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Sports. December, 2013.

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  1. Sports December, 2013

  2. Students were given a sample about sports and were asked to follow it and write about their favourite one. They also collected information about the history of the sport, how it started, who started it and how it is played. After they collected the necessary information, they were asked to write about it following the model writing they were given. They also presented it in class. Here are some samples of their work. • Teacher: Soulou Sarah • Class: St 2/4 • Number of students:18 • Duration of project: two weeks • Age of students:11/12 • Years of learning English: 4 years • Aims: use of appropriate vocabulary to describe sports/develop writing skills by following a plan MY FAVOURITE SPORT

  3. AngelikiAngelopoulou St4 Μy favorite sport isTAE KWON DO

  4. History • Taekwondo is a martial art. It started in 1955. • In the early 1960s, taekwondo became popular in various countries. • Since 2000, taekwondo has been one of only two Asian martial arts (the other being Judo) that are included in the Olympic Games. • In 2010, taekwondo was accepted as a Commonwealth Games sport.

  5. Me and taekwondo I started to do taekwondo when I was 3 years old. I do it 2 or 3 times a week in a sport center in Melissia. I like it very much because it combines combat and self-defense techniques with sport and exercise. I am very good at it and I have already got “black belt” and one DAN.

  6. I have taken part in some competitions and from now on I will take part in more. I would like to get at least 5 DAN as my instructor. This is very difficult but I will do my best! End… Me and taekwondo (cont.)

  7. My favourite sport PallisAristidis St4 James Naismith started basketball on 11 March 1892 I’m presenting a project about BASKETBALL my favourite sport! I play basketball in an academy, named BAC. I practice 5 times a week and we also play games against other teams. I also play basketball in my free time. I really enjoy this game. The team always has 5 players and there are also other players on the bench. The game always starts with a jump ball, and the team is trying to score in the other team’s basket. The game lasts 4 periods, 10 minutes each. If one player makes 5 fouls, the player is leaving the game. Basketball is good for you, because it keeps you fit and healthy. Also you make friends and have fun.

  8. My favorite sport is…LIANOS PANAGIOTIS ST2 • My favorite sport is tennis! • Pereira,dr Fredrick Haynes and dr Wellesley Tomkins DISCOVERed TENNIS in 1874! • I PLAY TENNIS EVERY DAY! • TENNIS IS GOOD FOR US!!!!!

  9. BASKETBALL BY MAKOU ARISTEA st4 • My favourite sport is basketball. Basketball is a really interesting hobby. • In 1981, Professor J. Naismith was looking to find a team game that attracted the interest of his students. The first race in Europe took place in 1983 between the teams of the National French and American University YUCA. In 1896 the first professional basketball game was in New Jersey. • I play basketball every weekend and Friday with my friends. We are 2 teams . Each team must put the ball in the basket against another. Each shot counts as 2 points. • Basketball is really good for us , because you can be active and you can have fun.

  10. My favourite sportby OikonomouFilippos St4 My favorite sport is football. Football was invented in England in 19th century. I play football every day because I am an amateur player in a football club. The rules of the game are many, few of those are: when you are a goalkeeper you can catch the ball with your hands inside a particular area. But if you are not a goalkeeper you can’t catch the ball anywhere. You kick the ball to get in the goalpost in order to score and your team takes one point and the team that ends with the higher score wins the game. Football is very good for the players because it improves their healthand ifyouare a professionalplayeryoubecomecleverer and youbuild a veryhealthybody.

  11. My favourite Sport TselepisSokratis St4 BASKETBALL • My favourite sport is BASKETBALL JAMES NAISMITH discovered basketball on March 11. 1891. • There are two teams of nine players. Each team must shout the ball at the basket to the opposing team. The winner is the team which has the most points. • I play basketball in my garden. I have a big basket on the wall. Sometimes, I play with my friends at their homes. One of my friends plays basketball with a professional team. He is really good. Sometimes I play with my dog too. He brings me the ball. All of these happen, when I have finished my lessons. • This sport, helps us feel healthy, meet other people, we can exercise our body. • That is basketball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. My favourite sportby Danielopoulos-Langer Orestis Judo My favouritesportisJudo. Judo, meaning "gentleway" is a modernmartialart, an Olympicsport,created in Japan in 1882 byJigoroKano. A judo practitioner is called a judoka. I like this sport very much. As an exercise, it is very healthy for the body. I dojudoeveryWednesday and Saturday.

  13. My favourite sport by Diamantopoulos Panagiotis My favourite sport is Football. I play in my free time or on Sundays and Saturdays. You play it with your foot or when you are goalkeeper with your hands. It Is good for us , because you are moving all the time.

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