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Unit 4: Save the Elephants PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 4: Save the Elephants

Unit 4: Save the Elephants

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Unit 4: Save the Elephants

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  1. Unit 4: Save the Elephants Theme : Animals The Unit discusses the protection of endangered species of animals Reading One: highlights the reasons why elephants are endangered. Reading Two: focuses on the economic and personal impact of protecting animals. Instructor:Rosa Al-Remi Spring 2010

  2. A. PREDICTION: page 571.Which of these animals have you seen only in pictures?2.Which of these animals have you actually seen? Where did you see them? Instructor:Rosa Al-Remi Spring 2010

  3. B. SHARING INFORMATION Page 58 Instructor:Rosa Al-Remi Spring 2010

  4. BACKGROUND PAGE 58 Read theses web pages. On 58-59 • These animals are in endangered because people kill them & cut down their the forests where they live. • These organizations try to save places where the animals live & stop people from killing them. Instructor:Rosa Al-Remi Spring 2010

  5. VOCABULARY FOR COMPREHENSIONPage 60 Answers: • Protect • By 1907 • Donation • Hunter • Ivory • Loggers • Wild • Native • Illegal • convince Instructor:Rosa Al-Remi Spring 2010

  6. READING ONE: Save the ElephantsPage 61 Read the title & the first paragraph of the letter. Then answer the questions. 1. Who is the letter to? Who is the letter from? The letter is to a friend of Save the Elephants Fund. 2. What do you think the writer of the letter wants? He wants a donation/money. Instructor:Rosa Al-Remi Spring 2010

  7. READING FOR MAIN IDEAS Page 63 1. What is the general purpose of Save the Elephants Fund? It`s to protect elephants. 2. Why are elephants in Thailand endangered? Elephants in Thailand are endangered for two reasons: First, they don`t have enough food to eat because paper companies are cutting down the trees that they like to eat. Second, hunters kill them for ivory in their tusks. 3.What can Save the Elephants Fund do to help protect elephants in Thailand? To protect elephants in Thailand, Save the elephants Fund can: • Teach companies about trees that elephants can eat. • The companies can use. • Pay for game wardens. • Convince people not to buy ivory. • Help hunters find other jobs. Instructor:Rosa Al-Remi Spring 2010

  8. READING FOR DETAILS Page 63 Read each statement. Decide if it is true or false. ---T--1. Last year Save the Elephants Fund used donation to open a wildlife park in Kenya. ---F--2. There are more than 2,000 wild elephants in Thailand. ---F--3. Paper companies in Thailand find banana trees useful for boxes and other paper. ---T--4. In Thailand, it is illegal to hunt elephants. ---F--5. Save the Elephants Fund wants the paper companies to leave Thailand. ---T--6. Save the Elephants Fund wants to help hunters in Thailand to find other jobs. Instructor:Rosa Al-Remi Spring 2010

  9. REACTING TO THE READIN Page 63-64 Answer the questions. 1. Dose the writer of the letter know the reader? No. He doesn`t use the reader`s name. 2. The letter says, “we need your help.” What kind of help dose Save the Elephants Fund? Save the elephants fund wants money to help protect elephants. 3. Why dose Save the Elephants Fund tell the reader how many elephants there are Thailand? It wants to show readers the elephants are endangered animals 4. Save the Elephants Fund says it wants to convince people not buy ivory. How dose this help save elephants? If people don`t buy ivory, then hunters won`t kill elephants for their tusks. 5. Save the Elephants Fund says it will “help hunters find other ways to make money.” How dose this help save elephants?” Ifhunters make money in different jobs, they won`t kill elephants to make money. I Instructor:Rosa Al-Remi Spring 2010

  10. READING Two: Save a Logger-Eat an Owl Page 65 1. Why is Ken Waxter angry? He`s angry because the newspaper didn`t write about loggers.It only wrote about owls. 2. Why did the logging companies in Kin`s town stop cutting down so many trees? The government told the logging companies to stop down the trees in order to save the owl. 3. How does saving the northern spotted owl hurt Ken Waxter & other people in his town? Because there is less logging, the loggers don`t have as much work to do. Many loggers are out of work, so they don`t have much money. Instructor:Rosa Al-Remi Spring 2010

  11. LINKING READINGS ONE & TWO Page 66 Instructor:Rosa Al-Remi Spring 2010

  12. Save a Logger- Eat on Owl(a letter to the editor) Page 66 VOCABULARY Words to be crossed out 1. fix 2. dogs 3. animals 4. bird 5. plants 6. brought into a place 7. in 2010 8. get angry 9. saving 10. animals Instructor:Rosa Al-Remi Spring 2010

  13. Ex. 2 page 67 • native • protect • by the year • convince • illegal • wild • donation Instructor:Rosa Al-Remi Spring 2010

  14. SYLE : Letter Writing Page 69 Instructor:Rosa Al-Remi Spring 2010

  15. The Five Parts of a Letter Page 70 Personal Letters has five parts: 1. Date: usually in the top right corner of the paper. 2. Opening: a greeting to the person you are writing to – “Dear, the person`s name , and a comma. 3. Body: your message- one or more paragraphs. 4. Closing: a word or phrase(like “All the best”, “Best wishes”, “Yours truly”) followed by a comma. 5. Signature: your first name only for people you know: your full name for other people. Instructor:Rosa Al-Remi Spring 2010

  16. Business Letters Name & address: come after the date (The name & address of Save the Elephants Fund comes at the top of the page because it is already printed on the paper. This kind of printed name & address is called letterhead. Most businesses use letterheads on their letters.) Name, title & address + specific person: comes before the opening. To Whom It May Concern (for the opening) : if you don`t know who will read your letter. Closing : use “Sincerely ,” Signature: your name (printed if you are not typing) and job title (if you have one) go under your signature. Instructor:Rosa Al-Remi Spring 2010

  17. GRAMMAR: Wh-Questions in the Simple Tense Page 71 Instructor:Rosa Al-Remi Spring 2010

  18. .Column A uses the base form of the verb with docolumn B uses the simple present tense form of the verb. Instructor:Rosa Al-Remi Spring 2010

  19. Let`s Practice Page 72 Answers: • Where do pandas live? • What lives in the water near Hong kong? • Why do the chinese white dolphins die? • What do elephants in Thailand like to eat? • When do game Wardens protect the elephants? • Who kills many endangered animals every year? Instructor:Rosa Al-Remi Spring 2010

  20. Page 73 Answers: (1)Who Do you work for ? (2) Why do you need to save the elephants there? (3) Who kills the elephants? (4) Why do they kill them? (5) Where can I send it? (6) Who do I write the check to? Instructor:Rosa Al-Remi Spring 2010

  21. Good Luck Instructor:Rosa Al-Remi Spring 2010