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Unit 1 Friendship PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 1 Friendship

Unit 1 Friendship

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Unit 1 Friendship

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  1. 英语必修一 Unit 1 Friendship Unit 2 English around the world Unit 3 Travel journal Unit 4 Earthquakes Unit 5 Nelson Mandela—a modern hero

  2. Unit 1 Friendship 词汇过关 短语习得 重点句型 目标解读

  3. 词汇过关 1.重点单词拼写 1) She is 70 years old, and the skin has become l. 【答案】loose 2) It is aidea to play football all day without a break. 【答案】crazy 3) We usually use g, such as waving, nodding our heads, to talk to people who is far away. 【答案】gestures 4) To avoid this pollution disaster in the future, we should not iit anymore and please try to pay more attention to our atmosphere.  【答案】ignore

  4. 词汇过关 5) Thank you for your cabout the matter of the hawkers in Tak Tai Street. 【答案】concern 6) The Smiths are tired of moving now and then and when they got to this little town of California, they finally sdown. 【答案】settled 7) Most of the farmers in my hometown go out to work at dawn and get back at d. 【答案】dusk 8) Unlike the grown-ups, most of the tin middle schools are more sensitive than rational. 【答案】teenagers

  5. 词汇过关 9) Sorry, I’m not so sure. If you could give me some t, perhaps I could know the answer. 【答案】tips 10) “Oh, Sam, I’m only having you on.No need to be u.” said Frodo. 【答案】upset 2. 重点词词形变换 • It would beto demand of a person who is lack of power of • to become a detective. That’s one of thewhy I think he is more suitable to be a worker. (reason) 【答案】unreasonable; reasoning; reasons

  6. 词汇过关 2) Joanna is quite angry that she wasby the boss in this task. But in fact I think if she thinks so, she is merelyfor she is completely inof this task. (ignore) 【答案】ignored; ignorant; ignorance 3) No man can imagine thehe got when he lost the game. In fact he was a. He had the ability to win, but he was forced to lose the game. It wasfor him. (suffer) 【答案】sufferings; sufferer; insufferable 4) All the members came to anthat Kitty had anvoice and that only when sheto, should we ask someone else to represent our school to take part in the speech contest. (agree) 【答案】agreement; agreeable; disagreed

  7. 词汇过关 5) The doctor asked the patient to be confident in hisfrom the disease, for this kind of disease is, and he was strong enough tofrom it soon. (recover) 【答案】recovery; recoverable; recover 6) The new-born baby was anto the family. “And it brings some cost to the family.” the mother. (add) 【答案】addition; additional; added 7) Though Tom and John are not very, they canin sign language, which is a common method of between the blind. (communicate) 【答案】communicative; communicate; communication

  8. 返回单元菜单 词汇过关 8) Though Shella tried her best to win the praise of the master on, she still failed it. She was so upset that she wandered in the street. (purpose) 【答案】purpose; purposelessly 9) As far as I’m, the accident is noof mine, but itmy friend. (concern) 【答案】concerned; concern; concerns 10) The twoclaimed to be born in, and that they knew no other language but. (German) 【答案】Germans; Germany; German

  9. 短语习得 1.add up 2.get something done 3.calmdown 4. be concerned about 5.go through 6.set down 7.a series of 8.on purpose dusk 10. at dawn 11.face to face longer 13.take no notice of 14. to do with 1.把某物加起来 2.让某事被做 3.安静下来;让某人安静下来 4.关心;担心 5.经历;遭受;检查;讨论;被通过 6.放下;记下;让某人下车 7.一系列 8. 故意地;有目的地 9. 黄昏时 10. 黎明时 11.面对面 12.不再 13.不注意 14.处理,对待

  10. 短语习得 15. get tired of 16. have trouble with ; have trouble (in)doing the moment / at present 18. get along/on with 19. fall in love with 20. make friends with 21. suffer from 15.对某事感到厌烦 16.做某事有麻烦 17.目前;现在 18.与某人相处 19.爱上某人 20.与某人交朋友 21.受某事之折磨 2. 从上面列举的短语中选择适当的,填入下面的空格中 1) When youthese numbers, you will see how many points you have got. 【答案】add up 2) Although he is 20 years old now, he stillliving alone. He even doesn’t know how to wash clothes.

  11. 短语习得 【答案】has trouble 3) Because heof what the teacher said, he didn’t know what he should do. 【答案】took no notice of 4) When John and his wife had some arguments, they would sit down together and discuss the problem. 【答案】face to face 5) Sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I had wanted to throw at the dog. 【答案】on purpose 6) Our parentsus all the time while we children seldom take care of them.

  12. 返回单元菜单 短语习得 【答案】are concerned about 7) He was too scared and didn’t know whatthe accident. 【答案】to do with 8) At the first sight the boythe pretty girl although he didn’t know whether she loved him. 【答案】fell in love with 9) You area little baby. You must learn to look after yourself now. 【答案】no longer 10) Itoo much bad luck. I don’t care to have one more. 【答案】have gone through

  13. 重点句型 1. But your friend can’tgountil he/she finishes cleaning his/her bicycle.(P1) not...until……句型:“直到……才”,主句动词一般需要用短暂性动词,如:finish, hand in, die, go, begin等等。 【词汇网络】not...until可以变化为更加地道的英语句型: Not until...did/will sb do sth It was/is not until...that sb did/will do sth 即时强化练习:

  14. Key sentences • Do you want a friend whom you could tell everything to , like your deepest feelings and thoughts ? • I wonder if it’s because I haven’t been able to be outdoors for so long that I ‘ve grown so crazy about everything to do with nature .

  15. I will remember that there was a time when a deep blue sky could never have kept me spellbound . • As the moon gave far too much light , I didn’t dare open a window. • it was the first time in a year and half that I ‘d seen the night face to face . • I would be grateful if you could give me some advice .

  16. “I don’t want to set down a series of facts in a diary,” said Anne. Ann said that she didn’t want to set down a series of facts in a diary. • “Do you think a diary can become your friend ?” the writer asks us. The writer asks us if we think a diary can become our friend . • “what do you call your diary ?” Ann’s sister asked her. Ann’s sister asked her what she called her diary . • “when did you go to bed last night ?” Father asked Anne. Father asked Anne when she went to bed the night before .

  17. 重点句型 1. It /This/That is (was) the first/second/third/last time that...某人第一(二,三,最后等)次做某事 在此句型中,若主句时态是一般现在时,即用is,以that引导的定语从句常用现在完成时态。若主句时态是一般过去时,即用was,以that引导的定语从句常用过去完成时态。 This is the first time that I have ever enjoyed this kind of food. 这是我第一次吃这种食品。 It was the third time that he had been informed of the change of the meeting. 这是他第三次被告知会议作了改变。 即时强化练习: 翻译下列句子: 1) 那已经是我第五次离开家到广州去学习。

  18. 重点句型 【答案】1) That was the fifth time that I had left for Guangzhou for study. 2) 这是我第一次有机会跟你们面对面地交流。 【答案】2) This is the first time that I have had the chance to talk with you face to face.

  19. Unit 2 English around the world 词汇过关 短语习得 重点句型 目标解读

  20. 词汇过关 1.重点单词拼写 1) I have got three days’ holidays iNew Year’s Day. 【答案】including 2) She’s busy at pand can’t speak to you. 【答案】present 3) The captain c his army to attack the enemy at night. 【答案】commanded 4) Don’t respond to any e-mails rpersonal information, no matter how official they look. 【答案】requesting 5) I rhim as soon as he came in the room, though I hadn’t seen him for years.

  21. 词汇过关 【答案】recognized 6) The new gis made up of ten officials. 【答案】government 7) H difficult the task may be, we’ll fulfill it in time. 【答案】However 8) It is i to turn your back on someone who is speaking to you. 【答案】impolite 9) He was last seen heading in the dof Miami. 【答案】direction 10) The original supermarkets were small by mstandards. 【答案】modern

  22. 词汇过关 2. 重点词词形变换 1) Everybody laughed, the teacher. (include) 【答案】included 2) Hisin the team has caused a lot of argument. (include) 【答案】inclusion 3) Do you like the filmsby Zhang Yimou? He is a well-known Chinese. (direction) 【答案】directed, director 4) The police only interview a child in theof an adult. (present) 【答案】presence 5) We should study hard for theof China. (modern) 【答案】modernization

  23. 词汇过关 6) These are the world’s leading industrial. (native) 【答案】nations 7) Dean’s a reallyperson to have around when things go wrong. Only Jack is of greatat that time.(use) 【答案】useless, use 8) The bag is—it has a hole in it. (use) 【答案】useless 9) I’ve known Barbara for years,since we were babies,. (actual) 【答案】actually 10) It was a period ofpopulation growth. (rapidly) 【答案】rapid

  24. 短语习得 play a role / part in在……中起作用 be based on以……为依据 because of 因为 such as 例如,像……这样的 come up 走近 the number of …… …的数量 a large number of 许多 make good / full use of 充分利用 Believe it or not 信不信有你 from time to time 不时 work into theevening 工作到深夜

  25. 目标解读 1. They are called world Englishes and they include Canadian, British, American and Indian English. (P9) include vt. 包括,包含 The bill includes tax and service.账单中包含了税金和服务费。 Your duties include checking the letters and sorting them out. Ten students took part in the competition, including three girls. Ten scientists, six women scientists included, were present at the meeting. 【重要提示】including一般位于名词或代词的前面,included则位于名词或代词的后面 【词语辨析】include / contain / hold include 强调“包括,作为整体的一部分”,侧重范围或整体。 contain 着重“其中包含有”,指在一定范围或容器内容纳某物,侧重包含的内容或成分。

  26. 目标解读 hold 指“能容纳” The bok contains ten chapters, including American Literature. This kind of fruit contains lots of vitamin C and B.  这种水果富含维生素C和B。 The hall holds 200 people. 这个大厅能容纳200人。

  27. Key sentences • Teenagers aren’t the only people who change the way English is spoken . • Then others went to work with Murray , including his two daughters . • It happened , giving American English its own identity • He taught himself while working in a bank . • It was more of a problem in the days before a dictionary • He spent all of his lives trying to collect words

  28. Would you please come up to my flat for a visit • All languages changes when cultures communicate with one another. • The number of people learning English in China is increasing rapidly • India has a very large number of English speakers. • This is because in the early days of radio , those who reported the news were expected to speak excellent English ,

  29. 目标解读 He was late not only because of his illness but also because he missed the train. 【词汇网络】表示“由于”的短语还有: thanks to “多亏,由于”,只能作状语 Thanks to your advice, much trouble was saved. due to 可以作表语,状语,不可位于句首 The accident was due to the storm. owing to 可以作状语或表语,作状语时常用逗号隔开,作表语相当于due to. Tom’s failing in the exam was owing to his carelessness Owing to his careless driving, the accident occurred. as a result of “由于”,作状语 on account of “因为”,作状语

  30. 3. Would you please come up to my flat for a visit?(P9) come up 上来,过来; A child came up to me and showed me the way to the station. (走近,上来) The sky was dark blue and clear when the moon came up. (升起)  Your question came up at the meeting. (被提出讨论)  【词汇网络】come up with 想出(计划,答案) come out 出来,(花)开,出版;结果是 come about 发生 come across 偶然遇见 come along 一起来,一道走;进展;进步 come to 共计,达到

  31. 目标解读 4. English is also spoken in many other countries in Africa and Asia, such as South Africa, Singapore and Malaysia.(P10) 【词语辨析】such as, for example such as 意为“例如,诸如……之类的”,用来列举同类人或事物中的几个。如果要把同类人或事物全部列举出来,用that is或namely。 A lot of things can be recycled, such as waste paper, waste plastic bags, and old batteries. for example举例说明,列举同类人或事物中的“一个”,作插入语,且用逗号隔开,可位于句首、句中或句末。 Most boys in my class like physics. Tom, for example, shows a special interest in it. 5. Believe it or not, there is no such thing as standard English.(P13)

  32. 目标解读 such与all, no, some, any, few, little, many, much, several, one等词连用时,应位于它们的后面。 There is no such thing as a free lunch. 世上没有免费午餐之类的好事儿。 There are three such mistakes in your composition. 你的作文中有三个这样的错误。 6. Today the number of people learning English in China is increasing rapidly.(P10) the number of...表示“……的数量” a large number of 相当于a good / great many或many,表示“许多的,大量的”其后跟可数名词的复数形式,不可跟不可数名词。如: The number of trees on the deserted mountain is over 200,000. 在那片荒山上种植的树木数量已超过二十万棵。 A great many (A number of) visitors come to the Palace Museum every year. 每年有大量的游客故宫参观。

  33. Unit 3 Travel journal 词汇过关 短语习得 重点句型 目标解读

  34. 词汇过关 1.重点单词拼写 1) His paper will be published in the British Medical Jnext month. 【答案】Journal 2) We can’tgoods in railways. 【答案】transport 3) I knew you would be too sto listen to my advice. 【答案】stubborn 4) I ithat you go to the hospital immediately; you are very ill. 【答案】insist 5) Are you doing the task in the pway?

  35. 词汇过关 【答案】proper 6) The size of your feet dthe size of your shoes. 【答案】determines 7) What is you’re ato the idea, agree or disagree? 【答案】attitude 8) He has a gift for language, and he is fwith three languages. 【答案】familiar 9) He broke the rin high jump in the Asian Games. 【答案】record 10) I was very busy that day, but he pme to take part in the party. 【答案】persuaded

  36. 词汇过关 2. 重点词词形变换 1) Theof live animals is forbidden. (transport) 【答案】transportation 2) They scored in theminute of the game. (finally) 【答案】final 3) After a little gentle, Mr.Brown agreed to let us in.(persuade) 【答案】persuasion 4) Herto do well made her keep on studying. (determine) 【答案】determination 5) Theare all from China. (cycle) 【答案】cyclists

  37. 返回单元菜单 词汇过关 6) The woman showed greatin going into the burning building to rescue the trapped child. (brave) 【答案】bravery 7) The events have been theof conversation for weeks. (topic) 【答案】topics 8) The young lady wanted to buy a pair of tennis. (short) 【答案】shorts短裤 9) Make sure the job is done.(proper) 【答案】properly 10) The tourists were caught in the snowstorm in thearea. (Tibet) 【答案】Tibetan

  38. 短语习得 keep a travel journal写旅游日记 see the world through one’s eyes 透过眼睛看世界 agree to sth 同意 on the/one’s journey 在旅途中 as usual 照例;像往常一样 stay awake 保持清醒 keep asking sb. 不断问 one-way fare 单程票 at an altitude of 5,000 meters 在海拔5000米的地方 dream about/ of (doing) sth. 梦想做…… graduate from college 大学毕业 persuade sb. to do sth= persuade sb into doing劝说某人做某事  get sb interested in doing sth 使……对……感兴趣 insist on doing = stick to doing 坚持做某事

  39. care about关心;考虑 be determined to do 下定决心做某事 a determined look 坚决的表情 change one’smind 改变想法 make up one’s mind决定(make up our minds) give in 投降;  give in to sb. / sth. 屈服;同意…… pass through 穿过  flow through 流经…… come true 实现 put up the tent 支帐篷 for one thing,... for another,... 一方面……另一方面…… in detail 详细地 twice the population两倍的人口 Sb be familiar with 某人熟悉某人、某物 Sth be familiar to sb 某物、某事为某人熟悉

  40. 短语习得 2. 从上面列举的短语中选择适当的,填入下面的空格中 1) Shebeing famous one day. 【答案】dreams about 2) The only thing he seems tois money. 【答案】care about 3) O’Neil wasto pressure from London to hurry the reform. 【答案】giving in 4) How can wehimpolitics? 【答案】get, interested in 5) Kate didn’t want to buy that skirt., it was very expensive; its style was out of fashion. 【答案】For one thing, for another

  41. 重点句型 1. It was my sisterwhofirst had the idea to cycle along the Mekong River from where it begins to where it ends.(P18) 此句包含英语中的强调句型:It + is/was + 被强调部分 + that/who + 原句其余部分。要注意:被强调部分表示“人”的话,用that/who, 其他情况下都用that. 如果是将来时,只能用It is 来代替 如主语是复数, 仍用 It is 或 It was It was Jack who/that broke the window yesterday. 2. persuade sb. to do sth/ into doing sth.说服某人干某事 persuade sb. not to do sth/ out of doing sth说服某人别干某事 persuade sb of sth 使某人信服

  42. 3. Vietnam has almost seven times the population of Cambodia. • Vietnam has six times more population than that of Cambodia . • When are we leaving and when are we coming back? 4. change one’s mind 改变主意 read one’s mind 看出某人的心思 make up one’s mind 下定决心 speak one’s mind 直言不讳 come to mind突然想到broaden one’s mind 开阔思想 put one’s mind to专心于…… lose one’s mind 失去理智 keep / bear sth. in mind记住…

  43. 5.give in让步,屈服 The mother gave in and bought a toy for her child. give in to sb. 向某人让步, 屈服于sb/sth The Chinese people will never give in to the disaster. 中华民族从不会向灾难屈服。 give out 分发;用光(主语为sth),发出光,热,声音,信号; They were giving out leaflets(传单)to everyone on the street. The teacher gave out the examination papers. Give out light and heat . Our petrol gave out on the way. 与give有关的常用短语还有: give away 送掉,捐赠;不小心透露 give off 发出(气味); give off a bad smell give up 放弃 (give up smoking戒烟) give back sth to sb 归还 = return sth to sb

  44. Unit 4 Earthquakes 词汇过关 短语习得 重点句型 目标解读

  45. 词汇过关 1.重点单词拼写 1) Before the earthquake, you can notice that the wells have cin them. 【答案】cracks 2) Before the earthquake the chickens and even the pigs are too nto eat. 【答案】nervous 3) Two-thirds of the people died or were(受伤)during the earthquake. 【答案】injured 4) Older students were having difficulty in studying and othemselves. 【答案】organizing

  46. 词汇过关 5) A great part of the city was din the earthquake. 【答案】destroyed 6) I felt everything sduring the earthquake so I couldn’t sit still. 【答案】shaking 7) She cher face in her hands and cried loudly. 【答案】covered 8) Seeing a baby crying in the burning house, the firemen rher from the house. 【答案】rescued 9) She is always healthy. Whenever I see her, she looks f. 【答案】fresh(精神饱满的, 生气勃勃的)

  47. 词汇过关 10) Jfrom his appearance, the manager can’t be over 60. 【答案】Judging

  48. 词汇过关 1) from the result, theof the match must have controlled the match quite well. Do you agree with my? (judge) 【答案】Judging; judge; judgement判断 2) Thefelt happy that they were able tothe accident and joked that it was because of theof the fittest. (survive) 【答案】survivors; survive; survival

  49. 短语习得 shake hands with握手 as usual 像往常一样 break out 爆发 right away 马上;即刻  to the north of 在……北面 put up 举起;张贴 be proud of = take pride in 对……感到自豪/骄傲 judging from/by 根据……判断 be known as 作为……而出名 be trapped under the ruins陷在废墟下 in honour of 纪念 tens of thousands of 几万  more than 超过;不仅仅 fall down 倒下 in ruins 严重受损;破败不堪

  50. 重点句型 1.What do you think may happen before an earthquake? (P25) 疑问词 + do you think/suppose + 陈述句语序的句子? When do you think he will arrive here?  你认为他什么时候能到这里?  即时强化练习: 翻译下列句子: 1) 你认为是谁拿走了我的雨伞? 2) 你想我们什么时候来制定计划? 【答案】1) Who do you think has taken my umbrella?  2) When do you think we should make our plan?