golden horseshoe n.
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Golden Horseshoe

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Golden Horseshoe - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Golden Horseshoe
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  1. Golden Horseshoe Review 1

  2. First rural free mail delivery Charles Town

  3. The Adenna people migrated from where? Asia

  4. Helped organize miners - Mary Mother Jones

  5. Porte Crayon was his pen name David Hunter Strother

  6. First capital Wheeling

  7. Governor during the Civil War Francis Pierpont

  8. Woman that was part of the moccasin rangers during the Civil War Nancy Hart

  9. A monument to Chief Cornstalkstands in a park in this city Point Pleasant

  10. Most eastern county Jefferson

  11. Served as Sec. Of State under Jimmy Carter Cyrus Vance

  12. How many members of Congress does WV have? Five 3 House of Representatives 2 Senators

  13. Largest earthwork Grave Creek Moundsville

  14. In what National Forest is Dolly Sods Monongahela

  15. Fort Blair at Pt. Pleasant was renamed what? Fort Randolph

  16. Most western county Wayne

  17. Two rivers that join to form the Kanawha New and Gauley

  18. First Governor Arthur I. Boreman

  19. Location of John E. Amos power plant Putnam County

  20. “Sunrise” was the home of what governor William MacCorkle

  21. Location of the Forest Festival Elkins

  22. Location of Tamarack Beckley

  23. Oldest County Hampshire

  24. Longest River Ohio

  25. Designer of the Great Seal Joseph H. Diss DeBar

  26. County that is landlocked and mineral poor Nicholas

  27. Location of WVU Morgantown

  28. Location of Canaan Valley Tucker County

  29. Location of Oglebay Park Wheeling

  30. Lowest Point Harper’s Ferry

  31. Highest Point Spruce Knob

  32. Four Geographic Regions Potomac Allegheny Highlands Allegheny Plateau Ohio Valley

  33. Invented the bottle making machine Michael Owens

  34. How many river systems? Seven

  35. Governor during the Matwan Massacre Governor Cornwell

  36. Started the graded system of education Alexander Wade

  37. WV was important in the presidential primary of this president in 1960 John F. Kennedy

  38. WV’s only natural lake Trout Pond Hardy County

  39. Oldest River New

  40. The Lost River disappears underground and reappears as the source of what river? Cacapon River

  41. Branch of government that can tax Legislature

  42. “There runs not a drop of blood in the veins of any living creature .This called for revenge... Chief Logan’s Speech

  43. Location of Pearl S. Buck’s home Hillsboro Pocahontas County

  44. Oldest unrestored Church still in use west of the Alleghenies Old Stone Church Lewisburg

  45. The largest coalfield Allegheny-Kanawha

  46. The “Aracoma Story” recounts the love story of the daughter of - Chief Cornstalk

  47. The county referred to as the birthplace of rivers Pocahontas

  48. John Brown was sentenced to death and hanged where? Charles Town

  49. Coal rich in oil that would burn with the glow of a candle cannel

  50. West Virginian who carried a message to Garcia from President McKinley Andrew Summer Rowan