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Overview of NLM Resources! PowerPoint Presentation
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Overview of NLM Resources!

Overview of NLM Resources!

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Overview of NLM Resources!

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  1. Health Information Resources in Support of Healthy SchoolsResources for School Nurses and Affiliate LeadershipLydia N Collins, MLISConsumer Health CoordinatorNN/LM Middle Atlantic

  2. Overview of NLM Resources! • Agenda • National Library of Medicine & NN/LM MAR • • K-12 Initiative • Mobile options • Other websites and databases

  3. What is the National Library of Medicine? Part of the National Institutes of Health, NLM is the provider of,, and many other health information resources

  4. NN/LM

  5. National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM) • NN/LM, formerly Regional Medical Library Program • Established in the Medical Library Assistance Act (1965) • Mission • Provide health professionals and the general public with equal access to biomedical information • Coordinated by the National Library of Medicine • 8 Regional Offices • Support Network members to achieve NN/LM mission • 5-year contracts NN/LM MAR Staff

  6. Regional Medical Library (NN/LM MAR) The Regional Medical Library for Pennsylvania, NN/LM MAR is housed at the University of Pittsburgh, Health Sciences Library System in Pittsburgh, PA.

  7. Role of the School Nurse • “The school nurse serves in a pivotal role to provide expertise and oversight for the provision of school health services and promotion of health education.” • “The school nurse serves as a liaison between school personnel, family, community and healthcare providers to advocate for health care and a healthy school environment.” NASN position statement: role of the school nurse. NASN Sch Nurse. 2012 Mar;27(2):103-4. PubMed PMID: 22567786

  8. Emergency Care Plans (ECPs) • “The nurse develops ... Emergency Care Plans (ECPs) written in lay language to guide the response of unlicensed personnel in a health-related emergency.” NASN position statement: role of the school nurse. NASN Sch Nurse. 2012 Mar;27(2):103-4. PubMed PMID: 22567786

  9. PASNAP Strategic PlanOrganizational Goal 1 Goal 1: EDUCATION; PASNAP WILL PROMOTE THE PRACTICE OF SCHOOL NURSING IN PENNSYLVANIA. 1.2 Collaborate with community agencies and organizations to broaden resources available to the school community. 1.7.1 Encourage the use of the Internet resources to enhance the dissemination of educational materials and continuing educational opportunities through web links. 1.8 Expand and utilize existing Internet/computer technology in practice of school nursing 1.8.1 Encourage use of valid Internet resources via educational opportunities to evaluate quality of information available NN/LM MAR supports these PASNAP Organizational Goals

  10. Health Information is Everywhere! How does MedlinePlus differ from popular search engines and commercial health sites?

  11. About Debuted in 1998 with 22 health topics, now there are over 900 topics Designed to be appealing and easy to use Not a search engine, but a current collection of the best links to health information Adheres to strict quality guidelines No advertising or collection of personal info

  12. MedlinePlus Overview 164 tutorials 78 anatomy videos 138 surgery videos 924 English 911 Spanish 1,000 drugs 100 supplements 15-20 stories added daily 1,200 links to 22 English issues 3bilingual issues Over 100 directories of doctors, hospitals, clinics & libraries 40 languages 250 topics 3,300 links >40 languages >250 topics 3,045 links 3,500 articles 2,000 images 2 RSS feeds 11 daily & weekly listservs

  13. MedlinePlus en Español

  14. MedlinePlus in Spanish

  15. MedlinePlus is Designed for Everyone • People use different search strategies • Type keywords in search box • Scan list of topics • Click on meaningful icons or visually appealing images • Browse pages • No matter how someone searches, they will find information on MedlinePlus!

  16. MedlinePlus Chickenpox Search results

  17. MedlinePlus Chickenpox Health Topic Page

  18. Chickenpox topic page

  19. MedlinePlus Children’s Page

  20. MedlinePlus and Other Resources Access a variety of health resources specifically for children and teen through MedlinePlus such as Nemours KidsHealth and TeensHealth.

  21. Cool Tools: Games for Kids Food Detectives Fight Bac – Partnerships for Food Safety

  22. Games for Teens National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

  23. MedlinePlus Topics for NASN NASN topics • Asthma • Anaphylaxis • Type 1 Diabetes • Epilepsy • Obesity • Mental health M+ Topics • Asthma in Children • Allergy • Diabetes Type 1 • Epilepsy • Obesity in Children • Child Mental Health & Teen Mental Health

  24. MedlinePlus: Topics of Interest • School Health • Bullying • Child Safety • Asthma • Obesity • Drugs and Young People • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder • Autism • Disaster Preparation and Recovery • Winter Weather Emergencies • Teen Violence • Social/Family Issues • Child Abuse • Caregivers • Parenting • Homeless Health Concerns • Domestic Violence • Lice • Flu • Conjunctivitis • Learning Disabilities • Teen Development

  25. Need a Spelling or Definition?

  26. Full-featured Medical Dictionary Clicking the speaker icon will play an audio pronunciation

  27. MedlinePlus Magazine, Easy to read and multiple languages

  28. MedlinePlus Offers Easy-to-Read Information Easy-to-read Resources • Plain language information from government agencies and health organizations • Interactive Tutorials with audio, images, and text at 6th grade level How to Write Easy-to-read • Tools to help recognize elements of easy-to-read resources • Helpful information for writing understandable information

  29. MedlinePlus Easy to Read

  30. Easy-to-Read Links

  31. MedlinePlus Health Information in Multiple Languages

  32. Multiple Languages on Health Topic Pages

  33. Multilingual Materials

  34. MedlinePlus Diabetes Topic Page

  35. MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

  36. Medical Encylopedia Entry Medical encyclopedia entry

  37. Medical Encyclopedia Images Medical encyclopedia images

  38. Medical Encyclopedia patient instructions Medical Encyclopedia – Patient Instructions

  39. Drugs, Herbs and Supplements

  40. Drugs and Supplements in Spanish

  41. Medicinas, hierbas y suplementos

  42. Herbs and Supplements • Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database • 100 English and Spanish monographs • Herbals, dietary supplements, and how they work • Effectiveness ratingsfor different indications • Safety concerns, including precautions, warnings and possible interactions with medications, foods, and other herbs and supplements • Extensive lists of references, with links to PubMed • National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine • National Toxicology Program

  43. Herbs and Supplements (All)

  44. MedlinePlus Videos & Cool Tools

  45. Videos and Cool Tools

  46. X-Plain Asthma Tutorial Asthma

  47. Interactive Tutorial Text Summary

  48. Anatomy Videos From A.D.A.M. Features brief video with transcript Requires QuickTime (free download)

  49. Surgery Videos

  50. MedlinePlus Share link