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Purpose of the Facility Reporting Website

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Purpose of the Facility Reporting Website - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Facility Reporting v. 1.0 Managing Clinical Staffing Reports on the Illinois Outcomes Website May 20, 2009. Purpose of the Facility Reporting Website.

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Facility Reporting v. 1.0 Managing Clinical Staffing Reportson the Illinois Outcomes WebsiteMay 20, 2009

purpose of the facility reporting website
Purpose of the Facility Reporting Website
  • Although additional forms completed and submitted to you by your Residential Monitor (e.g. the Milieu Observation FOR, File Review FOR, etc.) will be added later the Facility Reporting Website currently has two types of forms:
    • Clinical Staffing Report (CSR): This form is initiated by a Facility Contact and submitted to a selected Monitor. The Monitor may return the form to the facility contact with questions and comments or complete the review. A CSR form is considered completed when the Monitor completes the review. A completed CSR is available to the facility through a search.
    • Clinical Staffing Report -Staffing Evaluation (CSR-SE): This form is initiated by the Monitor and sent to a Facility Contact for review. The Monitor may request responses to selected items.
  • Facility Reporting involves four user roles – three for DCFS staff and one for Residential staff.
        • DCFS Residential Monitoring Staff
          • Monitors
          • Monitor Supervisors
          • Managers/Superviewers
        • Residential Agency Staff – Facility Contacts
user setup
User Setup
  • This Request Form must be submitted by a Residential Agency Administrators to grant access to
  • Facility Reporting
  • RTOS and
  • UIR
  • Contact the helpdesk to get this Registration Access Form:
  • or 1-800-610-2089
logging into the website
Logging into the Website
  • From the IDCFS Homepage:
  • Click on the link “Facility Reporting” to go to the Facility Reporting login page
the homepage
The Homepage
  • The Facility Contact Homepage is the
  • primary workspace for managing
  • assigned Facility Reports
  • (CSRs and/orCSR-SEs)
  • The homepage has the following work areas:
    • Create New CSRs
    • Search through Completed
    • CSRs and/orCSR-SEs
    • ManageCSRs and/orCSR-SEs that are in the process of completion
      • Incomplete
      • Pending Response
      • Sent to Monitor
create new csrs
Create New CSRs
  • 1. Click the link “Create New Clinical Staffing Report”
  • A CSR may have up to 3 of
  • the following parts:
  • Cover Sheet (required)
  • One of:
    • Phase I Staffing
    • Phase II Staffing
  • Action Plan (required)

Note: A CSR must have a Cover Sheet and an Action Plan. The CSR may or may not include Phase I and/or Phase II sections.

create new csr the cover sheet
Create New CSR: The Cover Sheet
  • After clicking “Create New Clinical Staffing Report” the first part of the form is shown: the Cover Sheet.
  • The Cover Sheet has the
  • following sections:
  • Client Information
  • CSR Section Tabs
  • Staffing Information
  • Monitor Response Notes
  • Contact, Date and
  • Status Information
create new csr the cover sheet1
Create New CSR: The Cover Sheet
  • Client Information
  • The Client Information section is driven by the CYCIS ID of a Resident. You can only access Residents that are placed in Agencies and Units you listed in the Access Registration Form mentioned on slide 3 of this presentation.
  • Once you enter a CYCIS ID click “Search” and the rest of the Client Information is automatically populated. This information cannot be changed.
  • CSR Section Tabs
  • The CSR Section tabs can help you navigate through a completed CSR or CSR-SE and will bold the section you are currently on.
create new csr the cover sheet2
Create New CSR: The Cover Sheet
  • Staffing Information
  • The Agency Name and Unit Name are pre-populated by the CYCIS ID entered in the Client Information section. However, these items can be updated by using the drop down menus provided. Again, a user can only select the Agencies and Units that they listed in the Access Registration Form.
create new csr the cover sheet3
Create New CSR: The Cover Sheet
  • Staffing Information
  • Staffing Type will determine which staffing questions you will see:
  • If the staffing is not a Phase I or II Staffing and only an Action Plan is to be completed, choose the Action Plan Only option.
create new csr the cover sheet4
Create New CSR: The Cover Sheet
  • Treatment Team Members
  • Clicking the link “Add Team Member” will create another row to enter Treatment Team Member Name, Role and Attendance information.
  • To delete the row and all the information entered click the red “X”
create new csr the cover sheet5
Create New CSR: The Cover Sheet
  • Monitor Response Notes
  • Will display the Monitor’s notes if they have been entered. This will be blank until the Monitor enters text. You may need to scroll within this box to read all of the Monitor’s comments.
  • CSR or CSR-SE System Information
  • Displays Contact type, Name, Time and Date information logged by the system about the CSR or CSR-SE
create new csr the cover sheet6
Create New CSR: The Cover Sheet
  • Buttons
  • and will validate responses on the current page and report errors before moving to the previous/next section.
  • Will not validate entries. This button will simply save whatever you have entered and provide an ID # near the top of the screen.
  • Will validate entries and submit the CSR to the Monitor for comments, or return a previously submitted CSR or CSR-SE received from the Monitor
  • Will delete the CSR and all of the information entered.
  • Will not save any of your work. This button will simply navigate you back to the Facility Contact homepage
  • Will open a window that will allow you to choose what parts of the CSR or CSR-SE you would like to convert to .pdf. You can use this to save the form and/or print it. (see Slide 22 for more information on this)
create new csr phase i or phase ii staffing
Create New CSR: Phase I or Phase II Staffing

Depending on your response to Staffing Type you may be guided to the Phase I or Phase II Staffing questions.

The Phase I or

Phase II Staffing


are divided into 3 pages.

Selecting “No”


opens the Notes section following every question.

You can open the Notes section when it is not prompted by clicking “Add”.

create new csr phase i or phase ii staffing1
Create New CSR: Phase I or Phase II Staffing

Some questions may require you to enter Names, Relationships, and Roles. You can create additional rows by clicking “Add Another Family Member/Significant Adult”. You can delete the row and the information by click the red “X”.

These pages add the Previous button to help you navigate through the different parts of a CSR or CSR-SE

create new csr phase i or phase ii staffing2
Create New CSR: Phase I or Phase II Staffing

Other questions may require you to enter Dates. You can either enter the date manually in the mm/dd/yyyy format or you can use the calendar window.

Remember, these dates will be validated to determine if the information has been entered correctly.

create new csr action plan
Create New CSR: Action Plan

The Action Plan allows you to enter multiple tasks.

You can add new tasks by clicking the “Add New Task” link.

You can remove a task and its information by clicking on the red “X”.

create new csr send submit for review
Create New CSR: Send/Submit for Review

The CSR you have been working on until this point will be in incomplete status. Once saved it will be found under the section on your homepage.

After you have finished the CSR. Clicking will validate all your responses and if you have entered the information correctly you will be prompted to choose a Monitor to Submit the CSR for Review.

You can use the drop down menu to

choose the Monitor that should review

your CSR.

Clicking “Send FOR” will lock the CSR.

You will not be able to edit the CSR until

the Monitor returns it to you.

Clicking “Send FOR” will also change

the status of the CSR to Sent.

It will now be found under the section on your homepage.

csrs currently pending response
CSRs Currently Pending Response

A Monitor may return the CSR to you for clarification, editing or other response purpose. A returned CSR will be found on your homepage under the CSRs Currently Pending Response

After clicking on the CSR you will be able to see the Monitor’s Response Notes

Before you can make any edits and/or provide clarification in the individual question’s notes you will have to click the button.

csr information capture and completion process review
CSR information capture and completion process review.

(1) Facility Contact Creates New CSR

(5) Monitor receives CSR

(4) Facility Contact Saves CSR to pdf and emails of prints for Treatment Team Members

(3) Facility Contact

Sends CSR

(7) Monitor

Returns CSR

(6) Monitor reviews CSRenters Response Notes

(2) Facility Contact

fill outs CSR

(8) Facility Contact receives CSR

  • Facility Contact initiates a CSR
  • Facility Contact fills out the CSR
    • - Cover Sheet
    • - Phase I
    • - Phase II
    • - Action Plan
  • Facility Contact sends the CSR to Monitor
    • *Facility Contact selects the recipient Monitor
  • Facility Contact saves CSR as pdf and attaches to email or prints hard copy for distribution to all other treatment team members
  • Monitor receives a submitted CSR to review
  • Monitor reviews CSR and may add comments (or skip to 11)
    • *Monitor may have the CSR review by a Monitor Supervisor
  • Monitor sends CSR back to Facility Contact for Facility Response
  • Facility Contact selects a returned CSR for response
  • Facility Contact reviews Monitor’s comments and makes necessary responses and edits CSR
  • Facility Contact returns CSR to Monitor
  • Monitor selects returned CSR
  • Monitor reviews and closes CSR (or sends back to step 6)
  • CSR is completed and can now be found in archived search

(9) Facility Contact views comments and makes edits to CSR

(10) Facility Contact Sends CSR

(11) Monitor receives CSR

(12) Monitor reviews CSR edits and responses

(13) CSR is completed

completed csrs

When a CSR is completed it will no longer show up on your homepage. If you want to locate a completed CSR you will have to use the search function


You can search for any CSR you have completed or for CSR-SEs that have been assigned to you.

You can narrow your search parameters

by Review Date and Form Type

distributing a completed csr
Distributing a CompletedCSR
  • The Facility Reporting website delivers CSRs to the selected DCFS Monitor after a Facility Contact user clicks “Submit”. To distribute the CSR to Treatment Team Members, DCFS/POS caseworkers, or other personnel the Facility contact must download the CSR using the button. After saving the pdf file, the Facility Contact can attach the CSR to an email or print out copies of the CSR to send out through standard mail.
  • The website does not send the CSR to Treatment Team Members, DCFS/POS caseworkers, or any other personnel with the exception of the DCFS Monitor selected by the Facility Contact when submitting the CSR.


csr ses

CSR-SEs are initiated by the Monitor. Any CSR-SEs sent to the Facility Contact will be found under “CSRs Currently Pending Response”.

The Facility Contact user may be asked to provide clarifications or answer questions. In order to provide clarification, make any edits or enter a response you will have to use the button.

csr se facility responses
CSR-SE: Facility Responses
  • After clicking the button you should read the Monitor Observation Summary. The Monitor will have referenced questions that have been marked with Facility Response Required and a Facility Response Due Date.
  • You can also use the and buttons to look for questions that have Facility Response Required marked.
  • You must provide the responses in the text box provided with each question.