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The Reproduction System

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The Reproduction System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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By: Alex King and Mac Irwin. The Reproduction System. The Reproductive System.

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the reproductive system
The Reproductive System

The reproductive role of the man is to manufacture male gametes called sperm and deliver them to the woman’s reproductive tract. The woman, produces female gametes, called ova, or eggs. Although the male and female reproductive systems are different, their purpose is to produce an offspring.

male reproductive system
Male Reproductive System

The primary reproductive organ of a male are the testes (male gonads) . Each plum-sized testis is approximately 4 cm long and 2.5 cm wide. The primary functions of the testes are to produce sperm and testosterone.

The accessory organs forming the male duct system, which transports sperm from the body are the epididymis, which provides a temporary site for the immature sperm, the ductus deferens which propels live sperm from their storage sites, into the urethra. Then the urethra carries both urine and sperm to the body exterior.

Spermatogenesis- sperm production

The penis is designed to deliver sperm into the female reproductive tract.

female reproductive system
Female Reproductive System

Ovaries make the hormones . One of the ovaries releases and egg which travels down the fallopian tube to the Uterus.

Fallopian tubes- they receive the ovulated oocyte and provide a site where fertilization can occur.

Uterus- receives, retains and nourishes a fertilized egg

Oocyte- the egg