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By Eric Simon. Third Grade Memories. Me 101. I’m funny I’m strong I’m a average runner I’m AWESOME! I love to read. My School. My school is Mt. Bethel My teacher is Mrs. Ferguson My principal is Mrs. Johnson My assistent principal Mrs. Bacharach . Funniest Moment In Third Grade.

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By eric simon

By Eric Simon

Third Grade Memories

Me 101
Me 101

  • I’m funny

  • I’m strong

  • I’m a average runner

  • I’m AWESOME!

  • I love to read

My school
My School

  • My school is Mt. Bethel

  • My teacher is Mrs. Ferguson

  • My principal is Mrs. Johnson

  • My assistent principal Mrs. Bacharach

Funniest moment in third grade
Funniest Moment In Third Grade

The funniest moment is when… I accidently walked into the GIRLS forth grade bathroom when a girl was in there but luckily, no one saw me.

Best moment in third grade
BEST Moment in Third Grade

The best moment is when I was playing dodge ball when it was me VS. a girl. She threw a ball at me but I was on the floor and I ducked it and banged my head on the floor but luckily dodged the ball.

10 things i will always remember
10 Things I will always Remember

  • Market Day

  • Field Trips

  • Liam

  • Fun Run

  • Book buddy

  • Friends

  • Class

  • Christian and mine secret language

  • Christian

  • Science fair

My favorite book character is klaus
My Favorite Book Character is Klaus

  • He likes to read (me too)!

  • He have two sisters too (one older one younger) me too.

  • He’s smart.

  • Funny

Abc s of third grade
ABC’s of Third Grade



























Summer plans
Summer Plans

Going to the beach

Going to the pool

Having fun.

Three goals for next year
Three Goals for Next Year

Having six pack

Faster runner

Faster swimmer

Good bye
Good Bye

Let’s do pull-ups




Yankee doodle…

The ocean by eric simon
THE OCEAN by: Eric Simon

The water in the ocean is cold but nice and sand is ticking your feet.

I see the fresh smooth sky above and the seagulls diving and landing for fish and crabs.

I taste the salty water in the deep sea and the fresh air above.

I smell the salty air and water.

I hear the seagulls talking , the waves crashing, and the dolphins splashing.

The olympics by e ric simon
The OlympicsBy Eric Simon

  • The first Olympics were held in Greece in 776 B.C.

  • The Olympics lasted for more than 1,000 years and than died out.

  • A French man named Baron Pierre De Coubertin convinced many contriers to bring back the Olympics.

  • They had the Olympics 3,000 years ago!

  • There are 26 mile races.

Don t kill the ant by eric simon
Don’t Kill the Ant By Eric Simon

Why would you kill an ant? Just let him pass. He should not die.

What did the ant do to you? He steals because he has too, to live. Also, he’s innocent and just runs around. ZOOM! He’s faster than lighting. He has a job so just let him be! He won’t hurt you.

Next, if he was you, and you were him, would you want him to squash you? How would you feel? Would you want to have a short life? Would you want to die?

Just because someone says to kill the ant, you don’t have to. That would be mean. Just let him go. He will only walk away.

I think the ant should not die. His family will be sad. His dad would cry. His mom would look for him. His friends, brothers, and sisters would be bored.

The beach trip by eric simon
The Beach TripBy Eric Simon

I went to the beach with Mary, my grandparents, Jennifer, my mom and dad, Austin, Laruen. It was FANTASIC!!!!!! We had so much fun there at the beach. I got a HUGE shovel for just about three dollars. It was as big as a car!!!!!

We stayed in a hotel close to the mini water park there. I went down to the beach with my mom, Jennifer, Mary, and our cousins Laruen and Austin. Everyone except my mom went to play in the sand.

We dug a giant pit in the sand. It was as big as a well!!!! Next a bunch of water went into it so it was like a baby pool. Then we build a wall around it to protect it. After that Austin and I crashed into the waves so they won’t hit the pit. When we were doing that the girls were building so it will be bigger. It was a great time! I’m going back soon stay tuned!

The bionic bunny by eric simon
The Bionic BunnyBy Eric Simon

One day I was walking in the park when a laser hit me by surprise. I turned into a bunny and I saw a giant monster and it breathed fire. It threw a boulder and I dodged it and I shot a laser at it blew it up. I WON! Later I turned back to a human and no one knows what happened.

This story is true!

The kickball game by eric s imon
The Kickball GameBy Eric Simon

It was February 17, 2011 at P.E. outside. That’s where it all fell down. The awesome Red Team VS. The cool Blue Team. The Red Team was up first. Liam kicked the ball to the moon. Ooooh. Aaaah. Then I hesitated but flickered a sweet single.

Next, When the Blue Team was up, Olivia kicked the ball so high people thought it was a star. After that, Jackson slammed the ball with his foot, it was faster than lighting.

Ten minutes into the game, Red Team up. 3, 2, 1,

‘Go Falcons!’ Screamed the Red Team

While Kai hit the ball so high, you could sing Sweet Home Alabama before it hit the ground. Afterward Liam, Mary, Ashlyn, and I all kicked a double streak with no outs!

Then Coach Jones said we were running out of time so he let the Blue Team kick. Jackson kicked a HOME RUN! It was over the Blue Team had won. That was the Kickball Game!

A bad case of stripes by eric simon
A Bad Case of StripesBy Eric Simon

A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon is fantasy and fiction book. It’s as weird as a dog with 21 legs! Some of the characters are Camilla, news reporters, doctors, her mom and dad, and a witch. The super summery of this book is Camilla got the bad case of stripes. It keeps getting worse then a witch gave her peas and she turned back to herself.

I relate to this book because Camilla had stripes and I have a striped shirt. Star Wars relates to this book because it is a fiction and fantasy book. This book relates to the world because she has colors and the world has colors.

I’m different from this character because I’m a boy and she a girl. I’m like this character because I like peas and she does too. If I could be anyone in this story I would be a doctor to see her changing colors.

The pain and the great one by eric simon
The Pain and the Great OneBy Eric Simon

The Pain and the Great One by Judy Blume is a fiction book. The main characters are The Great One and The Pain. The setting is just a house. The Pain and Great One both tell how the other one is bad. Next they tell how they’re innocent. Then they say that they’re best and are better than the other one. After that they say their parents like the other one more.

I relate to this book because I have a younger sister and The Great One has a younger brother. The world relates to this book because they live in a house and there are houses in the world. Jack and Jill relate to this book because there is a boy and girl in that story and in this story.

I’m different from The Great One because I have someone older than me and she doesn’t. I’m as mean as a tiger just like the boy because I would smash the block castle. I’m like the girl because I can swim and dive and she can too. I’m like the girl again because I would want to stay up longer than my sibling.

My hero by eric simon
My HeroBy Eric Simon

My mom is thoughtful because she cooks, clean, and pays for my stuff. Next she drives me places and then gives me shelter. I wonder why she doesn’t take a break and let my dad cook.

Pleasing describes my mom because she buys me ice cream almost every other day. Plus she buys me food, toys, important stuff, and more. After that she makes me happy. That’s my mom.