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  1. China By Sam Murdocca

  2. How big and where is China? China covers 5,026 of the east Asian landmass. It is the third largest country in the world. China is located in Southeast Asia along the coastline of the Pacific Ocean. China has an area of 9.6 million square kilometres and a coastline of 18,000 kilometres. China is boarded by 14 countries---- Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Burma, India, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and Russia. And it looks like a rooster on “The map of the World”.

  3. What is the Weather and climate like there? In North China it gets really cold, windy and very dry and sometimes snows, in summer it gets super hot and humid and in July and August it gets heavy rainfall. In South China through April to September it will get really humid but there is only a short winter from January to March. In Central China it does get really warm and in Winter it get really cold.

  4. How is the water like there? China’s marine environment have been wasting away due of pollution and of crazy human activity. The severely polluted sea area amounted to 44,000 square kilometres in China in 2011 from 25,000 sq. km in 2003, according to China's 2011 marine environment by the State Oceanic Administration.

  5. The Major Cities The Major cities are: BEIJING, SHANGHAI, HONG KONG, MACAO, SHENYANG, QINGHUANGDAO, SHENZHEN, CHANGCHUN, LHASA, KUNMING, SANYA, HARBIN, TIANJIN, URUMQI, CHENGDU, CHONGQING, GUANGZHOU, QINGDAO, NANJING, HANGZHOU and XI'AN. Beijing has a more cultural and political part of China and is in the centre of China, is 16,410 square kilometres and a population of 11.6 million. Shanghai is the largest city in China and a brain of science, technology and commerce. It has an area of 6,340.5 sq. km and a population of 13.68 million.

  6. Fauna China has a lot of different wildlife. There are more than 6,266 species of vertebrates, among them 2,404 are terrestrials and 3,832 are fishes. Wild animals that are unusual in China are the wild-panda, Golden Haired Monkey, South China Tiger, Brown eared Pheasant, Red Crowned Crane, Red Ibis, White Flag Dolphin and Chinese Alligator. The Black And White big Panda weighs roughly 135kg and it’s home is on Soft bamboo leaves and bamboo shoots. There’s only 1,000 left in the world making them rare. The Red Crown Crane, which is 1.2m tall, it has white feathers all over it’s body but has a red skin patch on top of it’s head. In East Asia it is a symbol of longevity. the White Flag Dolphin is a fresh water whale and there are only two species of them in the world. In 1980 researchers first caught a male white flag dolphin.

  7. Flora China has one of the most richest plant life in the world. There is over 32,000 different species of higher plants. In the northern hemisphere where it is cold and has tropical zones the major plants are represented in China. There are more than 7,000 species of wooded plants which include 2,800 odd tree species. The Metasequoia, Chinese Cypress, Cathay Silver Fir, China Fur, Golden Larch, Taiwan Fur, Fujian Cypress, Dove Tree, Eucommia and Camplotheca Acuminata Are found only in China. One of the oldest and rarest plants in the world is the Metasequoia are the tallest type of arbor. The Golden Larch grows in the mountainous places in the Yangtze River Valley. It is only one of five rare garden tree’s in the world. Its leaves are Coin shaped on short branches they are green in spring and summer and the yellow in Autumn. China has 2,000 edible plants and 3,000 medicinal plants. The Chinese make a lot of Chinese herbal medicines from these. There is all different flowering plants, the peony [king of flowers] is the countries national flowers.

  8. Thank You For Watching & Listening To This PowerPoint About China

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