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Recruiting, Developing and Retaining IT Professionals PowerPoint Presentation
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Recruiting, Developing and Retaining IT Professionals

Recruiting, Developing and Retaining IT Professionals

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Recruiting, Developing and Retaining IT Professionals

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  1. Recruiting, Developing and Retaining IT Professionals MIS 5800 / MBA 2006 Presented by Tammy Hawkins, Matthew Wanninger, Ying Jing

  2. Objectives • Attracting • How to attract and hire the right IT individuals. • Demonstrate the growth trends in IT careers, demand for skilled IT workers and projected supply of IT workers currently and in the future. • Developing • Explain good ideas and methods for developing IT workers to keep their jobs rich and create a job path. • Retaining • How to hold on to those “good” IT workers after developing them.

  3. Attracting and Hiring

  4. Why People Look for Other Jobs n= 86 Note: Multiple Responses Allowed Base: 86 business-technology professionals looking for a job Data: InformationWeek Research IT Retention survey of 146 business-technology professionals McGee, Marianne Kolbasuk. “Retention Tension”. InformationWeek. Nov 7, 2005; 1063; ABI/INFORM Global

  5. Question for class:How many people are currently in IT?

  6. Trends of Employment in Core IT Pros Using data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Current Population Survey. , viewed Oct 30, 2006.

  7. IT Staff Hiring On The Rebound n = 1,400 CIOs with more than 100 employees By Katherine Spencer Lee , Optimize , Feb 1, 2006 12:00 AM

  8. Fastest Growing Industries in the US Industries with the fastest wage and salary employment growth, 2004-2014., viewed Oct 20, 2006

  9. Factors Driving Third-Quarter IT Hiring in US n = responses from more than 1,400 CIOs from a stratified random sample of U.S. companies with 100 or more employees Column published in DM Review Magazine September 2006 Issue  By DM Review Editorial Staff

  10. Hiring • Hiring process should begin with a review of the work to be accomplished • Prepare job description - list Hiring Criteria • Education/Experience/Skills • Define salary range • Use variety of recruiting methods • Conduct thorough interview(s), check references • Don’t wait too long to make a decision • Don’t delay start date Stephen Mill. “Don’t be unreasonable when hiring IT staff.” Computing Canada. Willowdale: Jan 4, 2002.Vol.28, Iss. 1;   ABI/INFORM Global. pg. 25,

  11. Example of IT Job Description Position Title: Senior Application Engineer (Test Coordinator)Project: • 1 for LQD - Application Development • 1 for LQD Testing Start Date: 11/23/06 (LQD - App Development) and 12/2/06 (LQD Testing)Recruiter: Jane Doe==========================================Role Description:The Test Coordinator is ultimately responsible for ensuring all testing is completed successfully and in accordance with Company Best Practices. • Define Testing Strategy and Approach for the project. • Providing status updates to management • Problem Resolution management (Issues, Risks, Defects, Enhancements, etc.) • Test Resource planning & management • Schedule and facilitate Test Software Reviews • Understand, interpret and track changes to the requirements so the Testing Plans and scripts can be updated appropriately • Monitor the Implementation of the Test Approach Details • Monitor and assist in Environment Coordination for Test Cycle scheduling • Review Programming Specs for the Test Cases (when necessary) • Develop and Review procedure documentation (when necessary) Required Skill Set:Knowledge of Rational Tools suite. Must have superior SQL skills. Must understand multi-tier environments. Education/Experience Requirements:4-yr degree, minimum of 6 years of experience Length of Assignment: 6 months

  12. Question to class:How many people have used an online source to find a job?

  13. Monster Jobs, viewed Oct 30, 2006

  14. Local Companies Hiring IT in STL

  15. Quality Management Administrator, viewed Nov 4, 2006

  16. Project Manager II Position Purpose: Plans, organizes, monitors, and oversees projects utilizing cross functional teams to deliver defined requirements and meet company strategic objectives. Knowledge/Experience:Bachelor's degree or equivalent and 2-4 years of project management experience with Information Technology projects and other departmental specific projects. Healthcare IT experience with payer or provider services applications. Proficient with MS-Project or other project management software and MS-Office applications. Competencies: Knowledge Worker: Integrity, Flexibility, Communication, Critical Thinking, Customer Focus, Decision Making, Planning and Organizing, Building Strategic Working Relationships, Technical and Professional Knowledge , viewed Nov 5, 2006

  17. Recycled Paper Greetings Inc. Business Intelligence Manager • Education, Experience, Skills Required: •          Excellent written and verbal communication skills are a must as are interpersonal skills. • 8+ years experience in business intelligence environment including data warehousing and analytic tools. • 5+ years experience in development and implementation life cycle •   5 years of supervisory or management experience. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Business Administration or related field is required. •          Thorough knowledge of information systems processes, methodologies, and concepts. •   Mid to large-scale project management experience demonstrating strong project management methodology. •          A strong understanding of Microsoft Office products including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Projects. •          Oracle database management, Oracle Warehouse Builder, Oracle Discoverer, and Oracle ERP Application experience, is highlydesirable.,+Inc&cy=us&JSNONREG=1&dcjvlid=417, viewed on Nov, 2006

  18. Project Manager - Data Warehouse Just 1 of 586 jobs at Ciber, Inc. »posted on • 5+ year of successful Project Management experience focusing on Data Warehouse initiatives • Bachelor’s degree • Ability to develop project plans, manage risk, establish timelines, and budgets • Extensive Data Warehouse technical knowledge. • PMP Certification or PMBOK knowledge would be a plus • Must have experience using Project tracking software such as MS Project Salary/Wage: • 80,000-90,000 USD/year • Full Benefits • Paid Vacation • 401K available Location: • Saint Louis, viewed on November 6, 2006

  19. Data Mining and Data Warehouse IT Salaries n=10,425 Base: 5,456 IT staffers in 2006 and 6,150 in 2005 Data: InformationWeek National IT Salary Survey spring, 2006 In thousands Enterprise Application Integration Enterprise Resource Planning Web Security Wireless Infrastructure

  20. IT Management Salaries n=4,969 IT managers in 2006 and 6,008 in 2005 InformationWeek Research National IT Survey of 10,425 IT Professionals, spring 2006 In thousands Data Mining and Data Warehouse Human Resources IS Web Infrastructure Enterprise Resource Planning Enterprise Application Integration

  21. IT Salary Benchmarks for the U.S. IT Salary Benchmarks for the United States (All Industries/All Regions, Last Revised:03/2003) Data collected from a variety of sources: see, viewed Oct 15, 2006

  22. US Regional Salaries *2005 as of Oct. 10 , viewed Oct 30, 2006

  23. , viewed from Dr. Lacity’s presentation September 2006

  24. Demand for Skills in IT n=1,400 CIO’s from companies more than 100 employees. By Katherine Spencer Lee , Optimize , Feb 1, 2006 12:00 AM Xiang Fang; Sooun Lee; Seokha Koh “Transition of Knowledge/Skills Requirement for Entry-Level IS Professionals” The Journal of Computer Information Systems; Fall 2005; 46, 1; ABI/INFORM Global. pg. 58

  25. It’s More than Just IT Knowledge Xiang Fang; Sooun Lee; Seokha Koh “Transition of Knowledge/Skills Requirement for Entry-Level IS Professionals” The Journal of Computer Information Systems; Fall 2005; 46, 1; ABI/INFORM Global. pg. 58

  26. US Industries Employing IT “Technology Staffing.” The Controller's Report. New York: Sep 2004., Iss. 9;  pg. 14

  27. Lots of Jobs – Not Enough Workers Chris Murphy. “The survey says: Lots of IT jobs, not enough workers.” InformationWeek. Manhasset: Apr 17, 2000., Iss. 782;  ABI/INFORM Global. pg. 152,

  28. Reasons of Shortage Top 3 reasons of shortage of IT Talent • Turnover is the No.1 reason for the shortage (46%) • Followed by difficulty finding specific skills (33%) • Company growth (31%) n = 146 business-technology professionals McGee, Marianne Kolbasuk. “Retention Tension”. InformationWeek; Nov 7, 2005; 1063; ABI/INFORM Global;jsessionid=L0UFAT4LTL5YWQSNDLRSKHSCJUNN2JVN?articleID=173403018&queryText=retention+tension

  29. Quote on Attraction "You attract people by challenging them and empowering them. People like/want the opportunity to be successful and achieving difficult assignments their don't tell them what to do, you help them be successful. Good people will step up and deliver as long as you don't let them drown.“ - Project Manager for an IT department within an Insurance firm Jim Tremaine, Project Manager at RGA Technology Partners, Inc., interviewed in person by Tammy Hawkins, Oct 28, 2006.

  30. Developing IT Workers

  31. Developing IT Employees • Create a learning organization and play to your company’s strengths • Fast learning can be facilitated through: • Giving employees projects that go beyond their current job’s responsibilities. • Improving leaders’ communication skills by asking for employee feedback. • Explaining company strategy and link personal goals to business objectives. • Training Programs with compensation incentives • Highlight cool projects they may work on someday

  32. Question to class:What development has your current/past work provided?

  33. Business & IT Skills • Emphasize ongoing training in IT, Business and Management skills • Business needs should drive Training • Training Investment Pays Off Julia Vowler. “How Effective Training Aids Staff Retention.” Computer Weekly. Nov 15, 2005. Pg. 40

  34. Employee Development • Firms will have to spend more on IT training • Analyze IT staff’s work-life balance • Develop a culture which promotes Transfer Learning Bill Goodwin. “Firms will have to spend more on IT training.” Computer Weekly. Oct 25, 2005. Pg. 58 Bill Goodwin. “Money is not the main motivator.” Computer Weekly. Mar 8, 05. Pg. 22

  35. Real World • 95% of employers say training: • Improves Retention • Avoid recruitment costs (Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development ’04) • 55% of all-size companies have No training plans! • 20% with 200 or more employees have No plans! (E-skills survey, 800 IT employers, shown in Computer Weekly Julia Vowler, “How Effective Training Aids Staff Retention” Computer Weekly, Nov 15, 2005, Pg. 40 Bill Goodwin, “Companies Failing to Address Training Gaps” Computer Weekly, Jun 28, 2005, Pg. 42

  36. IT Training in US Best Places for Training1. National Rural Electric Cooperative Association2. Saint Luke's Health System Inc.3. University of Miami4. The Capital Group Cos.5. The Mitre Corp.6. Verizon Wireless7. University of Pennsylvania8. Ford Motor Co.9. Infosys Technologies Ltd.10. Hilton Hotels Corp. According to Computerworld’s survey these companies were ranked the best companies for training , viewed Oct. 20, 2006

  37. Quote on Development "I think you develop people through the development of a team...key word is team...we maximize strengths and minimize weakness of the individuals on the team.“ - Project Manager for an IT department within an Insurance firm Jim Tremaine, Project Manager at RGA Technology Partners, Inc., interviewed in person by Tammy Hawkins, Oct 28, 2006.

  38. Retaining IT Workers

  39. Retaining CIOs were asked, “What steps, if any, is your firm taking to retain key IT talent?” Their responses:Providing training or professional development..................... 63%Offering flexible schedules.................................... 47%Increasing base compensation.............................. 41%Offering bonuses....................................................... 31%Offering equity incentives.......................................... 9%Other....................................................................... 4%None/no steps taken................................................. 23 “Survey: Training is Key to Retaining Good Employees.” Robert Half Technology. April 2006.

  40. Study on Retention • Salaries • Career Development • Who's going to leave • Time to fill “Think High Pay Improves IT retention Rates? Guess Again.” Business & Legal Reports. Stamford, CT. 2000.

  41. Why are IT cuts made? n= 179 Finding of a survey of 179 IT managers conducted earlier this year by AFCOM, an association of data center managers Thibodeau, Patrick.  “Aging Workers, Automation Portend IT Hiring Problems.” Computerworld. Framingham: Mar 27, 2006.Vol.40, Iss. 13;  pg. 16.

  42. Motivating IT Workers Listen to employees Regular team meetings Praise and Recognition Feedback Intellectual challenge Stephen Mill. Computing Canada. Sep 7, 2001; 27, 19 pg. 26

  43. IT Stress n=3000 Survey conducted by Skillsoft • 1/3 of IT workers claim that they are unable to work because of manager(s) • 97% claim life at work is stressful on a daily basis. • 4 out of 5 IT consultants feel stressed before entering the workplace. • 1/4 of IT workers have taken time off due to stress. • 37% find it difficult to meet deadlines • 28% lack job satisfaction • 75 % of technical employees want another job Radhika Praveen. , viewed Oct 30, 2006

  44. Reasons That IT Workers Stay McGee, Marianne Kolbasuk. “Retention Tension”. InformationWeek; Nov 7, 2005; 1063; ABI/INFORM Global;jsessionid=L0UFAT4LTL5YWQSNDLRSKHSCJUNN2JVN?articleID=173403018&queryText=retention+tension

  45. Quote on Retention "Retention can be a complex subject; different people are motivated by different things. A lot of managers make the mistake of using money as the ONLY motivator for retention. I have found that the most important thing to do is to understand your employee, know what motivates them. For some people, benefits, a stable environment, time off, work life balance, etc. can all be contributing factors. Most of all, I have found that making the work day enjoyable does more for retention then any other single factor. We spend the majority of our adult life at work and if it is a fractious or stressful situation, the money and benefits do not matter, the employee usually finds a way to move on.“ - Manager of a software development team Larry Schaeffer, Technical Manager at RGA Technology Partners, Inc., interviewed in person by Tammy Hawkins, Oct 28, 2006

  46. COMPUTERWORLD100 Best Places to Work For in IT 2004 Benefits that IT workers prize the most (and the least). Percentage who gave the benefit a "10 “ 76% Paid vacation 68% Health insurance 47% Profit sharing/ESOP program/401(k)/403(b) plan 40% Flexible hours 31% Reimbursement for technology certification 30% Bonuses 30% Continuing education/executive programs 26% College tuition reimbursement COMPUTERWORLD, 2004 Best Places to Work in IT Employee Scorecard, June 14 2004

  47. Employing the New Generation • Millennials • Nearly 80 million strong, starting to reshape the American workplace • Achievement-oriented and tech-savvy • Eager for feedback and impatient to make an impact on their new organizations and on society at large • Networked in a way previous generations were not - Internet phenomena MySpace and Facebook • But the same social networking skills and consumer smarts that make them valuable employees also make them acutely discerning job seekers. • Entry-level hiring is expected to surge in 2007 by more than 17%, the fourth consecutive double-digit increase, according to the National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE). • By 2010, as baby boomers begin leaving the workforce, census data suggests that 2 employees will be leaving for every 1 new hire entering, and new college grads will be a precious commodity. Gerdes, Lindsey. “The Best Places to Launch a Career.” Business Week Online. Sept 18, 2006. Internet. Oct 30, 2006.

  48. Finding the Right Fit Starts with Research • 1 Jump • Biz Advantage • Corporate Information • CEO Express • Computer world •'s Franchise 500 • Google Search Engine • Forbe's List • Fortune 500 Business Rankings • Fortune's Global 500 • Hoover's Online • Inc. 500 • Nasdaq 100 • SEC's Edgar Database • The University Libraries • , viewed Oct 26, 2006

  49. Job Satisfaction Survey n= 540 IT professionals Computerworld’s Annual Job Satisfaction Survey *Multiple responses allowed” Computerworld; May 22, 2000; 34, 21; ABI/INFORM Global pg. 56

  50. Holding on to IT Employees Sharon Watson. Computerworld. Framingham: May 22, 2000.Vol.34, Iss. 21;  pg. 56, 2 pgs