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Steve Jobs

By: Jazznesia Hubbard American History P.2. Steve Jobs. Steve Paul jobs. Early Life. Born on February 24, 1955 San Francisco Adopted by Paul (machinist) & Clara Jobs (accountant) Moved to Mountain View, California at age 5. Monta Loma Elementary Cupertino Junior High .

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Steve Jobs

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  1. By: Jazznesia Hubbard American History P.2 Steve Jobs

  2. Steve Paul jobs Early Life • Born on February 24, 1955 • San Francisco • Adopted by Paul (machinist) & Clara Jobs (accountant) • Moved to Mountain View, California at age 5. • Monta Loma Elementary • Cupertino Junior High • Homestead High School (Cupertino, California) • Enrolled at Reed College in Portland, Oregon • Dropped out after one semester, but continued to audit classes. “ If I had never dropped in in that single calligraphy course in college the Mac would have never had multiple typefaces or proportionally spaced fonts.”

  3. Early Career • Wozniak reduced the chip to a design so tight it was impossible to reproduce. • Atari offered a bonus of $5,000 but Jobs didn’t tell Wozniak. • Wozniak hadn’t found out about the bonus until 10 years later, and said he would’ve gave Jobs the money if he needed it. • 1974 Jobs took a job as a technician at Atari, Inc. in Los Gatos, California • Jobs returned to Atari and was assigned to create a circuit board for the game “Breakout” $100. • Jobs knew little about the circuit break and offered his partner Wozniak to spilt the fee if he could do it.

  4. Career • Jobs and Wozniak started Apple in 1975. • Wozniak invented the Apple 1 computer in 1976. • Jobs, Wozniak and Wayne (a former employee of Atari) founded the computer on Jobs parents garage in order to sell it. • 1978 Jobs recruited Mike Scott from National Semiconductor to serve as CEO. • In 1983, Jobs lured John Sculley from Pepsi-Cola to serve as the new Apple CEO. “ Do you want to sell sugar water for he rest of your life or do you want to come with me and change the world?”

  5. career “The heaviness of being successful was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner again, less sure about everything. It freed me to enter one of the most creative periods of my life.”. • 1984 Jobs introduced the Macintosh. • May 24, 1985 Jobs was removed from from his managerial duties as the head of Macintosh division. • Five months later Jobs resigned and founded the NeXT Inc. the same year.

  6. NeXT Computer • NeXT transitioned fully to software development with the release of NeXTSTEP/Intel. • 1996 NeXT Software Inc. released WebObjects. • WebObjects was used to build and run the Apple Store, MobileMe services, and the iTunes Store. • NeXT Computer was founded in 1985 by Jobs with $7 million.

  7. Pixar and disney • Jobs was credited as executive producer for the box office hit Toy Story. • In 1986, Jobs bought The Graphics Group (later renamed Pixar)

  8. Return to apple • In 1996, Apple announced that it would buy NeXT for $429 million. • The deal was finalized in later 1996, Jobs was brought back into the company. • NeXTSTEP evolved into Mac OS X, under Jobs’s guidance the company increased sales significantly with the introduction of the iMac and other products.

  9. “I” “iCEO” “iPod” • Appealing designs and powerful branding have worked well for Apple. • In 2000, Jobs officially dropped the “interim” modifier from his title at Apple and became permanent CEO. • The iPod line was released on November 10, 2001. • June 29, 2007, Apple entered the cellular phone business with the introduction of the iPhone

  10. Wealth AND DESIGINS • Jobs only earned $1 a year as CEO. • He held 5.426 million Apple shares. 138 million shares in Disney, and his net wealth was $8.3 billion in 2010 • 42nd wealthiest American • Jobs’s design sense was influenced by the Buddhism he experienced in India while on a 7 month spiritual journey.

  11. Family And Death • In October 2003, Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. • For 9 months he refused to undergo surgery for his cancer, a decision he later regretted when his health started to decline. • Jobs died at his California home on October 5, 2011 from a relapse of his previously treated cancer. • Jobs had four children. • His first child Lisa Brennan-Jobs was born in 1978, by his long time partner Chris Ann Brennan. • He later married Laurene Powell and had 3 more children Reed, Erin and Eve. • They currently live in Palo Alto, California.

  12. Apple products

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