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Squash. Swimming. Sports. Running. Hockey. Gymnastics. Netball. Shooting. Weightlifting. Table Tennis. Gymnastics.

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  1. Squash Swimming Sports Running Hockey Gymnastics Netball Shooting Weightlifting Table Tennis

  2. Gymnastics Gymnasts compete on balance beams, rings, and a vaulting horse to show their strength and balance. Rhythmic Gymnastics is more like dancing. The competitors balance balls, throw and catch them and twirl ribbons while performing feats such as handstands and somersaults. They are judged on their performance.

  3. Running Runners run around a track to see who is the fastest. The first one over the line is the winner. There are difference distance events. They also have team relays where the runners pass a baton to each other. They wear special shoes with spikes on the bottom so they don’t trip over.

  4. Hockey Hockey is a team sport. Players control a small white puck with a stick and hit it to each other. The score a goal by hitting the puck into a net. The goalie tries to stop the puck from going into the net.

  5. Netball Netball is a team sport. Players score by shooting a goal through a hoop. They throw the basketball to each other and are not allowed to travel when they have the ball. A netball court is broken into three parts.

  6. Shooting Shooters use a rifle to fire at a target made from clay that is fired into the air. They must be fast and accurate to hit the target.

  7. Squash Two squash players play against each other on a court. They hit the ball and it bounces off the walls. A player wins a point when the other player doesn’t hit the ball back. Squash courts often have glass walls so people can watch the game.

  8. Swimming Swimmers race each other in a pool. They might swim freestyle, backstroke, butterfly or breaststroke. There are races of different distances. Swimmers wear special swimming costumes, goggles and a swimming cap.

  9. Table Tennis Table tennis is played by hitting a light ball over a net across a large table tennis table. A players scores points when the other players doesn’t return the ball onto the table correctly. The scoring is the same as tennis.

  10. Weightlifting Weightlifters lift a metal pole with heavy weights on either side of the pole. They must hold they pole above their heads until they hear the buzzer. The weightlifter who lifts the heaviest weight is the winner.

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