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  1. Sports Basketball Football Soccer Baseball Website Information

  2. American Football Sports Next • Football requires eleven players on each team per play. • Football was created from soccer and rugby. • Football is played on a 100 yard field. • There are special teams, offense, and defense. • When you are on special teams you are either kicking the ball or punting. • If you are making a field goal, the ball has to be kicked through the uprights (goalposts). Goal post

  3. American Football P2 Sports Back • If you are on offense, to start a play, the center has to snap the ball and give it to the quarterback. • On defense you have to wait until they snap the ball, so you can blitz or cover someone, etc. • If you make a touchdown (when you pass the goal line with the ball on offense) it is worth 6 points. If you make the extra point it is worth 1 point. If you kick a field goal, it’s worth 3 points. On defense if you tackle an offensive player in their own end zone, it’s worth 2 points, and it’s called a safety.

  4. Basketball Sports • Basketball requires 5 players on each of the teams. • Basketball is played on a court like the picture below. • You have to dribble the ball. You can only take 2 steps without dribbling, but then you have to either shoot or pass the ball to someone. • In order to make points you have to throw the ball through the hoop, (basket) . If you shoot from behind the arch, it’ 3 points- inside it, it’s two. • When a player is fouled, they get two free shots. • In basketball they have assists which is when a player passes the ball to someone and that player makes it. Basketball hoop

  5. Soccer Sports • In this sport you don’t use your hands. You have to use your feet or head. The only time you use your hands is when you have to throw the ball back inbounds, or you’re the goalie. • Each goal is worth one point. • Two teams consist of 11 players. • In soccer’s overtimes you get about 45 minutes; if no one scores, they shoot penalty shots; there are 5 rounds per team. • If a player is penalized, they get a free pass; If they got penalized inside the rectangle, that would be a free kick or penalty kick . Soccer Stadium

  6. Baseball Sports • Baseball has been around for more than 100 years. • Baseball is played with a bat and ball by two teams of nine players. • There are four bases. • Each team alternates fielding and batting. • The goal is to score the most runs. Baseball Field

  7. Website Information Sports • All clip art graphics, animation, and photos from Microsoft Corporation Clip Art Library. • The sports information came from me and from Microsoft Offices Online references books.