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Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs

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  1. Steve Jobs By: Brooke F.

  2. How is Steve Jobs famous? • Steve Jobs was a man who made the life for a human much easier. He invented Apple Incorporations and sold the easiest and nicest phones and computers to people all over the world. It wasn’t easy getting to the top and took a lot of work and dedication. One thing that made Steve jobs famous was the second apple computer called Apple 2. On December 12, 1980 the computer went public overnight, making Jobs a multimillionaire. • Another thing that made Steve Jobs famous was the iMac. It was the fastest PC ever sold. It was introduced in August and 5 million computers were sold by April 2001. Also the iBook made Jobs very famous. It was one of the very first laptops and came in a variety of colors. It was introduced on July 21. Steve jobs was famous from many other things too. Like the first iPhone , and especially the very first portable music player. The iPod was introduced on October 23. People were thrilled that they could fit this product in their back pocket. • The last thing that was very important was iTunes. This made a big impact on Steve Job’s life. iTunes is a music store online. This new idea was introduced on April 28, 2003. By July 2004, more than 100 million songs were sold.

  3. Steve Jobs Timeline • 1976- Jobs starts Apple Computer Co. with Steve Wozniak with $1,300 on April 1st. • 1977- Apple 2 is introduced in April at a price of $1,295. • 1980- On December 12th, Apple goes public, making Jobs an overnight millionaire. • 1983- John Sculley, former CEO of Pepsi, becomes Apple CEO on April 8th. • 1984- Apple introduces the first Macintosh computer on January 24th. • 1985- Steve Jobs quits Apple on September 17th. He wanted more responsibility and did not get it. • 1986- In January, Jobs starts NeXT computer. He also buys The Graphics Group from Lucasfilm and names it Pixar. • 1988- On October 12th, Jobs released the NeXT Cube at a price of $6,500. • 1991- Jobs marries Laurene Powell on March 18. • 1996- In December, Apple buys NeXT and rehires Jobs as a consultant. • 1997- On September 16, Jobs becomes Apple interim CEO. • 1998- On August 15, Apple introduces the iMac, which becomes the fastest-selling PC ever: Five million were sold by April 2001. • 1999- Apple introduces the iBook on July 21. • 2000-On January 5th, Jobs accepts the title of CEO of Apple dropping the “interim”. • 2001-Apple introduces the iPod portable music player on October 23rd. • 2003- On April 28th, Apple introduces the iTunes Music Store. By July 2004, more than 100 million songs were sold. • 2007- Apple introduces the iPhone on January 9th. Apple Computer changes its name to Apple, Inc.

  4. Fun Facts • Steve Jobs dropped out of Reed Collage in Portland, Oregon. • Jobs thought of the name Apple because he had just came back from a farm and enjoyed picking apples there. • Steve Jobs was adopted by Steve and Clara Jobs. • Jobs had the job as a technician with Atari in 1974, before Apple started. • Steve Job’s GPA in High School was a 2.65! • The founders of Google originally wanted Apple’s Steve Jobs as their CEO. • Old Apple Laptops used to have the logo upside down. • Apple had their employees work on fake projects until they could be trusted. • Steve Jobs was born in San Francisco. • Steve Jobs had four children named Reed, Eve, Erin Siena, and Lisa Brennen.