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WELCOME CLASS OF 2017!. Freshman Orientation September 2, 2013 “Soaring to new heights.”. A day in the 9 th grade ……. School starts at 7:30!. Get up early enough to eat breakfast and to get organized! . To RHS. Freshman Academy Counselor. Mrs. Teri Bates tbates@hazlet.org.

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welcome class of 2017


Freshman Orientation

September 2, 2013

“Soaring to new heights.”


School starts at 7:30!

Get up early enough to

eat breakfast

and to get organized!


freshman academy counselor
Freshman Academy Counselor

Mrs. Teri Bates tbates@hazlet.org

other members of the school counseling department
Other members of the School Counseling Department:

Director: Dr. Nate Grosshandler

Counselors for Grades 10-12:

  • A-E: Mr. Moscaritolo
  • F-N: Mrs. Ivanciu
  • O-Z: Ms. Cakici

SAC: Mrs. Sutton

You can find us in the “B”

hallway on the first floor

(across from the main office)

We are here to help you!

No problem is too big or

too small! 

the first day of high school
The First Day of High School!
  • Meeting your teachers
  • Navigating the building
  • Understanding expectations
  • Lockers
  • School Supplies
  • ID Cards
  • Internet access info
  • Lots of parent forms
  • Friends!!!
daily schedule 7 30 2 15
Daily Schedule 7:30-2:15





World Language

PE or Health


And Lunch!

high school success is as easy as a b c
High School Success is as easy as ABC
  • Attendance: Come to school on time, every day, as long as you are physically able to.
  • Behavior: Follow school rules.
  • Class Assignments: Turn in all

assignments on time; be well-prepared for tests and quizzes.

expect to have homework each day
Expect to have homework each day

4 Steps:

  • Write it down
  • Take it home
  • Get it done
  • Bring it back

Do the math:

100% A+ average on tests and quizzes +

0 % average on homework =


strange but true
Strange but true…

The more involved you are in high school activities, the better your grades will be.

lots to choose from something for everyone
Lots to choose from…something for everyone

More than 25 clubs and 24 clubs open to 9th graders


Special Programs

Honor Roll/High Honor Roll

National Honor Society

Key Club



Teen Institute



Do All your homework

Study for tests/quizzes

Participate in activities

  • Students who are in the top 20% of their class at the end of their sophomore year are eligible to apply.
  • The guidance director will certify this qualification.
  • Positive aspects of character include honesty, responsibility, cooperation, and general good citizenship. Criteria will be determined through disciplinary records.
  • Students with documented infractions of cheating, drug abuse, parking infractions, or any other breaches in discipline that result in detention, school suspension, etc. will not qualify for membership.
  • An assistant principal will verify this information.
  • Records will be reviewed from the beginning of freshman year.
service and leadership
Service and Leadership
  • The criteria of service and leadership are defined in terms of performance in school and community activities.
  • Students are required to be involved in at least 3 school activities totaling 50 hours.
service and leadership1
Service and Leadership
  • Students must also complete 100 hours of community service. This service must be done during your own time. You must give of yourself. A list of acceptable community service hours are posted on Raritan’s National Honor Society webpage.
service and leadership2
Service and Leadership
  • Candidates must submit a sign-off sheet to the National Honor Advisor prior to our December break. This sign off will list the activities and signatures of advisors of clubs, and will have letters of community service attached to it.
  • Candidates must complete an essay on service, leadership, character and scholarship. The essay must follow the rubric and be submitted with the application.
information for freshmen and sophomores
Information for Freshmen and Sophomores
  • You must be in the top 20% of your class at the end of your sophomore year.
  • You must complete 100 hours of community service. You must have a variety of service and volunteer for a non-profit organization. A list of acceptable community service hours are posted on Rartian’s NHS webpage.
  • You must participate in 3 activities at RHS for a total of 50 hours.
  • Your discipline record must be clear.

The BUS….

Not like Vegas…

What happens on the bus gets reported to administration.

assistant principal
Assistant Principal
  • Mrs. Pamela Massimini
  • Grades 10 & 12
assistant principal1
Assistant Principal
  • Mr. Robert Generelli
  • Grades 9 & 11
  • Freshman Academy Administrator
freshman academy
Freshman Academy
  • Location of Classes:
  • English, social studies, science, and world language classes are located upstairs.
  • Math, electives, physical education, and lunch are downstairs.
  • Reduce anxiety and travel time between most classes, avoiding tardiness to class. (We have a four-minute passing time!)
  • Assists with planning and implementing programs geared specifically to the freshman class.
student parent handbook
Student – Parent Handbook
  • The handbook is located online on the Raritan High School webpage.
  • Lots of questions will be answered there:
  • What can and can’t I wear to school?
  • What happens to me if I am bullied or if I am a bully?
  • When is our next day off?
  • When does school start if there is a delayed opening?
  • What happens if I’m absent?
  • What happens if I’m late to school?
  • To class?
  • What classes do I NEED in order to graduate?
  • What happens if I … ?
what if you want to leave your class to go somewhere anywhere

What if you want to leave your class to go somewhere … anywhere --


what s a cut of class
What’s a cut of class?
  • Going anywhere WITHOUT your teacher’s permission during that period.
    • Nurse
    • Guidance office
    • Main office
    • Library
    • Cafeteria
    • Another classroom
what do we mean by late
What do we mean by “late?”
  • If you arrive to 1st period after the late bell rings at 7:30 a.m. you are considered late for school. (Lates to school lead to regular detentions.)
  • If you are late to any other class, your teacher will mark you late. For every three (3) lates to class, a teacher detention is assigned.
  • If you are late to class 10 minutes or more you will lose credit for the class that day.
20 day absence limit
20 Day Absence Limit
  • If you are absent more than 20 days in a full year course, you lose credit. (10 days for a semester course.)
  • This INCLUDES being sick, doctor’s visits, vacations, and suspensions.
  • Credit is assessed on a period by period basis. Beware of coming in late or going home early!
  • Loss of credit = take the course over again next year … no matter what your grade is!
  • Enroll in summer attendance school session!
  • This will range from 10 – 40 hours during the summer, depending on number of hours over the limit and the type of course you have lost credit in.
oh yeah
Oh yeah …
  • If I get directed to leave class and report to the office … ?
  • That counts as an absence from that class!
  • It would count as one of the twenty absences.
  • Each of you will get a hallway locker for books and coats.
  • DO NOT share your locker or combination with anyone. (“Friend today …”)
  • BRING a pad lock for your gym locker!
so what can t i have in school
So what can’t I have in school?
  • Weapons
  • Water guns, playing cards, and/or toys
  • See-through or revealing clothing
  • Clothes advertising items not allowed in school
  • HATS, bandanas, and/or sweatbands.
  • i-Pods, MP-3 players, electronic devices are permitted in class with teacher permission only
but what am i going to do about my
But what am I going to do about my:
  • Keep it off during school hours!
  • You may use your phone in the cafeteria during YOUR lunch time only.
  • Do not have it out for any other reason!
  • Pictures are not allowed at ANY time!
  • Tell your parents that YOU will get in trouble.
misuse of electronic device
Misuse of electronic device:
  • 1. You will be sent to the main office.
  • 2. You will hand in your device.
  • 3. You will be assigned detention and demerit points.
  • Your PARENT or GUARDIAN ONLY must come in to pick up your phone.
  • Not a brother or sister, etc.
  • No exceptions!
dress code
Dress Code

Standard: Being neat, clean and adequately clothed for school

  • No revealing clothing
  • No bare feet
  • No studs
  • No clothing with tobacco, drug, alcohol references or obscene language
  • No hats, bandanas and sweatbands
  • No coats or gloves during the school day.
what happens if i don t dress appropriately for school
What happens if I don’t dress appropriately for school?
  • You will be sent or escorted to the office and assigned a consequence.
  • You will call home to have appropriate attire brought in.
  • You will not be allowed back to class until issue is rectified.
  • Time from class(es) counts as an absence(s) from class!
progressive discipline
Progressive Discipline
  • 1st Offense
  • 2nd Offense
  • 3rd Offense
detentions must be served by the date assigned note consequences are assigned by the hours
Mornings are 30 minute increments

7:00 – 7:30 AM





Afternoons are 60 minute increments

2:20 – 3:20 PM





Detentions(Must be served BY the date assigned!)Note: Consequences are assigned by the hours.
demerit system
Demerit System
  • In addition to the progressive disciplinary consequences, we have a demerit system.
  • Each infraction is assigned a corresponding number of points.
  • At certain totals, privileges are taken away:
    • For a month
    • For a marking period
    • For two marking periods
    • For the entire year.
what i should have in school
What I should have in school:
  • My textbooks
  • A notebook … WITH paper
  • Writing implements (pens)
  • Homework assignments
  • An attitude to succeed
  • Maturity (You are now in high school.)
  • Ideas to improve your school!
  • Respect for Others