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Arts. ST:TNG Ends. Friends & ER Debut. News. Clinton 1st Term. Joey Buttafuoco. Waco, TX. OJ Simpson. Sports. Summer Olympics XXV Barcelona. Dallas wins SB 27. UNC wins Final Four. Winter Olympics XVII Lillehammer. Montreal wins Stanley Cup. Dallas wins SB 28. 1991.

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  1. Arts ST:TNG Ends Friends & ER Debut News Clinton 1st Term Joey Buttafuoco Waco, TX OJ Simpson Sports Summer Olympics XXV Barcelona Dallas wins SB 27 UNC wins Final Four Winter Olympics XVII Lillehammer Montreal wins Stanley Cup Dallas wins SB 28 1991 1993 1990 1992 1994 Got Chibi Move to Boston Got Tora-Tora Life Work Work at BU-660 Work at BU-UC School Started at Berklee

  2. Arts UPN & WB Launch Titanic Buffy Debut Potter Begins Seinfeld Ends Star Wars 1 News Clinton 2nd Term Oklahoma City Bombing Olympic Park Bombing Cloned Sheep Monica Lewinsky Y2K Columbine Shooting Sports Summer Olympics XXVI Atlanta Winter Olympics XVIII Nagano BU wins Frozen Four Dallas wins SB 30 1996 1998 1995 1997 1999 Boy Meets Girl Trish to SoCal Trish moved in Florida Trip Life Work Work at Filene’s Work at Harvard Work at BU-CS Work @ HBS Work at BU-Hockey School Left Berklee Back @ Berklee

  3. TV Arts Survivor Debut Inuyasha LOTR Begins Buffy Ends News GW Bush 1st Term 9/11 War in Iraq Columbia Explodes SE Asian Tsunami Sports Summer Olympics XXVII Sydney Winter Olympics XIX Salt Lake City Summer Olympics XXVIII Athens Patriots Win SB Patriots Win SB Patriots Win SB Red Sox Wins WS 2001 2003 2000 2002 2004 Florida Trip Married Moved to Natick Life Work for Norman Kaplan Work Work at EMC London Trip School Graduated BU (8 years later) Started at Suffolk Graduated Berklee (13 years later)

  4. TV Arts UPN & WB Become CW Fullmetal: Alchemist Death Note BSG Ends News GW Bush 2nd Term Obama 1st Term Katrina $700B Bailout SarahPalin H1N1 Virus Sports Winter Olympics XX Turin Summer Olympics XXIX Beijing Japan wins WBC again UNC wins Final Four Japan wins WBC Patriots Lose SB Red Sox Wins WS UNC wins Final Four Celtics Wins NBA BU wins Frozen Four 2006 2008 2005 Gerrick & Laurie-Sue move back to MA 2007 2009 Japan Trip Life Takeo Born 5/29 Chicago Trip (Legal Conference) Work Work for Leonard Nason School Graduated Suffolk Passed the BAR BU Grad Classes Takeo starts FT daycare

  5. TV Arts Lost Ends 3D TVs Potter Ends Ka-chow era begins GOT Begins Hunger Games Hobbit Part 1 Fringe Ends Skylanders InfINity Lego Games News Boston Marathon Bombings Haiti Earthquake Gulf Oil Spill Japan Tsunami Mass Tornadoes Superstorm Sandy Obama 2nd Term BU Womens Hockey Loses NCAA Finals Japan Win Women’s World Cup (Soccer) Sports Winter Olympics XXI Vancouver Summer Olympics XXX London BU Womens Hockey Loses NCAA Finals Red Sox Wins WS Sox epic collapse Sox Dodgers Trade Bruins Win Cup Celtics Lose NBA Patriots Lose SB Bruins Lose Cup 2011 2013 2010 Vasectomy 2012 NC Cartrip Matt moves back to MA Ohio Cartrip Sesame Place Cartrip 2014 David’s Wedding (I married him) Tada into home Disney World Trip Chibi Passed (12/29) Grandma passes – 9/20 Life Kaname born 10/27 10 years @ EMC West Visit Stay at Home Mom Teri leaves my group Midwest Visit Steve W Laidoff Joined Flash BU BU Merger ETPD+ASD +ISD India Trip Nov Work Moved under GP Federal Trip Cleveland Visit School Takeo starts YMCA swim class Takeo reduces to 1 day@TNN Takeo Starts 3AM Days@NPS Kaname starts YMCA swim class Kaname starts daycare Takeo 3PM Days@NPS Year 2 Takeo starts Kindergarten

  6. TV Arts News Sports 2015 Life Work School

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