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ICS Incorporated

ICS Incorporated. Marjorie Alquist MIS204 December 5, 2006. ICS Incorporated: Where are we located?. 110 Moon Clinton Road Coraopolis, PA 15108. ICS Incorporated:. Who are we and What do we do?.

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ICS Incorporated

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  1. ICS Incorporated Marjorie Alquist MIS204 December 5, 2006

  2. ICS Incorporated:Where are we located? 110 Moon Clinton Road Coraopolis, PA 15108 ICS Incorporated

  3. ICS Incorporated: Who are we and What do we do? International Consulting Services (ICS) Incorporated provides export and import services to large and small businesses. Our goal is to help companies navigate the complex intricacies of doing business globally. We offer a range of services including: Program development Training Consulting Third party liaison with U.S. government Auditing ICS Incorporated

  4. ICS IncorporatedProjected Revenue FY07: $250K ICS Incorporated

  5. ICS Incorporated: Our employees • Currently, ICS has two full time consultants and one part-time administrative staff. • Combined, we have over 25 years experience assisting business in international trade and regulatory compliance. ICS Incorporated

  6. Hardware • System Components • Two laptops and one PC • Input Devices • Mouse with each laptop • Digital camera • Output Devices • 17” LCD monitor • Color Laser Printer • All-in-one unit – copier, scanner and fax ICS Incorporated

  7. Hardware (cont.) • Storage • USB flash drives • CDs and DVDs • Storage capability on hard disks • Network • One network • PC: Server • Laptops: Clients ICS Incorporated

  8. Software • Word Processing • Microsoft Word • General Correspondence, faxes, memos • Client/government/legal notes • Spreadsheet • Microsoft Excel • General billing • Description of services provided • Billable time • Rate per hour • Separate sheet for each month • Database: • Access • Client specific information (training, auditing, general consulting, dates, contact information) ICS Incorporated

  9. Software (cont.) • Presentation: • Microsoft Powerpoint • Training presentation • Widely accepted • Graphic/Arts: • Packaged clip art and graphics available on Internet • Web Design: • Under development • Overview of ICS, experience, services, contact information, client testimonials • Communications: • Email • Web browser ICS Incorporated

  10. Employee Data • General information • Tax information • Health care • Hours worked • Travel/miscellaneous expenses incurred • Payroll will be done using Quick Books ICS Incorporated

  11. Customer Data • Contact information • Their products or services • ICS services provided • Frequency • Billable hours • Rate • Distance from office • What has generated client’s interest? • Maintained in Access ICS Incorporated

  12. Product Data • U.S. Government Regulatory Sources • Federal Register • Export Administration Regulations • U.S. Customs • Department of State • Foreign Trade Statistics Regulations • Treasury Department • Department of Homeland Security • Internet sources for daily regulatory notices • Internet news publications and trade resources ICS Incorporated

  13. Equipment • Two laptops and one PC • Mobile phones • Blackberries Access daily information Communicate with clients, government personnel, and third parties Maintain client and employee information ICS Incorporated

  14. Procedures: Normal Operating • Purpose: To provide our clients with services, while preserving the integrity of ICS data • Log on with user name, ID and password • Standard anti-virus software on all laptops and PC • Company policy regarding unauthorized access and use of unapproved and illegal activities ICS Incorporated

  15. Procedures: Back Up • Client information backed up daily on server • Critical files or data (such as digital certificate, complete client systems, information prepared for legal counsel) also backed up on alternative storage media, stored in fireproof box or file • Files will be ‘saved’ while in process in the event of a power disruption or equipment failure • Employee information backed up on network, with hardcopy files maintained in fireproof files ICS Incorporated

  16. Procedures: Failure • ICS equipment will utilize surge protectors and the PC will incorporate a standby UPS • In the event ICS equipment or files are compromised, critical client data can be retrieved from alternative storage media • Hardcopy information of employee records, accounts payable and accounts receivable are available if needed ICS Incorporated

  17. Conclusion • ICS Incorporated provides export, import and trade services to assist in navigating the regulatory complexities of doing business globally • Conveniently located • 20+ years of experience • Solid, established relationships with government personnel • We offer a variety of services • We recognize and value the sensitive nature of our clients’ information and takes measures to protect it. We welcome the opportunity to assist you with your international trade needs in the global market. ICS Incorporated

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