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Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs. And his legacy. Why Steve Jobs?.

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Steve Jobs

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  1. Steve Jobs And his legacy

  2. Why Steve Jobs? • Some would ask, why Steve Jobs? And to that question, a good answer would be, why not? There is an extremely high chance that one of Job’s inventions has influenced or some in contact with you in your life so far. It was thanks to this man that we are provided with high-tech forms of electronics, iPhones and iPods being a very common example of this. • Steve Jobs did not only invent fascinating things with his mind, but he also succeeded with changing the world and how people communicate with one another, as well.

  3. Just An Idea • Being the college drop out that he was, it is safe to assume that Steve Jobs never really thought he would turn out to be as successful as he had grown to be. It was on that fateful day in his parents’ garage that he started his computer company on April 1st, 1976. • Once Steve Jobs became successful with his inventions and works, from the Apple logo on the first Macintosh computers to the iPhone itself, he found it greatly difficult to step away from his duties. He was always a driven and motivated man, many would say, and he never allowed anything to get in his way.

  4. Accomplishments • With every great mind comes accomplishments, and with Steve Jobs came many of those shining moments. • After having teamed up with Steve Wozniak in 1977, both men formed Apple computers and released Apple Two, which soon became the most used computer in the world. • In 1986, Steve Jobs also purchases Pixar Animation Studios for ten million dollars, and in 1995, they release the first fully animated movie, “Toy Story”, which then sky rockets Job’s publicity and popularity to the point where he becomes a billionaire.

  5. Accomplishments (cont.) • I am sure we are all familiar with Pixar productions, and there is surely not one American who hasn’t had the pleasure of watching at least one of the movies under the company name. The fact that Steve Jobs could get something so popular is an accomplishment in itself. • In 2007, Apple releases the iPhone, the first phone with a touch screen and no usage of a keyboard. With this action, Jobs revolutionizes the cell phone industry.

  6. Pixar Movies

  7. Why is it Important? • In terms of ADGA (Art and Design and Graphic Arts), the work of Jobs is very important, because there is no doubt that students in the course will have to come in contact with some form of item made by Steve Jobs himself. There is no avoiding a piece of technology by Jobs, especially if one lives in America. • Because of the fact that things will have to be designed digitally, programs by Jobs will also be the very thing aiding students and workers in their success. When it comes to the objects and items that Jobs has created, there is no avoiding them.

  8. Why is it Important? (cont.) • Let us also regard the fact that Steve Jobs was able to accomplish all of this, even as a college drop out. Now this is not a free pass to urge every college student to drop out and try to make it big on their own, because everyone knows that it won’t happen that easily, and not everyone is gifted with a mind like Jobs’. But that does not mean that students and workers must believe less in themselves, for it is possible for anyone to become successful. Jobs’ story is enough to inspire anyone to try and make it on their own, even as part of an ADGA major or not.

  9. The Downfall of Jobs • In the year 2003, Steve Jobs is unfortunately diagnosed with a rare form of cancer: a neuroendocrine tumor that affects the pancreas. This cancer was treated in 2004, when Jobs had gone ahead and underwent surgery. And it was after said surgery that he had been released from the hospital, allegedly “healthy and cancer free.” But this did not keep him from growing more and more weak over the years. • The cancer did not keep Jobs from getting his work done and fighting for quite some time, but ultimately, like every other human, the ailment had taken its toll.

  10. The Downfall of Jobs (cont.) • As time passed, the cancer continued to take its toll on Steve’s body, and though he tried his best to fight it, he could do nothing more but succumb to the disease’s deadly affects. Having taken one too many leaves in his opinion, Jobs found he had to resign with a heavy heart on August 24th, 2011. • It was on October 5th that Steve Jobs was finally freed from his cancer, but with the cost of his own life. Losing the battle to the disease, the creator of Apple had fallen, but with his legacy still living on in the hearts and hand held devices of millions today.

  11. Predictions • If one was to predict the next Apple product, a thought that comes to mind it the iTV. It sounds ridiculous at first, but when put more thought into, such a thing just might be crazy enough to work. • There can be a port on the television where an iPhone owner can place his device into, enabling the television to play the music within the home, or play the videos and movies stored within the iPhone, or even access websites and share photos. • Every idea sounds absurd at first, but if executed the right way, it can be yet another hit with millions.

  12. Jobs as a Whole • It is an undeniable fact that Steve Jobs has certainly changed the modern world, and some would even debate if it were for the better or for the worse. • On one hand, we have plenty of people who can reach each other with just a click of a button, keeping precious people close to your hearts, even if they are all the way across the planet. • But on the opposing hand, there is the fact that barely anyone takes the time to look up at their surroundings anymore, and actually socialize with a person right in front of them.

  13. Jobs as a Whole (cont.) • I suppose, all we can really say is that Jobs did a splendid job with what he loved, and being a user and holder of an iPhone myself, I find myself very drawn to the device, despite its many bugs and moments where I’ve wanted to throw the poor thing against a wall. • The Apple products that Steve Jobs has provided us with will forever remain on this earth, being passed down for generations to come, for it is surely something that will remain with us all. These devices will forever be here to remind us of just how great an inventor Jobs was to us all.

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