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Third Grade Winners

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Third Grade Winners - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2014 Lower Fair Kindergarten-5 th Grade. Third Grade Best of Fair: Copeland Tillery , St. Patrick School. Third Grade Winners. Behavioral and Social Sciences. 1 st Place: Will Gammel , Winona Elementary 2 nd Place: Ferlonzo Coats, Stokes Beard Tech. & Com. Botany.

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third grade winners

2014 Lower Fair

Kindergarten-5th Grade

Third Grade Best of Fair: Copeland Tillery, St. Patrick School

Third Grade Winners

Behavioral and Social Sciences

1st Place: Will Gammel, Winona Elementary

2nd Place: Ferlonzo Coats, Stokes Beard Tech. & Com.


1st Place: Jace Wiggins, Southeast Lauderdale Elem.

2nd Place: Maan Patel, St. Patrick School

3rd Place: Julie Espinoza, Union Elementary

4th Place: Jasmine Lacey, Union Elementary

5th Place: Faith Franklin, Earl Nash Elementary

6th Place: Miah Hooker, T. J. Harris Elementary


1st Place: Jonathan Shelton, Union Elementary

2nd Place: Harley White, Northeast Lauderdale Elementary

3rd Place: Presley Smith, Cook Elementary

4th Place: Lexie Love, Tucker Elementary

5th Place: MarlainaBaylor, St. Patrick School

6th Place: Ethan Moore, Northeast Lauderdale Elementary


2014 Lower Fair

Kindergarten-5th Grade


1st Place: Allison Hazelwood, Ward-Stewart Elementary

2nd Place: Diamond Bonner, New Hope Elementary

3rd Place: Hannah Boyette, Northeast Lauderdale Elementary

4th Place: MakensieJunkins, West Lauderdale Elementary

5th Place: Bella Bounds, Caledonia Elementary

6th Place: R’Mariyon Stewart, Cook Elementary

Earth, Space and Environmental Science

1st Place: Kaisen Dixon, Pearl River Elementary

2nd Place: Wesley Settle, Caledonia Elementary

3rd Place: Lani Taylor, Northeast Lauderdale Elementary

4th Place: Joe Spreafico, Union Elementary

5th Place: Sydney Dawkins, Cook Elementary

6th Place: Matt Lawrence, New Hope Elementary

Engineering, Computers and Math

1st Place: Abigail Sanders, West Lauderdale Elementary

2nd Place: Matthew Lee, Caledonia Elementary

3rd Place: Jaylon Pruett, Southeast Lauderdale Elem.

4th Place: Chandler Lucas, Southeast Lauderdale Elem.

5th Place: Travis Montgomery, Ward-Stewart Elem.

6th Place: Tyler Maclellan, Caledonia Elementary


2014 Lower Fair

Kindergarten-5th Grade

Medicine & Health

1st Place: Ariel Eaves, Clarkdale Elementary

2nd Place: James Baker, Ward-Stewart Elementary

3rd Place: Katheryn Usry, Northeast Lauderdale Elem.

4th Place: SymiaHarbour, Northeast Lauderdale Elem.

5th Place: Aaliyah Willis, Parkview Elementary


1st Place: Copeland Tillery, St. Patrick School

1st Place: Elvin Sabanadzovic, Ward-Stewart Elementary

2nd Place: Mina Clay, Ward-Stewart Elementary

3rd Place: Azareyah Bush, Wilson Elementary

4th Place: Daria James, Cook Elementary


1st Place: RamyaHodnall, Southeast Lauderdale Elem.

2nd Place: John Boswell, Southeast Lauderdale Elem.

3rd Place: Jane Strawderman, Ward-Stewart Elem.

4th Place: Harper Ford, Ward-Stewart Elem.

5th Place: Isaac Riggins, Ward-Stewart Elem.

6th Place: Nick Quigley, Poplar Springs Elem.


1st Place: Nicolas Neal, Ward-Stewart Elem.

2nd Place: CadenMayatt, West Lauderdale Elem.

3rd Place: Kirstyn Egbert, Southeast Lauderdale Elem.

4th Place: KirvenMcCrory, Winona Elem.

5th Place: Molly Cliburn, Union Elementary

6th Place: Sara Rogers, Winona Elementary