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Golden Horseshoe 2006

Golden Horseshoe 2006. Which Native American tribe was pushed out of the Ohio Valley by the Iroquois in 1630? a. Seneca b. Shawnee c. Tuscarora d. Mingo. b. Shawnee. Through the year 2000 the West Virginia Constitution of 1872 has been amended: a. 27 times b. 10 times c. 71 times d. 95 times.

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Golden Horseshoe 2006

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  1. Golden Horseshoe2006

  2. Which Native American tribe was pushed out of the Ohio Valley by theIroquois in 1630?a. Senecab. Shawneec. Tuscarorad. Mingo b. Shawnee

  3. Through the year 2000 the West Virginia Constitution of 1872 has beenamended:a. 27 timesb. 10 timesc. 71 timesd. 95 times c. 71 times

  4. West Virginia's first governor was:a. Waitman T. Willeyb. Arthur I. Boremanc. Francis Pierpontd. John S. Carlile b. Arthur I. Boreman

  5. Whose death on Election Day 1882 is generally known as the "official" startof the Hatfield - McCoy feud?a. Ellison Hatfieldb. Roseanna McCoyc. Devil Anse Hatfieldd. Randolph McCoy a. Ellison Hatfield

  6. The town of Huntington was created out of 5,000 acres of farmland boughtfor the:a. Norfolk and Western Railroadb. Kanawha Salinesc. Weirton Steel Companyd. C and 0 Railroad d. C and 0 Railroad

  7. In 2004 West Virginians elected die first woman, Betty Ireland to the officeof:a. Attorney Generalb. Secretary of Statec. Secretary of Agricultured. Lieutenant Governor b. Secretary of State

  8. Which United States president sent revenuers into the hills to spy onneighbors who were operating illegal stills?a. Ulysseus S. Grantb. Rutherford B. Hayesc. Warren G. Hardingd. Franklin D. Roosevelt b. Rutherford B. Hayes

  9. Who designed the Great Seal of West Virginia?a. Waitman T. Willey b. J. Edgar Boyersc. Peter G.VanWinkled. Joseph H. Diss Debar d. Joseph H. Diss Debar

  10. For the purpose of electing members of the West Virginia Senate, WestVirginia is divided into how many Senatorial Districts?a. 17b. 34c. 58d. 55 a. 17

  11. The type of climate found in West Virginia is:a. Mediterraneanb. Humid continentalc. Marined. Tundra b. Humid continental

  12. During a historical visit to West Virginia, who stated, "The sun does not always shine in West Virginia but the people always do."a. George Bushb. Eleanor Rooseveltc. John F. Kennedyd. John Denver c. John F. Kennedy

  13. The only natural lake in West Virginia is:a. Suttonb. Trout Pondc. Summersvilled. Stonewall Jackson b. Trout Pond

  14. Which river is a direct tributary of the Ohio River?a. Coalb. Gauleyc. Kanawhad. New c. Kanawha

  15. Which of the following rivers originates outside of, flows into, and ends in West Virginia?a. Ohiob. Shenandoahc. South Branch Potomacd. New d. New

  16. Which river in West Virginia has the most major tributaries?a. Monongahelab. Potomacc. Kanawhad. New c. Kanawha

  17. The majority of rivers in West Virginia flow:a. North and Westb. East and Southc. East and Northd. North and East a. North and West

  18. Which of the following form parts of the border of West Virginia?a. South Branch Potomac Riverb. Ohio Riverc. Tug Fork Riverd. B and C d. B and C

  19. Which of tile following statements about the New River is true based on themap?a. It is the oldest river in the United States.b. It was once a part of the prehistoric Teays River.c. It is more important than the Gauley.d. Data not given. d. Data not given.

  20. The Scots-Irish settlements in West Virginia could predominately be foundin the:a. Greenbrier Valleyb. Eastern Panhandlec. Northern Panhandled. Kanawha Valley a. Greenbrier Valley

  21. The second largest battle fought in North America between the settlers andthe Indians was at:a. Ft. Necessityb. Ft.Gowerc. Lewisburgd. Point Pleasant d. Point Pleasant

  22. To support one of its fastest growing industries, tourism. West Virginia hasbeen divided into how many regions?a. 4b. 6c. 8d. 10 c. 8

  23. What is the county seat of Putnam County?a. Hurricaneb. Pocac. Buffalod. Winfield d. Winfield

  24. The three major interstate highways that cross through Charleston, allowingtravelers and businesses to continue their travels or shipments in anydirections are: "a. 160,179,166b. I 64,177,179c. I 95,180,177d. I 64,177,165 b. I 64,177,179

  25. This future West Virginia governor and United States senator became president of West Virginia Wesleyan College in 1973:a. Arch Mooreb. Jay Rockefellerc. Cecil Underwoodd. Gaston Caperton b. Jay Rockefeller

  26. This 3,030 foot bridge in Fayette County is open to pedestrian traffic eachyear on the third Saturday of October.a. Silver Bridgeb. Patrick Street Bridgec. New River Gorge Bridged. Wheeling Suspension Bridge c. New River Gorge Bridge

  27. In what Kanawha County community did Booker T. Washington spend hischildhood?a. Marmetb. Maldenc. Randd. Cabin Creek b. Malden

  28. Which West Virginia town is named after the youngest daughter of ChiefCornstalk?a. Monongahb. Oceanac. Sistersvilled. Logan b. Oceana

  29. What was the last county formed in West Virginia?a. Mason Countyb. Grant Countyc. Mingo Countyd. Summers County c. Mingo County

  30. One of the greatest industrial disasters of the 20th Century occurred when men were digging a tunnel for Union Carbide at Hawk's Nest and became sick with:a. emphysemab. silicosisc. pneumoniad. influenza b. silicosis

  31. Scientists who study what is left behind by ancient peoples are known as:a. anthropologistsb. geologistsc. sociologistsd. archaeologists d. archaeologists

  32. What was the first major industry to develop in western Virginia?a. coalb. ironc. saltd. timber c. salt

  33. It is estimated that 361 men and boys died in a mine disaster on December 6,1907 in what town?a. Matewanb. Shinnstonc. Monongahd. Bramwell c. Monongah

  34. This governor is credited with creating the PROMISE scholarship whichallowed many West Virginia students to attend any public-in-stateuniversity free of charge.a. Governor Arch Mooreb. Governor Cecil Underwoodc. Governor Bob Wised. Governor Gaston Caperton c. Governor Bob Wise

  35. This institution of higher education began in 1867 as an agricultural college.a. West Virginia State Universityb. West Virginia Universityc. Marshall Universityd. Fairmont State University b. West Virginia University

  36. The first black college in West Virginia was established by the Freedman'sBureau in 1867 at:a. West Virginia State in Instituteb. Bluefield State in Princetonc. Storer College in Harper's Ferryd. West Liberty State in Wheeling c. Storer College in Harper's Ferry

  37. Currently, West Virginia's leading agricultural product is:a. poultryb. tobaccoc. applesd. grapes a. poultry

  38. West Virginia University has developed a technological program to trainstudents to identify individuals by voice, fingerprints, or parts of the eyecalled:a. forensics b. biochemistry c. biophysics d. biometrics d. biometrics

  39. On February 26,1972 a gob pile dam collapsed at the head of:a. Welch Hollowb. Paint Creekc. Johnstown Roadd. Buffalo Creek d. Buffalo Creek

  40. "...How majestic and how grand. With their summits bathed in glory, Like our Prince Immanuel's Land!..." These words come from the first stanza of which state song?a. This Is My West Virginiab. Country Roadsc. The West Virginia Hillsd. West Virginia, My Home Sweet Home c. The West Virginia Hills

  41. According to recent State Tax Department statistics, the largest source of state government general revenue is the:a. personal income taxb. business and occupation taxc. severance taxd. lottery a. personal income tax

  42. An agreement between an employer and a worker in which the workeragrees not to join a labor union is a/an:a. Injunctionb. Yellow dog contractc. Terminal agreementd. Writ of habeas corpus b. Yellow dog contract

  43. Due to the threat of desertions, this man abandoned an expedition to defeatthe Indians on the Virginia frontier in the winter of 1756.a. Alexander Spotswoodb. George Washingtonc. Andrew Lewisd. Governor Dinwiddie c. Andrew Lewis

  44. The environment around this West Virginia locale is so fragile that rock climbing is forbidden and a guide must accompany all tours.a. Snowshoe Mountainb. Spruce Knobc. Cooper's Rockd. Ice Mountain d. Ice Mountain

  45. The availability of such resources as coal, water, and salt were major factors in this company's decision to locate in West Virginia.a. Dowb. Toyotac. Union Carbided. Proctor and Gamble c. Union Carbide

  46. The elected official of our state who supervises elections of all state officialsis the:a. Secretary of Stateb. Attorney Generalc. State Adjutant Generald. State Auditor a. Secretary of State

  47. On what site did archaeologists find the remains of a 7 foot 6 inch maleskeleton?a. Criel Moundb. Grave Creek Moundc. Mount Carbond. Ben's Run a. Criel Mound

  48. Which of these West Virginians earned the nickname "The Great Wildcatter" for his style of searching for oil?a. Israel C. Whiteb. Michael L. Benedumc. Johnson Newlon Camdend. John D. Rockefeller b. Michael L. Benedum

  49. The single largest capture of Union troops during the Civil War took placein this West Virginia community.a. Camifex Ferryb. Harper's Ferryc. Droop Mountaind. Rich Mountain b. Harper's Ferry

  50. During the Civil Rights movements of the late 1950s, this Charleston native organized a boycott of Philadelphia businesses that would not hire African Americans.a. T.J.Jakesb. Thomas Bickleyc. Leon Sullivand. HalGreer c. Leon Sullivan

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