c o l o r c i t y by hana ferguson n.
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C o l o r c i t y by hana Ferguson

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C o l o r c i t y by hana Ferguson - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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C o l o r c i t y by hana Ferguson. story. instructions. credits. i n s t r u c t i o n s.

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c o l o r c i t y by hana ferguson

Color cityby hana Ferguson




i n s t r u c t i o n s
  • In this fun filled adventure once you finish just go back to the beginning again because this is a choose your own adventure read and read till you cant read no more so go on read it here how you do it click on a hyper linked word then go on good luck(you'll need it)


The story

The title page

strange button
Strange button
  • Yesterday your mom got you a wii and a game so today you play it as your playing Mario brothers you have to use the bathroom but when you come back you discover a strange button on your wii remote that says WARNINGDO NOT PUSH so you get curios and push it


strange portal
Strange portal
  • Suddenly a strange portal opens up so A blob looking Thing pulls you into a deep dark depressing world.
  • continue
meet the blobs
Meet the blobs
  • You look around and see something in the distance you slowly go towards it then you see a strange creature do you choose to run or stay and talk
  • Run
  • talk

Are you free for brunch

you run
You run
  • As your running you get scared you get tired so you strop to take a break then one of the blobs says something in a different language so you tell him your name to be polite then he says chops do you stay with him or do you not trust him and run
  • Run
  • Stay and talk
run more
Run more
  • As your running you come across a medieval castle its all white with pink around the edges you realize you’ve been attacked by millions of mosquitoes do you choose to walk in and see the owners or go the garden were you hear screams
  • forest
  • Castle
  • As you walk in you get killed by the blobs you met in the beginning ironic right
  • credits
  • As you talk they attack you so you slowly die a hard disserved death
  • credits
stay and talk
Stay and talk
  • As you stay the blobs eat you hahahahahahahaha YOUR DEAD
  • credits
  • As you go to the forest you see a cottage that’s all black and you feel like your in a deep dark depressing dimension do you go in to were you see smoke coming out or do you go to a lake you see in the distance
  • Lake
  • house
  • credits

As you come to the lake you see a single canoe and so you look inside you see a 2 hobos as you look at him he opens one eye then the other then he shakes the young girl up then as the girl woke up the man says “what is yal doing here” then you say “it’s a long story hi I'm …….. I'm” as you look back at the 2 hobos you realize they both look so familiar so loving like the look of a children's face when they open a present on Christmas or when they first loose a tooth and they look at you and say “momma are my arms goanna fall of next” then you laugh but then you look away and you look back you relise that you forgot your name . “ill call yes … snappers perfect” said the young girl



So you ask them “can you tell me how to get out of here” the man says “yes aint never goanna get out of here Wes Ben here for 18 years” so you decide to run away from them when you see a tree do you choose to rest or to climb up the mountain



  • www.morguefiles.com
  • www.namelessforrest.com
  • Start from beginning
  • You sleep but you never wake up
  • credits
  • You walk up the mountain and you see Buda you herd he can grant 1 wish so do you pick to go home or do you wish for $100000000000000
  • Money
  • home
  • When you get home you run and hug your parents the go get tacos
  • Credits
  • You ask $10000000000000 please he laughs and says Y O U A R E D E A D