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THIRD GRADE MEMOREYS. By: Harrison Waddell. Things to remember. 4 Foot 10 Became 9 Happy face cookies Power up punch Family tree necklaces Fun Friday Jackpot Mrs. Ferguson Book reports Market day. Administers . Mrs. Ferguson Mrs. Johnson Mrs. Backrack Mrs. Hermier.

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  1. THIRD GRADE MEMOREYS By: Harrison Waddell

  2. Things to remember • 4 Foot 10 • Became 9 • Happy face cookies • Power up punch • Family tree necklaces • Fun Friday • Jackpot • Mrs. Ferguson • Book reports • Market day

  3. Administers • Mrs. Ferguson • Mrs. Johnson • Mrs. Backrack • Mrs. Hermier

  4. Funniest Moment When me and Michael were making our ginger bread houses. When Michael finished his looked like a haunted house.

  5. Best moment The best moment was when me and Avi played homerun derby

  6. Book character • Will Tyler • Plays football

  7. ABC’s of third grade • Nice • Open with happiness • Plain • Quick • Right • Straight • Try • Unforgettable • Very awesome • Winner • X-bad • Yummy • Zealos • Awesome • Best • Cool • Drama • Efficient • Felicity • Good • Happy • Important • Just awesome • Kind • Laughing • More

  8. Story • I Blasted a Baseball • By Harrison Waddell • “What time is it?” I said, worried we were going to be late for my baseball game. • “Can you believe your team made it to the finals?” My mom said as we hopped in the car. • “I can, but first we need to get there on time.” I said. • “I’M HERE!” I shouted, once my mom and I got to the fields. As I walked on the field Fred said “Put your things away.” So I did, and then I got out on the field. I was the pitcher so I got on the pitcher’s mound, started warming up, and threw the first pitch to our team`s warm up batter. I struck out the first inning. • Now the batting game starts for my team. First up to bat is Henry. He hit that ball and it went far. The only problem is someone caught Henry`s ball. Next to bat was Johnny who struck out. After a few hits I was up to bat. I was under so much pressure with two outs and the bases loaded. The first pitch came; I swung and I missed. I saw on the scoreboard just before the pitch came that we were down by two and with two outs. When I heard such a big crack I (it was as loud as a bomb) knew I hit the ball big, really big. The announcers shouted “GRAND SLAM!!!!!!” We won the championship 8-7, and I scored the winning runs.

  9. Story (another) • From Half Court • By: Harrison Waddell • And the Hawks win! Now they go to the finals vs. OKC. That night John Pargo (ATL Hawks 2 string point guard) practiced till 1:00 AM. It paid off. In the 1st game they were down two with 0.01 seconds and made it from over the arch. It was amazing. That game Jeff scored 13 points and had 7 assist and 4 blocks (a lot for a 2 string) • The next night John was guarding Russell Westbrook. It was hard guarding Russell, but he cold relay on Jeff Tuge (the first string.) Off of Pargo, Russell, scored 20 points. In the 7th game with 0.5 seconds John was in and had the ball and shot. IT WENT IN, THE HAWKS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Story (3) • My Trip to Montgomery 9-19-11 • by: Harrison • “Awesome we are there” I said as I got out of the car. • Jack hired over to me while saying “want to go watch TV?” • “NO, let’s play baseball” me and my brother said almost at the same time. We sprinted towards the baseball stuff. I was 0 and 2, the pitch, SPLOOOOOOM! That ball was as fast as a cheetah, it was an in the park homerun. • Next, we went to a Montgomery Biscuits game. We played football while we were waiting, at the gift shop I got a replica of a catcher’s helmet. When the rain delay happened it was raining cats and dogs. The Biscuits were wining 4-0, they won 10-1. • After that, we went to their pool. We threw the football ,it hit me in the face a few times. BLAM. I caught it about 5 times, and whenever I did I said “TOUCHDOWN.”I also swam with Jack and Jake. • When we left for home I was queued because I thought I already was but I still did.

  11. Story (4) • The Paperboy • By: Harrison Waddell • The Paperboy by DavPilkey was a fun fiction book. The characters are the Paperboy and his dog. Its setting was in the Paperboy`s house and his neighborhood. The Paperboy delvers papers while riding his bike. Paperboy doesn’t want to get out of his worm bed. After he walks down the hall, he eats his cereal . Then, he wraps up the paper. He does his rough in his neighborhood. His bed is still worm when he is done, then he gets in his bed and goes back to sleep. • The Paperboy relates to me because the paperboy rides his bike and I love to ride my bike. It made my leg`s move like I was on my bike. The Paperboy relates to the book Cruise George because the books both have a paperboy. Erath relates to The Paperboy because they both have trees. • What were some things you were think about when you reading today? Was it about bikes? Did you have cereal this Moring? Do you have a dog? Then the book the Paperboy is the book for you.!!

  12. Story (5) • The Boy Squishes The Ant • By: Harrison Waddell • It might be a drop in the bucket but if the boy were to destroy the ant it would be better. One thing is that ants are thieves. Also, it hurts when ants bite me. Plus, can sting. That’s why the boy should put feet on ants. • Did you know that ants are thieves? The boy said “Hey, you stole my chips!” Also, it’s not nice to steal. When ants steal they should go to jail. Ants shouldn’t steal. • It’s painful when ants bite people. The boy might not be able to do his favorite thing if an ant bites him. It costs money to buy Band-Aids and ants aren’t helping. When ants bite me it really hurts. Now we stomp on ants. • Some ants are venomous. We could get sick and die from ant. Your foot could swell up as big as an elephant. It cost lots of money to go to the hospital. The boy is putting his foot down! SPLAT!

  13. Story (6) • The Pain & The Great One • By: Harrison Waddell • The Pain And The Great One is a marvelous realistic fiction book by Judy Blume. In this book, the setting is in the Pain`s and the Great One`s house all day long. There is a brother and a sister in a house, and the sister says things about how the brother is a pain, that’s why he is called The Pain. On the other hand the, brother says things about how great the sister think she is, but she really is a pain. The Pain powders up the whole bathroom and never cleans his face. The Great One wants to go to bed later than The Pain but ends up going to bed about five muints later. • I relate to The Pain & The Great One because I have an annoying brother, too. Sometimes I brake my brother`s creations. He even holds a baby be for I do, anyway. My sister is Mean relates to The Pain & The Great One because the brother has a mean sister, too. The world

  14. Goals for fourth grade • Work harder • Get good grades • Do better

  15. Summer plans • beach

  16. closing • I love third grade

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