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Socio-economic issues (urban growth & human heath)

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Socio-economic issues (urban growth & human heath) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Socio-economic issues (urban growth & human heath). Major research questions. Where to locate land uses (binationally) Mortality & morbidity related to environmental quality (unpaved roads, air pollution, ……) Predict where growth would occur and downstream impacts

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Presentation Transcript
major research questions
Major research questions
  • Where to locate land uses (binationally)
  • Mortality & morbidity related to environmental quality (unpaved roads, air pollution, ……)
  • Predict where growth would occur and downstream impacts
  • Modeling of land use and transportation needs (evacuation as well as work related, within watershed vs. county)
  • Pilot projects along the border to use GIS/layers and determine applicability at community level
  • Land ownership
  • Effects of costs and benefits of treating waste water/air quality
  • Flood hazard in urban areas
  • Underlying incentives and what leads to urban growth
  • Rural areas concern for water supply/quality
  • Population growth (water availability, urban planning ….)
data issues
Data issues
  • How data are reported (both health, census and environmental)
  • Access to data
  • Standardization – health and environment
  • private versus public health data
  • Accuracy esp. in rural areas
  • Time frame representation - Real time data
  • Resolution
  • Cost
  • Economic issues on using information
  • Population census not frequent enough to keep up with population changes – demand based on income level
  • Need to conduct focused surveys
  • Change detection issues
  • Depoliticize data (greater public access to data currently available)
  • Infrastructure projects lacking interface
scale issues
Scale issues
  • Scale will be determined by particular research questions
  • Raw formats require general conversions and projection changes
progress made
Progress made
  • SCERP project has created tons of data and models, economics, natural resources (holistic)
  • Technology (water supply, software compatibility, data analysis integration)
  • sharing data/making data available
  • USGS and INEGI partnership
  • Health data comparability (ICD 9 & 10)
  • USGS working with SGM (Servicio (?) Geologico Mexicano)
  • Border Health Viewer (EROS data etc..)
  • Partnerships (national, municipal, local)
  • state and municipal industries are more open to using GIS
  • Border Environmental Health progress
  • standards for shapefiles (projections etc..)
  • Agua peria and Yaquo success story for USGS in terms of infrastructure
  • ESRI donating software to government agencies involved and universities that bridge inoperability issues
barriers to overcome
Barriers to overcome
  • Time constraints
  • Money
  • Standardization
  • Language
  • Scale
  • Data sharing problems in both public and private sectors
  • Proprietary nature of data
  • Obtaining data
  • Continuity of data
  • Need to make data more useful for pulling up statistics and meaning
  • Lack of awareness & communication of needs
  • Lack of trained students
  • Private industry (ESRI) with exclusive contracts.
  • Website containing list of data sources, available data ……