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Third Grade Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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Third Grade Orientation

Third Grade Orientation

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Third Grade Orientation

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  1. Third Grade Orientation A year of learning, growing and having fun! Mrs. Cooper Mrs. O’Shell

  2. What is a third grader?

  3. A third grader is one who • Reads to learn • Attacks math concepts and skills • Studies social studies and science • Works independently • Follows rules and directions • Comes prepared to class • Helps classmates • Does their best

  4. Students begin arriving at 8:35a.m. The day starts with morning work, computer time, tutoring or helping students. 8:50 a.m. the tardy bell rings 9:00 a.m. we start our day

  5. School Information • Please sign in at the front office before coming to the classroom. • Send a written excuse for your child to be dismissed early, pick up at dismissal time or to ride a different bus at the end of the day. Make sure your full name and your child’s full name is on the written excuse. • When your child returns to school from an absence, please send in an excuse for the days missed/ and or any doctor excuses.

  6. Lunch Money Please send your child’s lunch- milk money on the first day of the week. The envelope should be marked with how many days your child is buying, their full name and homeroom teacher. The cost of a lunch is $2.75.

  7. Take Home Folder/ Homework Assignment Journal Your child has a RED take home folder. Please check each and every day. Your child’s homework assignments will be written in the Homework Assignment Journal. The assignments will be written in journal each day. Please check and sign the journal each day.

  8. Classroom Rules: • Raise your hand to speak. • Walk quietly and appropriately in the hall. • Respect others and their property • Complete all assignments accurately and promptly. • Discipline Plan: • The teacher will give a verbal warning. • The teacher will speak with you regarding your behavior and you will verbalize what changes are to be made. • With each incident recess will be taken away in 5 minute increments and you will walk during that 5 minutes. • You will write a letter home to your parents/ guardians explaining your behavior if you miss all of recess or if the teacher deems it necessary. The parents/guardians will sign and return the letter. • The teacher will speak with your parents/guardians. • You will speak with Mr. Kreinbucher.

  9. Grading/Progress Reports/Report Cards Progress reports and report cards will be sent home as listed in the school calendar.You can monitor your child’s progress at anytime by accessing Power School. Simply go to Freeport web site: www. Power School is accessed through the link found on the right hand side of the Freeport home page. Your child’s user name and password will be sent home at the beginning of the year from Mr. Grove, Technology Coordinator.

  10. Departmentalization of Classes: Mrs. Cooper teaches Science. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these subjects please contact Mrs. Cooper at www. or 724-295-9510 ext. 3022 Mrs. O’Shell teaches Social Studies. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these subjects please contact Mrs. O’Shell at www. or 724-295-9510 ext. 3024 The teachers switch classes the students stay in their own homeroom.

  11. PSSA/Common Core Your child will be required to take the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment ( PSSA). The test is made up of Reading, Writing and Math sections. Your child will answer multiple choice questions and have to write to written responses to questions in both math and reading. We will practice these test taking skills, concepts, and formats throughout the school year as part of our regular Reading, Writing and Math curriculum. The state uses a rubric to score your child’s written responses. We use the rubric to score written responses throughout the year. The dates of the test are listed in the school calendar. Please do not schedule vacations or doctor appointments during this week. We find students are more comfortable and more successful when taking it during the scheduled time with their classmates.

  12. Students Need: • Expo dry erase markers • Expo dry erase eraser • Wish List • Boxes of Kleenex • Glue sticks

  13. Thank you for attending Orientation tonight. We are looking forward to an exciting and successful new school year! Mrs. Cooper and Mrs. O’Shell