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Golden Horseshoe

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Golden Horseshoe
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Golden Horseshoe

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  1. Golden Horseshoe Review 11

  2. A long narrow strip of land projecting from a larger territory is a: panhandle

  3. The height of land above sea level: elevation

  4. The name of the climate in West Virginia is ; humid continental

  5. Which of the following is a tributary of the Ohio River? Ohio Elk Mississippi Little Kanawha D. Little Kanawha

  6. The Fairfax Stone is located at the headwaters of what river? Potomac

  7. What necessary element for the chemical industry was not readily found in West Virginia? sulfur

  8. In order to travel from Charleston to Parkersburg you must go in what direction? north

  9. If you are standing in West Virginia and you can look to the south and see Virginia and look to the north and see Maryland you are standing in which location?A. WheelingB. Pt. PleasantC. BluefieldD. Harpers Ferry D. Harpers Ferry

  10. Dolly Sods is located in what region of West Virginia? Allegheny Highlands

  11. The Gauley and New Rivers join in what town to form the Kanawha River? Gauley Bridge

  12. The National Road passed through what historic area of West Virginia? Wheeling

  13. The largest Adena mound in the United States is located in: Moundsville

  14. The Knights of the Golden Horseshoe were established by: Alexander Spotswood

  15. Batts and Fallem claimed the area they explored for England by: Burning initials in trees

  16. Robert de la Salle claimed the Ohio and Mississippi valleys for what country? France

  17. Many people believe that the first permanent white settler in what is now West Virginia was: Morgan Morgan

  18. Shepherdstown was initially settled by immigrants of what nationality? German

  19. A person who agreed to work for another person for a designated number of years in return for safe passage to America, room and board was called an: indentured servant

  20. Which of the follow1ng items would not have been made by a pioneer man?a. soapb. shoesc. farm toolsd. sleds soap

  21. Blue dye for clothing came from which plant?a. Ginsengb. Linsey-woolseyc. Indigod. Rhubarb c. Indigo

  22. "Bring them books over here" is an example of what dialect?a. Scots-Irishb. Elizabethan Englishc. Tidewater Upper Classd. Quaker b. Elizabethan English

  23. Pricketts Fort is located nearest what WV town? Fairmont

  24. The opposing sides in the French and Indian war were;a. British against French and Indiansb. French and colonists against Indiansc. French against Indians d. British and Indians against French and colonists a. British against French and Indians

  25. The Proclamation of 1763 forbade settlers to move: West of the Allegheny Front

  26. Which future U.S. President lead British forces at the Battle of Ft. Necessity?a. John Adamsb. Thomas Jeffersonc. Aaron Burrd. George Washington d. George Washington

  27. The story of the capture and escape of Mary Draper Ingles is told in which book?a. How Green Was My Valleyb. The Long and Winding Roadc. The Good Earthd. Follow the River d. Follow the River

  28. In the end, what proved to be a major advantage for the British in winning the French andIndian War?a. greater population due to immigrationb. British generals were brought in to train soldiersc. Colonists were fighting for their homesd. the French gave up due to starvation c. Colonists were fighting for their homes

  29. The major encounter of Lord Dunmore's War was ata. Wheelingb. Pt. Pleasantc. Parkersburgd. Lewisburg b. Pt. Pleasant

  30. In the Fort Gower Address, the soldiers pledged that in the future they would only fight for;a. Britain and Franceb. Germany and Britainc. America and Virginiad. America and Britain c. America and Virginia

  31. The person on the horse is seeking help for,a. Ft. Necessityb. Ft. Blairc. Ft. Henryd. Ft. Pitt c. Ft. Henry

  32. The American Revolution was formally ended by;a. The Treaty of Ghentb. The Treaty of Paris of 1783c. The Emancipation Proclamationd. Declaration of Independence b. The Treaty of Paris of 1783

  33. A legislature with two houses of government is called;a. unicameralb. democraticc. federald. bicameral d. bicameral

  34. The house in the picture was built by, Harman Blennerhassett

  35. By traveling on the Midland Trail you will pass all of the following except;a. Hawk's Nestb. The Greenbrierc. WV Wesleyan Colleged. The State Capitol c. WV Wesleyan College

  36. The first bridge to span the Ohio River was located in; Wheeling

  37. The first person to demonstrate the use of a steam engine in a boat was;a. Michael Benedumb. Robert Fultonc. James Rumseyd. Peter Tar c. James Rumsey

  38. The earliest trains were powered by;a. horsesb. steamc. coald. diesel a. horses

  39. A noisy serenade to a newly married couple was called a;a. shivareeb. barn raisingc. quilting beed. revival a. shivaree

  40. A spring of mineral water which later became the site of the Greenbrier Resort was first discovered by;a. Christopher Gistb. The Shawneec. Knights of the Golden Horseshoed. Itinerant farmers b. The Shawnee

  41. One folklore medicine that may have really worked was to wash warts in rainwater collected from an oak stump because the water would have contained;a. limestoneb. sawdustc. tannic acidd. lye c. tannic acid

  42. The oldest college still operating in West Virginia is;a. Shepherdb. Fairmontc. Bethanyd Concord c. Bethany

  43. All activities involved in producing, distributing and consuming goods and services are referred to as the;a. supply and demandb. economyc. gross national productd. budget b. economy

  44. Which abolitionist led a raid on Harpers Ferry in 1859?a. Sojourner Truthb. Harriet Tubmanc. Frederick Douglasd. John Brown d. John Brown

  45. A statement of the principles and policies of a political party is called a; Platform

  46. The date of West Virginia's statehood is;a. June 20, 1863b. July 4,1776c. June 12, 1844d. May 31, 1901 a. June 20, 1863

  47. Conventions to discuss and plan statehood for WV were held in;a. Charles Townb. Shinnstonc. Philippid. Wheeling d. Wheeling

  48. The first Governor of West Virginia was;a. Francis Pierpontb. J.E.B. Stuartc. Arthur I. Boremand. Waitman T. Willey c. Arthur I. Boreman

  49. The real importance of the Battle of Philippi is that it showed the importance to the North of protecting;a. the Greenbrier Valleyb. the Monongahela Forestc. the B & 0 Railroadd. the Potomac River c. the B & 0 Railroad

  50. Use the following map and your knowledge of WV Counties and Cities to answer The battle fought nearest to the first capital of WV was at; a. Scary Creek b. Fairmont c. Martinsburg d. Buckhannon b. Fairmont