Impact of Technology & R&D on the Indian Chemical Industry
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Impact of technology & R & D on the Indian Chemical Industry - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Development and innovations in the pharma industries has taken a giant leap within the last few years. This advancement has made life easier and comforting for society. \nThe Indian chemical industry is among the established traditional sectors of the country that play an integral role in the country’s economic development. This sector forms a part of the basic goods industry and is a critical input for industrial and agricultural development. \nHere we provide an insight on how technology and R&D creates a great impact on our Indian Chemical Industry.\n

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Impact of Technology & R&D on the Indian Chemical Industry

The role of technology and R&D is very important in each sector and chemical industry being no

exception is also influenced by technological advancements. Since this sector is directly related to

the life of human beings, latest technology is a must. Indian chemical industry has taken a giant leap

when it comes to technological advancements and keeping in tune with their international

competitors. With the mounting competition, indian chemical companies have to implement the

most advanced technology and go for an effective R&D department.

The chemical industry is one such industry in which the transactions in technology has been

common, from the licensing of chemical process technologies to the licensing of chemical

compounds. This is the reason why this sector shows the highest concentration of technology

supply. The companies under the chemical industry offers about 40 percent of their technologies to

other companies within the chemical sector. Even after having so much in common, there is still

difference in the various segments which shows degrees of adjustment in the technological


Being one of the oldest industries of India, it has linkages with almost all the ins in one or the other

way. It is also one of the fastest growing segment in the indian industry. Indian chemical industry is

growing at an average growth rate of 6% which is higher than the global average. The rate at which

this industry is growing during the last 5 years is nearly double of asian market growth rate. The

indian chemical industry is keeping in tune with its foreign counterparts when it comes to adopting

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Impact of Technology & R&D on the Indian Chemical Industry

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