Innovation in a resource based economy
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INNOVATION IN A RESOURCE – BASED ECONOMY. Presentation by: Dale Botting Executive Manager Strategic Sector Development – Innovation Strategy Saskatchewan Industry & Resources. Welcome to Saskatchewan : Canada’s Other “Distinct Society”. Agrarian Populism – Social Democratic Heritage

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Innovation in a resource based economy


Presentation by: Dale BottingExecutive ManagerStrategic Sector Development – Innovation StrategySaskatchewan Industry & Resources

Welcome to saskatchewan canada s other distinct society
Welcome to Saskatchewan : Canada’s Other “Distinct Society”

  • Agrarian Populism – Social Democratic Heritage

  • Rich Resource Endowment

  • Surging Aboriginal Population

  • Unique Prairie Culture

  • We are so Flat You Can See the Future Coming

Presentation outline
Presentation Outline Society”

1. An Economy in Transition

2. The Process of Economic Development in Transition

3. Saskatchewan Issues in Product Innovation and Commercialization

Presentation outline con t
Presentation Outline con’t Society”

4. Saskatchewan Issues in Process Innovation and Productivity Enhancement

5. Saskatchewan Model of Cluster Building

6. Final Thoughts

The future ain t what it used to be

“The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be” Society”

-Yogi Berra, New York Yankees

My changing province

Old Society”

Wheat Province, other grain

Mining, Oil, & Gas

Some Cattle, Supply Side Management

Hybridization, Some Organic Farming


Oilseeds, Pulses, Flax

EOR, Biogas, Upgrading, Alternative Energy, Polygeneration

Livestock Intensification, Traceability, Vertical Integration

Genomics, Proteomics Nutraceuticals, Functional Foods

My Changing Province:

My changing province con t

Old Society”

Logging, Pulping

Metal Machining, Fabricating, Farm Implement Manufacturing

Software, Hardware Fabrication


OSB’s, Finger Jointing, Fibreboard, Composites, Cellulose Management

Aerospace, Nanotechnology, Precision & Laser Machining, Transportation Engineering

Optical Switching, Streaming Video & Audio, New Media, Intelligent Systems

My Changing Province con’t

More economic changes con t

Old Society”

Physics, Chemistry, Biology

State Capitalism

Hub City

Government Town

Moose Jaw as Railway and Sleepy Retirement Suburb


Convergence – Bioinformatics, Synchrotron Science, Vaccine Development, Visualization Technology, etc

Entrepreneurship, VCC’s Angel’s, Incubators, Seed Funds

Science City

ICT Cluster – Best Shore

Moose Jaw Taking Flight, and National Tourism Cluster

More Economic Changes con’t

My changing profession of economic development

Old Society”

Government Lead

P.R. & Ad Campaigns

Smokestack Chasing

Government Programs & Incentives

Industrial Land Assembly

Crown Corporations


Community Clusters & Collaboration

Business Retention & Expansion

Supply Chain Management, Supplier Development & Import Replacement

Labour Force Development

Innovation Strategies

Entrepreneurship & Spin-offs

My Changing Profession of Economic Development

Current job strategic sector development
Current Job – Strategic Sector Development Society”

  • Focus and Direct Seven Sector Teams:

    • Advanced Technology

    • Manufacturing

    • Agri-Value

    • Energy

    • Mineral Development

    • Forestry & Forest Products

    • Innovation Infrastructure & Services

Current job key goals and activities
Current Job – Key Goals and Activities Society”

  • Vision 2020

  • Identify Priority Niche Opportunities and Barriers

  • Strategic Work Plans (multi-year):

    • Investment attraction (IA)

    • Business retention and expansion (BRE)

    • Policy reform and internal advocacy

    • Cluster building

Saskatchewan issues i
Saskatchewan Issues I: Society”

  • Product Innovation & Commercialization

    • Big Science & Science Parks

    • Revamped I.L.O’s

    • Growth of Venture Capital & Angel Investing

    • Attracting, H.Q.P.

    • Innovation Council, NRC, Agri-Food Canada, SRC, PTRC

Saskatchewan issues con t
Saskatchewan Issues con’t Society”

  • Continuing Challenges

    • Crossing “Death Valley”

    • Seed Capital & Incubation – The Missing Links

    • Science & Technology Marketing – Industry Partnerships

    • Operating Sustainability

    • Attracting and Retaining H.Q.P

Saskatchewan issues ii
Saskatchewan Issues II: Society”

  • Process Innovation &Productivity Improvement

    • Lean Manufacturing

    • Quality Assurance – HACCP, ISO, etc

    • E-Commerce & Broadband

    • Core-Competency Re-alignment to New Markets

    • Cluster Building

Saskatchewan issues ii1
Saskatchewan Issues II: Society”

  • Continuing Challenges

    • Rising Factor Costs

    • Aboriginal Employment & Skilled Worker Immigration

    • Progressive HR Practices

    • Marketing & “Market Pull”

    • The Saskatchewan Attitude

Saskatchewan experience in cluster building
Saskatchewan Experience in Society”Cluster-Building

  • The Saskatoon Bio-Innovation Cluster

  • The Regina Cluster Strategy

  • The LaRonge CTN Network

  • The Saskatoon Mining & Mining Supply Cluster

  • Action South West

  • The West Central Capacity Exchange

  • Beginning to Connect the Dots –Cross Canada Cluster Alliances

Final thoughts
Final Thoughts Society”

  • Big Westerns or Little Westerners?

  • Big Hat, No Cattle

  • Don’t Say Whoa in a Mud Hole!

  • Focus, Focus, Focus

  • Go Big or Go Home!!!

Thank you
Thank – you Society”

Dale Botting

(306) 933-7210

[email protected]