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Unit 1 Week 5 PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 1 Week 5

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Unit 1 Week 5
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Unit 1 Week 5

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  1. Unit 1Week 5 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Phonics Resources: Short e Phonics Resources: Initial Blends Comprehension Resources: Real or Fantasy Grammar Resources: Telling Sentences Practice and Spelling Workbook Jefferson County Schools Credited for Daily Fix Its

  2. Question of the Week Which wild animals can we find in our own neighborhood?

  3. Day 1 Morning Warm-Up! The fox and her kit lived in a zoo. A man gave them food to eat. Do other wild animals eat this way? Which wild animals can we find in our own neighborhood?

  4. Amazing Words habitat hatch survive

  5. Shared Literature • Time to Hatch • Crack! The eggs begin to hatch now. • New birds come alive. • They look at their habitat to • See how they can survive. •  Little birdies see a pond • And feeders filled with seed, • Thorny bushes they can hide in • Everything they need! Click to Play Song

  6. Phonemic Awareness s e t set t e n ten f e d fed

  7. Phonemic Awareness l e t let b e g beg s e ll sell To build words Fridge Magnets Smartboard Gallery

  8. Introduce Phonics Target Skill: Short e Stories About Vowels: Baby Bentley Bee (Short E and Long E) (15:00) Phonics in Context: The Long and Short Vowels - SHORT E segment

  9. Spelling Words bed

  10. Spelling Words men

  11. Spelling Words red

  12. Spelling Words 10 ten

  13. Spelling Words net

  14. Spelling Words leg

  15. Spelling Words step

  16. Spelling Words jet

  17. Spelling Words sled

  18. Spelling Words wet

  19. Apply Phonics Decodable Reader and Leveled Readers

  20. Phonics Resources for Short e: Word Blender Game Magic Pencil The Whirlyword Machine Word Wheel Blending Bowl by Between the Lions Starfall Picture Match: Short Vowel

  21. Build Background

  22. Build Background Animals in Our Neighborhood

  23. Comprehension Target Skill: Realism and Fantasy A realistic story tells about something that could happen in real life. real A fantasy is a story that could not happen in real life. fantasy

  24. Think about this story. Is it realistic or fantasy? Could this story happen in real life? fantasy real

  25. Think about this story. Is it realistic or fantasy? Could this story happen in real life? real fantasy

  26. Think about this story. Is it realistic or fantasy? Could this story happen in real life? real fantasy

  27. Comprehension Resources for Realism and Fantasy Fiction and Non-Fiction Stories Video: Fiction or Non-Fiction Listen and Choose: Fiction or Non-Fiction What’s the Difference Between Fiction and Non-Fiction? Fiction or Non-Fiction Practice Interactive Elements of a Story

  28. Daily Fix-It ten men sat on a jett. your redd sled is wet.

  29. Daily Fix-It ten men sat on a jett. Ten men sat on a jet. your redd sled is wet. Your red sled is wet.

  30. Shared Writing

  31. Grammar Target Skill: Telling Sentences A telling sentence tells something. It is a statement. It begins with a capital letter. It usually ends with a period (.).

  32. These are telling sentences. The bird has one egg. A nest is in that tree. We see a bird on the nest. Each sentence tells you something. They all start with a capital letter. They all have a period on the end.

  33. Grammar: Telling Sentence Fix the following telling sentences. we saw a little egg a green frog hops up i see the kit lick her lips

  34. Grammar Resources for Telling Sentences Make a Character and Type a Telling Sentence Change the Words to Make Funny Telling Sentences Scrambled Sentences Naming and Telling Parts of Sentences Interactive Sentence Builder Interactive Complete the Sentence Alien Punctuation

  35. Day 2 Morning Warm-Up! Today we will read more about animals. We will see which ones travel on the ground. What animals have you seen walking around?

  36. Amazing Words gentle nudge

  37. Shared Literature • Can you name a baby animal that travels on the ground? • How does a baby • polar bear travel?

  38. Introduce Phonics Target Skill: Initial Blends Consonants and Consonant Blends (04:59)

  39. Practice the blends. s top stop b lock block s pin spin

  40. Practice the blends. s well swell f lap flap f lip flip Build Words with Fridge Magnets Smartboard Gallery

  41. Phonics Resources for Initial Blends Word Blender Game Print and Do: Cluster Buster Game Magic Pencil Using Blends Video: Use Chunking to Figure Out Unknown Words Word Wheel Blend and Picture Matching Game

  42. Spelling Words bed

  43. Spelling Words men

  44. Spelling Words red

  45. Spelling Words 10 ten

  46. Spelling Words net

  47. Spelling Words leg

  48. Spelling Words step

  49. Spelling Words jet

  50. Spelling Words sled