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In the 1920’s And 1930’S. Sports. Sebastian and Patrick. Hockey 1920’s.

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  1. In the 1920’s And 1930’S Sports Sebastian and Patrick

  2. Hockey 1920’s • Hockey has to be Canada’s greatest sport. The word hockey comes from the french word “ houqet” (shepherds crook), because the way the stick was shaped. When they game first started, it was mainly played by young men, they didn't have professional teams back than so they played with the teams that the company had. The first professional hockey league was the Western Pennsylvania Hockey League, they were the first hockey league to only hire professional hockey players, the first game played in this league was in 1902. The reason it is called the Stanley cup, is because our Governor General Lord Stanley donated the cup, the first Stanley cup game was played on 22 March 1893 Some of the more notable players were Joe Malone who scored 7 goals in 1 game, Frank “King” Clancy, Charlie Conacher, Bill Cook, Aurele Joliat, Lester Patrick, and Nels Stewart. Ottawa was a big part of hockey during the 1920’s, Winning 4 league titles and 4 Stanley cups, and in 1934 the team couldn’t be funded to play anymore.

  3. Baseball 1920’s • At the beginning of the 1920’s Baseball was really big in the west. There were only 6 teams, which included Calgary Broncos, Edmonton Eskimo’s, Moose Jaw Robin Hoods, Regina Senators, Saskatoon Quakers, and Winnipeg Maroons. Most of the players on the teams were from the place the team was from. At the beginning of the 1920’s there were only 6 players in the professional baseball league, but throughout the 1920’s there became more and more Canadians started to get into Baseball. One of the most famous baseball teams back than, were the Toronto Maple Leafs, in 1920 they won 108 games. In the west there was also a African American league, some of the players from that league, went to to the white peoples team, even though the teas didn't want to play with them.

  4. Basketball 1920’s • Dr. James Naismith invented basketball in 1891, for the YMCA for a new indoor sport, But the first professional game wasn’t played until 1892. At the beginning of the 1920’s, the sport wasn’t very popular; mostly college teams played the sport. And the rules of the sport varied from game to game, some times referees stayed with one team, and often became part of the team. There weren’t any professional teams in Canada yet, in 1946 the NBA was created. The only Canadian team to play in the first year was the Toronto Huskies, and in 1947 they formally disbanded.

  5. Football 1930’s • In June 1930 the Winnipeg Winnipegs Rugby football club was formed and adopted the colours green and white. Winnipeg played its first game against St.Johns Rugby football team St.Johns won 7-3. In 1930 the convert kicking line was moved from the 35 line to the 25 line and drop kicks were only allowed. In 1931 the (CRU) Approved of forward passes and all leagues were allowed to pass forward. The first touchdown pass in grey cup history was to Kenny Grant From Warren Stevens. In 1936 the Regina roughriders, Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Calgary Bronks were created and they started using white balls during the night time. Also College teams stopped Competing for the grey cup.

  6. Hockey 1930’s • Boston, New York, Chicago and Detroit were the first cities to join the National Hockey league; although nine out of ten hockey players were Canadian the first American hockey team to win the Stanley cup was New York in 1928. The Chicago Black hawks were the second American team to win the Stanley cup in 1934 and won it again 4 years later in 1938. Hockey was a very defensive game for along time. The NHL Made a new rule that forward passing was allowed in all zone, another rule came out in 1933-1934 that only three players were allowed to guard the defensive zone (Including the goalie). Also the penalty shot was created in the 1930’s. The more offensive the game got, the more Violent it became, A lot of hockey players broke out into fist fights and were hitting other players over the head with hockey sticks. Howie Morenz was one of the greatest players of the 1930s. Howie won two Hart trophies and most valuable player. Howie played for the Montreal Canadians; He was traded to New York but returned to the Canadians the year after.

  7. Basketball 1930’s • In the 1930’s professional Basketball teams were struggling with the depression and financial problems. College basketball Dominated professional teams because of cheap entry fees to watch the games. Companies like Firestone and Healey motors bought basketball teams In the 30’s to revive Professional basketball. The Boston Celtics, Harlem Globetrotters and New York Renaissance were the three most popular basketball teams out of thirteen professional teams. Glen Roberts a Student at Old high school started what we know as today the Jump shot. He scored more than 2000 points in his high school season.

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