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Presentation of the Air Quality e-reporting User Interface (AQUI 1.0) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presentation of the Air Quality e-reporting User Interface (AQUI 1.0). Wim Mol Presentation AQUI 1.0 Dublin, Ireland 24-25 October 2013. European Environment Agency. Contents presentation. Background of AQUI AQUI principles Inter linkages dataflows B, C, D and G Steps in AQUI

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Presentation of the air quality e reporting user interface aqui 1 0

Presentation of the Air Quality e-reporting User Interface (AQUI 1.0)

Wim Mol

Presentation AQUI 1.0

Dublin, Ireland 24-25 October 2013

European Environment Agency

Contents presentation
Contents presentation (AQUI 1.0)

  • Background of AQUI

  • AQUI principles

  • Inter linkages dataflows B, C, D and G

  • Steps in AQUI

  • Delivery dates XML files

Background of aqui
Background of AQUI (AQUI 1.0)

  • EEA tender EEA/OSE/12/008: Transformation software to support reporting and exchange of air quality data under Decision 2011/850/EU (e-Reporting).

  • Some tender requirements:

    • Export of XML dataflows B (limited to non-spatial information), C, D (only fixed measurements), E (only measurements), F (only primary validated measurements) and G

    • Conform to the AQ e-Reporting data model & schemata and INSPIRE

    • A familiar face of the user interface, maintain large part of the country-end in the current reporting for the EoI and AQ Questionnaire

Background of aqui1
Background of AQUI (AQUI 1.0)

  • Awarded to consortium comprised of:

    • RIVM

    • CACI

    • Ricardo-AEA and 4Sfera

  • The tool is named: Air Quality User Interface for e-reporting (AQUI)

  • AQUI is a tool for e-Reporting data suppliers without knowledge of XML

  • Interim tool for 2 years

  • Background of aqui2
    Background of AQUI (AQUI 1.0)

    • B Information on zones and agglomerations & limited to non-spatial information

    • C Information on the assessment regime

    • D Information on the assessment methods & limited to fixed measurements

    • E1a Information on primary validated assessment data – measurements

    • F1a Information on generated aggregated data – primary validated measurements

    • G Information on the attainment of environmental objectives

    Aqui principles
    AQUI principles (AQUI 1.0)

    • Basis

      • Redesign of AQ-DEM

      • Based on:

        • AQD schemata vs. 3.7c

        • IPR

        • INSPIRE

    Aqui principles1
    AQUI principles (AQUI 1.0)


    The underlying database is prefilled with historical information from AirBase and from the Questionnaires

    Import/update information needed for data flows B-G


    Qa/Qc checks available for checking the primary observations

    Visualisation imported measurement data

    Overviews of imported primary observations and calculated annual means

    Export Google Earth kml file for checking the station coordinates

    Format and consistency checks

    Export data flows B-G in XML format for e_Reporting

    Aqui principles2
    AQUI principles (AQUI 1.0)


    Consistency assured of links of features between data flows:

    Links in reported data flows are generated automatically

    No information can be attached to undefined key links

    Use of prefilled forms:

    To facilitate the import of Assessment Regime and attainments

    To ensure information of used key links are defined

    Information included in database:

    Networks, Stations and measurement configurations from EoI-2012

    Zones, Assessment Regime, Sampling points used for compliance Attainments from AQQ-2012

    Codes defined for AQD-schemata (codelists)

    Aqui principles3
    AQUI principles (AQUI 1.0)

    Reporting and exchanging air quality information using e-Reporting (EEA Technical report 5/2012)

    IPCC Guiding principles: TCCCA

    Consistency (links of features between data flows)

    Accuracy, transparency (checking possibilities)

    Comparability (comparison annual means current/previous year)

    Completeness (management by change)

    Quality checks as close as possible to the source of the data to keep the feedback cycle as small as possible

    Access to the latest version of the meta information by prefilling the AQUI database.

    Error messages/warnings e.g. on mandatory data

    Inter linkages dataflows B, C, D and G (AQUI 1.0)

    All sampling points defined?

    1. Configuration fixed Assesment Methods

    Sampling Points missing?

    All zones defined for env. Pollutants?

    2. Definition zones

    Zones missing?

    3. Assign Sampling Point for Compliance

    All sampling points used for compliance defined?

    4. Classification zones (Assessment regime)

    All zones for all env. Pollutants classified?

    5. Report Attainment situation zones:

    a. basis for defining attainment situation

    - observations

    - modelling results

    b. result attainment situation zones

    Inter linkages dataflows D, E and F (AQUI 1.0)

    1. Configuration fixed Assesment Methods

    All sampling points defined?

    Sampling Points missing?

    Sampling Points missing?

    2. Primary observations

    All primary observations defined to aggregate?

    Primary observations missing?

    3. Aggregated observations

    Steps in aqui
    Steps in AQUI (AQUI 1.0)

    • Steps to be taken:

      • Update and check the meta information B, C, D and G by export/import

      • Import primary (E) and aggregated observations (F)

      • Check the primary observations (Quality control, visualisation, overviews)

      • Export B-G in XML

    Steps in aqui1
    Steps in AQUI (AQUI 1.0)

    • Defaults, responsible authorities

      • Url’s files with zone information

      • Responsible authorities

    • Data flow B

      • Export of zone information in the database, update, and import.

    • Sampling Points for Compliance (SPC)

      • Export of sampling points of compliance, update and import

    • Data flow C

      • Export of assessment regime in the database, update, and import.

    • Dataflow D (networks, stations and sampling points). 2 possibilities

      • Update meta information by screen

      • Export of assessment regime in the database, update, and import.

    Steps in aqui2
    Steps in AQUI (AQUI 1.0)

    Dataflow E

    Import measurement data

    Quality checks, visualisation, export overviews for checking

    Dataflow F (aggregations)

    Calculation aggregated observations from the primary observations by the standard EEA calculation rules outside AQUI

    Import aggregated observations into AQUI

    Export, update, import

    Dataflow G (attainments)

    Attainments are calculated by the country outside AQUI on base of the aggregated observations

    Export, update, import file into AQUI

    Steps in aqui3
    Steps in AQUI (AQUI 1.0)

    Export XML files B-G

    Upload to CDR

    Delivery dates xml files
    Delivery dates XML files (AQUI 1.0)

    • Delivery dates:

      • 31 December 2013: Zones & Assessment regimes 2014

      • 1 October 2014: Dataflows B-G 2013 data

      • 31 December 2014: Zones & Assessment regimes 2015

      • 1 October 2015: Dataflows B-G 2014 data

    • After delivery the dataflows are loaded into the EEA e_Reporting databases. This historical information will be used to prefill AQUI for the next AQUI delivery.

    Help (AQUI 1.0)

    Wim Mol

    [email protected]

    Any questions
    Any Questions ? (AQUI 1.0)