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MARCH 2013


This document is subject to a Non Disclosure Agreement unless otherwise explicitly agreed to by TeleportHq Inc. By accepting delivery of this document, the accepting party agrees to (a) keep confidential its contents and not to disclose the same to any third party or otherwise use the same for any purpose unless consented to in writing by Teleporthq Inc (b) not copy this document or any portion of it and (c) not to use or share ideas or solutions that have been presented as part of this document or discussions relating to this document. In the event that the accepting party breaches the obligations set forth in the preceding sentence, the accepting party agrees to indemnify TeleportHq Inc for damages resulting from such breach.

what is teleport wip
What is Teleport ? (WIP)
  • 3 options:

Teleport is an online platform that makes it easy for experts, educators and business consultants to connect with their clients and partners; enabling them to schedule, pay and engage face-to-face simply.

Teleport is the new online platform where experts, educators and organizations can connect with clients and easily schedule, pay and interact through live, face-to-face sessions.

Teleport is an online platform for experts, educators and organizations that connects them with their clients and partners to easily schedule, pay and interact throughlive, face-to-face sessions.

Proprietary & Confidential

longer descriptions
Longer Descriptions

SHORT (50 words)

Teleport is the smarter way for people to share and gain skills and services online. Through a single, intuitive interface, Teleport users can easily schedule, host, participate in, and pay for live, face-to-face interactions. By adding a personalized TeleportMe button to their email signatures, websites and blogs, experts can quickly turn their contacts into clients.

Medium (100 words)

Teleport is the smarter way for people to share and gain knowledge, skills and services online.  A single, intuitive interface gives Teleport users seamless access to the communication tools they need the most--from real-time calendaring and video conferencing to document sharing and white boarding--so they can easily schedule, pay for, host, and engage in live, face-to-face interactions. Experts can easily add a personalized TeleportMe button to their email signatures, websites, blogs, and online profiles, enabling them to efficiently connect with more clients more often. Teleport alerts users to the true value of their time and empowers them to make the most of it.

Proprietary & Confidential

long description
Long Description

LONG (150 words)

Teleport is the smarter way for people to share and gain knowledge, skills, and services online. It transforms what was once a disjointed and unfriendly process into a seamless, productive and engaging experience. 

A single interface gives Teleport users access to the most valuable communication tools available--from real-time calendaring and video conferencing to document sharing and white boarding--so they can easily schedule, pay for, host, and engage in live, face-to-face interactions.

By easily embedding a personalized TeleportMe button into email signatures, websites, blogs, and online profiles, anyone can instantly check an expert’s availability, and request, reserve and pay for their time in just a few clicks. This means more business for experts and a better, more efficient and satisfying experience for their clients.

Teleport is the best way to create the most paid opportunities for professionals compared to using any other single or group of currently available online tools.

Proprietary & Confidential

value proposition brand positioning
Value Proposition & Brand Positioning

Teleport enables experts and their clients to efficiently connect online through one scheduling, real-time communication and payment tool.

Brand Positioning Statement

Consultants and educators are already familiar with and understand the value of Skype, Google Calendar, Scribblar, PayPal, Yelp, and other online tools that offer live video interaction, online calendaring, white-board collaboration, document sharing, instant payments and online reviews. For this reason, Teleport doesn’t need to explain or sell the benefits of these individual services. To properly position itself, Teleport must highlight its main competitive advantage: that it allows experts to quickly and efficiently connect with new and existing clients using all of these tools bundled into one intuitive interface. This translates into the smarter use of their time, and more professional opportunities.

Proprietary & Confidential

branding objectives
Branding Objectives

✓ Establish Teleport as the industry leader by making professional interaction easier and more productive.

  • Make an obvious distinction between Teleport and its competitors through clear messaging, seamless integration of technology, simple design and a great user experience.
  • Appeal to both business professionals and their clients through design, tone, voice and language.

✓ Quickly convey how a seemingly complex and multi-faceted system is easy to understand and use. Anyone can quickly incorporate the TeleportMe button directly into their existing business tools (i.e. electronic business card, email signature, website, blog, etc.).

Proprietary & Confidential

brand attributes
Brand Attributes

These qualities should drive the development of all creative elements of the Teleport brand.

✓ Intuitive

✓ Smart (Innovative)

✓ Engaging

✓ Empowering

✓ Easy

✓ Efficient

✓ Convenient

✓ Valuable

✓ Well-designed

Proprietary & Confidential

tone voice and language
Tone, Voice and Language

Teleport wants to be perceived as the smartest and most productive online engagement tool for experts and educators.

Its voice needs a professional but friendly tone that helps to inspire and motivate Teleport users to initiate sessions and incorporate teleport into their every day business practices.

The language should be simple,smart and straightforward and avoid all industry jargon, complex terminology, acronyms and slang.

Proprietary & Confidential

target audiences
Target Audiences


  • Professional Consultants
  • Bloggers
  • Educators


  • Clients

Proprietary & Confidential

target audiences continued
Target Audiences-Continued

Professional Consultants:

Who they are: independent contractors and subject matter experts. They have knowledge in one or more defined industry areas and are technologically savvy. They use the web daily to conduct business (e.g. email, chat and video; information exchange; invoicing; billing; etc.).

What they want: To expand their client circles and enhance their revenue streams by easily and efficiently monetizing their knowledge. They want tools that help them position themselves as industry leaders, easily schedule and conduct meetings and efficiently charge for their time.


Who they are: People who write one or more blogs. They are experts who may be tapped for consulting services. They may also have written books, articles, teaching manuals and other supplemental materials.

What they want: To expand their revenue streams beyond advertising to include online consulting, and the marketing and sale of their written work. They may also wish to teach or mentor.

Proprietary & Confidential

target audiences continued1
Target Audiences-Continued


Who they are: Teachers, professors, tutors, coaches and mentors, both currently employed and retired. They have an online presence (i.e. blogs, Twitter, websites, etc.) and are technologically savvy.

What they want: To expand their sphere of influence and use their time more efficiently by connecting with students or mentees online. Some may wish to supplement their income through Teleport sessions, while others may be looking to share their skills as a coach or mentor in a more time-efficient manner.


Who they are: Anyone who wants expert guidance regarding a project, idea, subject, service or skill delivered in an interactive and efficient manner.

What they want: To quickly and easily find the right expert, review their qualifications and rates, schedule a meeting and get the information they need.

Proprietary & Confidential

company key messages
Company Key Messages
  • Teleport is transforming the way people interact online by providing the richest, most efficient and engaging user experience available.
  • Teleport makes it easy for people to share their expertise in real time and get paid for it.
  • Teleport allows users (hosts and clients) to schedule meetings, engage face-to-face, make and receive payments and review their experiences all through a single online interface.
  • Teleport is completely free for free sessions; for paid sessions, Teleport collects a small percentage of the charged fee.
  • The TeleportMe button can be easily integrated into anyone’s email signature, website, blog, e-business card and online profile.
  • Teleport provides more opportunities to increase client interactions and expand revenue streams than relying on any other existing online video, idea-sharing or payment tool alone.
  • Teleport alerts users to the true value of their time and empowers them to make the most of it.

Proprietary & Confidential

audience specific messages
Audience-Specific Messages
  • Teleport positions all users as savvy, early-adopters of smart business technology.
  • Teleport enables consultants and bloggers to efficiently monetize their time and services via the web and expand their spheres of influence.
  • Teleport allows clients to get the expertise they need exactly when they need it in an easy, efficient, fun and interactive way with the peace of mind that their payments are always secure and that their sessions are guaranteed.
  • Teleport lets teachers, coaches and tutors save time while positively impacting the lives of more students over a more diverse geographic area by connecting online.
  • Teleport gives bloggers a direct way to market and sell their expertise, including downloads of books, articles and how-tos, simply by adding the TeleportMe button to their blog pages.
  • Teleport allows experts to collect written feedback from their clients and mentors and can use these online reviews to help market their expertise.

Proprietary & Confidential

taglines in progress
Taglines (In Progress)
  • Revolutionize the way you work online.
  • Get rewarded for what you know.
  • Connect, schedule and collaborate live.
  • Schedule. Interact. Pay.
  • Get face to face with the expertise you have.
  • Get paid with the expertise you have.
  • Share your expertise live
  • Expertise, live and face to face.
  • Show your clients what you know, live
  • Turn what you know into what you can spend.

Proprietary & Confidential

preferred word usage
Preferred Word Usage
  • Button vs. widget - button is more casual, user-friendly
  • Exchange, interaction, conversation, vs. meeting or session - Action words are more compelling
  • Expert vs. consultant - Expert is preferred when confined to a single descriptor of Teleport users
  • Skills and services - More inclusive than “expertise” or “knowledge.”
  • Online vs. web-based platform - online is a broader, more inclusive term
  • User - Generic term for all Teleport customers (hosts and clients)
  • Host - Person offering advice, expertise, instruction or other service.
  • Client - Person receiving expertise, skill or service. Or…
  • Participant-Client receiving expertise, skill or service.
  • Speaking directly to the user is preferred in customer-facing docs (i.e. you vs. he, she, they)

Proprietary & Confidential