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Retaining Wall Repair & Construction

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Retaining Wall Repair & Construction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Building a retaining wall from scratch with help from a Retaining Wall Contractor is important for the whole structure of the swimming pool. Here are some measures which tell why Retaining Wall Repair is needed. For Retaining Wall Contractor, Visit-

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what is a retaining wall

A retaining wall acts as a barrier for soil in a yard.

  • If the yard slopes, a retaining wall can hold dirt back for pool construction.
  • Retaining Walls can be constructed with various kind of materials that make it add beauty to the pool.
What is a Retaining Wall?
purpose of retaining wall

Purpose of Retaining Wall

  • In the long run, usually, there are storm runoffs which brings a lot of debris with it.
  • The muck and mire is collected in the backyard which totally ruins the outlook.
  • A retaining wall avoids the dirt and debris from coming inside.
benefits of retaining wall
Benefits of Retaining Wall
  • Retaining Wall Repair & Building has following benefits-
  • Acts as a Barrier to Dirt and Debris
  • Used for aesthetic of the Pool
  • Acts as a privacy fence
  • It is a backdrop for an outdoor shower
retaining wall types

Retaining Wall Types

  • A Retaining Wall Contractor can build-
  • Masonry walls
  • Made of poured concrete
  • Faced with brick or stone
  • Expensive than segmented walls.
  • Segmented walls
  • Made of stacked concrete blocks
  • Lower cost than masonry walls
  • Easier to install
need of retaining wall repair
Need of Retaining Wall Repair
  • With time, the retaining wall bears a lot of weather abuse and wear and tear.
  • The Retaining wall develops certain holes, pores and cracks etc.
  • A Retaining Wall Contractor maintains the aesthetics of the wall by repairing those deformities.
contact us for retaining wall repair

If you are in Houston, TX and need Retaining Wall Contractor, contact our team.

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