County Randolph

  21. Where the Kanawha River meets the Ohio River Point Pleasant

  22. The Attorney General’s office is part of what branch of government? Executive

  23. Who would replace the Governor if he died? Senate President

  24. Who founded Mother’s Day?Where? Anna Jarvis - Grafton

  25. The Morrill Land Act of 1862 provided for what? WVU

  26. First developed the concept of vocational education Booker T. Washington

  27. Name of the loyal government of Virginia during the Civil War Restored Govt. of Va.

  28. Location of the Mountain State Forest Festival Elkins

  29. State Capital Charleston

  30. Location of the Festival of Lights Wheeling

  31. Location of The Greenbrier White Sulphur Springs

  32. Location of the Blue Ridge Outlet Mall Martinsburg

  33. The geographic center of the state Braxton County

  34. Location of the FBI Fingerprinting Center Clarksburg

  35. Location of Blennerhassett Island Parkersburg

  36. Three ways pioneers obtained their land Corn Rights Settlement Rights Tomahawk Rights

  37. What river could you travel south downstream? Greenbrier

  38. First to fly faster than the speed of sound Chuck Yeager

  39. Who chooses the State Superintendent of Schools? WV Board of Ed.

  40. First battle of the American Revolution Battle of Pt. Pleasant

  41. 1992 collapse of dam in which over 100 people drowned Buffalo Creek

  42. First National Strike Martinsburg (RR)

  43. Prohibited workers from striking injuction

  44. “Nail” City Wheeling

  45. Kind of coal in WV Bituminous

  46. Killed Alexander Hamilton, conspired with Blennerhassett Aaron Burr

  47. Actress and spy, helped Stonewall Jackson Belle Boyd

  48. Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winner from Hillsboro Pearl S. Buck

  49. White man turned Indian, led Shawnee at the Battle of Fallen Timbers Blue Jacket

  50. Bully of the boatman, keel boater on the Ohio an Mississippi Mike Fink

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