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Third grade biography PowerPoint Presentation
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Third grade biography

Third grade biography

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Third grade biography

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  1. Third grade biography By Kyle

  2. Paul Revere 1735-1818 • Paul Revere lived in Boston , Mass. During the American Revolutionary war. • He joined the Sons Of Liberty. • The British started taxing the colonist on things they bought things from them. • The colonist began to boycott the item from Great Britain

  3. Fredrick Douglass1818-1895 • Fredrick Douglass grew up in Baltimore , Maryland. • Fredrick Douglass taught himself how to read. • He started a paper called the North Star. • Fredrick Douglass went to Great Britain and his friends payed the money to let him become free then he moved back to the U.S.A. and moved to New York.

  4. Susan B. Anthony 1820-1906 I’m against slavery = Quaker Church She traveled all over the U.S.A. Was a teacher Was fined Diligent and justice.

  5. Franklin D. Roosevelt1882-1945 FDR started the new deal Was Wealthy At 39 unable to walk. Was president 4X Diligent ,Respect of Authority, and Justice

  6. Eleanor Roosevelt 1884-1962 Building was named after her. Traveled a lot. Decorated Christmas trees. Decorated trees Gave speeches. World War II started.

  7. Mary McLeod Bethune 1875-1955 Mary McLeod Bethune was diligent she wanted education. Even though slavery ended black still weren’t treated fairly. A person started a African American school so all blacks could go to school. After college president Roosevelt wanted to have her help in the N.Y.A. She was famous after she died and a college was named after her, it is called Bethune Cookman college.

  8. Lyndon B. Johnson 1908-1973 Grew Up in Texas. Was poor Joined sports club. Before Great Depression started After President died and became president. Brought power to poor areas. Was president. Started Great Society.

  9. Lyndon B. Johnson • Born in Stone wall, Texas Both Franklin D. Roosevelt • Both Presidents • Both had great Accomplishments. • Both senators • Both Diligent. • Worked in government. • Great society • Poor • Was Vice President • Didn’t have power or running water. • Gave power to poor. • Born in Texas. • Was teacher. • Was senator • Started new deal. • Wealthy as a child • Got polio • Part of world war ll

  10. Thurgood Marshall 12x12=144 smart Grew up in Maryland Went to Lincoln University. AA’s had to sit in back of bus. Top student in class.

  11. Cesar Chavez 1927-1993 People boycotted Grapes and lettuce Marched through California Traveled from farm to farm. No running water, power, or housing

  12. My favorite My favorite is Lyndon B. Johnson out of the other 8 famous Americans. He also did the Great Society. He grew up poor and that affected his life to help the poor's. He grew up in Stone Wall, Texas he didn't have running water or power.