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Steve Jobs PowerPoint Presentation

Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs

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  1. Steve Jobs

  2. Steve Jobs • Steve Paul Jobs was born on February 24, 1955 • He lived in San Francisco, California. • In 1977 Steve Job’s friend, Stephen Wozniak created a computer, The Apple II • Steve Jobs soon got Mike Markkula, a former Intel manager to invest a quarter of a million dollars in Wozniak and Job’s business. • In 1980, when Jobs was 25 years old, his net worth was more than $200 million

  3. Steve Job’s life • In 1996, Steve Jobs became the CEO of Apple • In 1998, the iMac was introduced • In 2001, the first iPod was introduced • The first iPhone was introduced in 2007 2010 introduced the iPad

  4. Since 2001, there has been more than 30 different models of iPods.

  5. What’s New Now: The latest technology! Mac • 21st Century technology iPhone iPod iPad

  6. Why Steve Jobs? • Steve Jobs has had such a large effect on everyone lives and even the lives of future generations. • With advancing technology that Apple has created, everyone’s life is a lot easier. • With Steve Job’s creative ideas, Apple gives people independence, the chance to stay connected with other people, and it allows people to express themselves.

  7. How does Steve Jobs relate to Art, Design and Graphic Arts? • Steve Jobs can be related to Art, Design and Graphic Arts because he had such a creative mind • His ideas were always fresh, which is why he kept the company successful • Steve Jobs strived for success and did not stop until he got there, he had a lot of determination which paid off in the end. The commercial that introduced Apple Macintosh computers (Watch the video from this PowerPoint by clicking the image)

  8. Why are his accomplishments so appealing to Art, Design and Graphic Arts? • Steve Jobs accomplishments are so interesting to Art, Design and Graphic Arts because Apple’s software are known for it’s programs in animation and design

  9. “Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me… Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful… that’s what matters to me.” -Steve Jobs

  10. The Next i Volkswagen and Apple discuss possible "iCar" project The next iProduct might be an iCar It would have Apple created features

  11. How it could be used to better technology Potential iCar? • The iCar can be used to better technology because it would combine Apple’s features and apps inside of a car. • People would have everything in their car.

  12. When invest in Steve Jobs products, a person’s possibilities are endless. • Jobs has created products that let people express themselves in so many ways. Visit the Apple site from this PowerPoint by clicking any tab

  13. Steve Jobs February 24,1955 --- October 5, 2011

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