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Baldwin Incorporated

Baldwin Incorporated. 2021 Annual Stockholders’ Report. B. Providing tomorrow’s sensor solutions today. Agenda. Our Company Strategy and Positioning Department Statistics Financial Statements Key Statistics Future Plans. Our company. Our Management Team

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Baldwin Incorporated

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  1. Baldwin Incorporated 2021 Annual Stockholders’ Report B Providing tomorrow’s sensor solutions today

  2. Agenda • Our Company • Strategy and Positioning • Department Statistics • Financial Statements • Key Statistics • Future Plans

  3. Our company

  4. Our Management Team • Amber Davis Tanner Edwards Ryan Mann • Senior VP of Senior VP of Senior VP of • MarketingFinanceHuman Resources • Cassandra Strope Jonathan Williams • Senior VP of Senior VP of • Research and Development Production

  5. Our Mission Statement • We provide premium and reliable products for both advanced and low technology • oriented customers. Our brands not only define the cutting edge, but also offer • value and simplicity. • Our Company Overview • Founded in 2013 • Headquarters: St. Louis, MO • Develop and manufacture sensors based on performance, size, and low end technology

  6. Strategy and Positioning

  7. Our Products • Low end products are inexpensive to produce and provide great returns • 80% of our competitors only produce one product each in the performance and size segments • By producing two products in each of these segments we have acquired a low end market share of 27%, a performance market share of 28%,and a size market share of 37%

  8. Department Statistics

  9. Research and Development • Transitioned Baker to the performance sector and Bid to the size sector in under three years • Developed and produced Byte in only a year and a half • Marketing • Increased customer awareness for each product by an average of 28% • Increased customer accessibility to 100% for all six products • Production • Through the use of automation, we have reduced labor costs by an average of 12% • Plant utilization has averaged 144% over the eight years of the company • Human Resources • Boast lowest turnover rate in our industry at 7% • Raised productivity index to 114.7% • Finance • Raised dividends by 375% in only three years • Retired 11% of our shares of stock in three years

  10. Total Quality Management Initiatives • Reduced administration costs by over 60% • Reduced research and development time by over 40% • Lowered material costs by over 11% • Reduced labor costs by over 13% • Product demand increased by over 14%

  11. Financial Statements

  12. Balance Sheet (Assets)

  13. Balance Sheet (Liabilities & Equity)

  14. Cash Flow Statement

  15. Income Statement

  16. Key Statistics

  17. Future Plans

  18. Baldwin’s 5 Year Plan • Increase market share by 5% in each product segment. (Currently: Performance, 28%;Size, 37%;and Low, 27%) • Maintain customer accessibility for all six products. (Currently: 100% across all three segments) • Increase customer awareness for all six products by 10% each. (Currently: Performance, 81% and 76%;Size, 78% and 78%;Low, 68% and 58%) • Increase stock price by 50%. (Currently: $76.93) • Increase dividends by 75% (Currently: $4.75) • Introduce a new product in each product segment • Continue to reduce both labor and material costs.

  19. Thank you for your continued support! B Providing tomorrow’s sensor solutions today

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